Texans name George Godsey offensive coordinator

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The Texans went without an offensive coordinator last season with head coach Bill O’Brien overseeing the team’s offense, but they’ll take a different approach in 2015.

O’Brien announced Monday that George Godsey will make the move from quarterbacks coach to offensive coordinator. Godsey first worked with O’Brien when O’Brien was an assistant at Georgia Tech and Godsey was one of the team’s quarterbacks. They worked together again in New England in 2011 and Godsey remained with the Patriots through the 2013 season.

“I think the players respect the type of teacher that he is,” O’Brien said of Godsey, via Tania Ganguli of ESPN.com.

There won’t be a replacement at quarterbacks coach on this year’s staff as the Texans feel that Godsey, O’Brien and the rest of the team’s offensive coaching staff can take care of any responsibilities that might normally fall to that position. This year, that will include making the call about whether Brian Hoyer or Ryan Mallett is the starter.

9 responses to “Texans name George Godsey offensive coordinator

  1. Sounds like O’Brien is still the OC and Godsey is doing an internship with a job title change so that other teams are not allowed to hire him away as an OC.

  2. Teams used to want the Texans on their schedule. I think those days may have passed.

  3. OC in name only this year, main focus should be developing a decent quarterback Godsey is the equivalent of a 15 year old with a learner’s permit, can only drive with Bill O’Brien in the car calling shots

  4. damcmp; I guess you think GT has been running the option since Heisman was the coach; any rushing TDs Godsey had were QB sneaks because he ran Ralph Friedgen’s pro style offense while at GT (the same offense that got Stan Humprhies to the SB a few years earlier.)
    Godfrey was actually a pretty good pro-style college QB although he really didn’t have the arm for the next level. Very accurate though; 6,137 yds, 41 tds/18 int, .633 comp% in 23 college starts and change.
    I seem to remember him playing in the arena league briefly as well.

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