Tracy Porter makes his way to Chicago, signs one-year deal with Bears


Tracy Porter has finally made his connection.

The Bears announced they had signed the veteran cornerback to a one-year deal, giving them some depth in the secondary.

Porter was released by Washington earlier this offseason, a day after coach Jay Gruden said he had “flight issues” which kept him from the first day of OTAs.

Porter has also played for the Saints and Raiders, and spent a year with new Bears coach John Fox in Denver in 2012.

The Bears are thin there, and Porter could end up playing significant snaps there, which he wasn’t going to do in Washington.

21 responses to “Tracy Porter makes his way to Chicago, signs one-year deal with Bears

  1. The reason he was let go in by the Redskins was his inability to stay healthy. He had a lingering shoulder issue, then hamstring issues, and got on field for only 3 games. Hopefully he can stay healthy for Bears.

  2. Thank the Lord!!!!! Not once have I gotten nostalgic thinking we should bring him back. Good pick-up Chicago…………………..

  3. Can’t believe this is the same Porter that picked off Favre in the NFC Champ game and Manning in SB44 two weeks later…. Unfortunately never has been the same after suffering through some concussions and other injuries…. He’ll always be a local hero have a free meal wherever he goes in New Orleans!

  4. He ended the talk of Peyton being the greatest ever and officially reduced it to talk of being the greatest regular season QB ever.

  5. The Bears seem to be stockpiling veteran guys on low risk deals. Jarvis Jenkins, Mason Foster, Alan Ball, Tracy Porter, and even guys like Antrel Rolle are on shorter term deals without huge investments. Foxy must want to be competitive fast.

    When healthy, Porter was a solid CB. Don’t think he is that guy any more, but having extra depth doesn’t hurt for camp. If he manages to get back to close to where he was, huge boost to the secondary depth. Maybe they are getting rid of Jennings (DUI, plus he is way too short to play in a trail position in Fangio’s defense).

    The Bears defense should look nothing like the 2013 and 2014 versions…and that is a very good thing.

  6. For about 3 years he might have been the best #2 CB in the league. It’s a shame about all his injury problems.

  7. Bears fans would be right to question why, if the were just going to go out and sign an older CB coming off injuries, they didn’t just keep Charles Tillman around. And the answer is that while Tillman was (is) a fan favorite, he’s also a Lovie Smith guy. And Fox and Pace understand what Trestman and Emery didn’t, which is that when you move on from a coaching staff, you also have to move on from the core players who were loyal to the former coach or else you get what happened with Julius Peppers in 2013 and Lance Briggs (big time) last season.

  8. @bassplucker

    I see your point, but in all honesty, I don’t believe that applies to Peanut. He is a great teammate, a true leader by example, and is and will forever be a truly great Bear. As much as I admire Briggs as a player, I have never ever thought he would be a great leader once Urlacher would retire. So, I tend to disagree with putting Peanut and Briggs on the same plan and in the same sentence when talking about leadership. I believe that Fox and Pace would have benefitted from keeping Peanut around in their rebuilding effort. The only potential leader that I see on the team is now Allen. I do not see how Tillman could have done any harm to this team.

  9. He’s best known for the two pics that ended Farve’s career and cracked the Manning code.

    But he’s also a solid citizen & a quality veteran presence that adds depth and experience.

    Could be a good pick up.

  10. Another promising pick-up by the Redskins derailed by injuries. Not sure what he has left to give the Chicago team and he will most likely get eaten up in that division.

  11. I hate that guy.

    Bernard Berrian was open for an easy 5 yrd completion too but favre threw across the middle to Rice and that was it. that sucked, so did the total BS pass interference call against ben leber in ot that set up the game winning field goal.

    either way, its been 5 years and gary andersons wide left still stings more from 98.

  12. From what I’ve seen of the Pace/Fox since their arrival in Chicago is that they intend to be MUCH more competitive this coming season. And by that, I mean, yeah, they’ll sign some veterans with a little left in the tank but more importantly, those veteran players can show the younger players at the position the ropes and make them better after the vets leave the team. Fuller has the makings of a great CB but needs the tutelage that Peanut was giving him but left the team. Position coaches are no substitute for a seasoned vet that shares the field with them. It makes the team transformation less painful and take less time than starting from scratch.So it isn’t truly about these vets trying to play up to the form they had in their prime as much as being on field coaches for players that will be there long after they have left the team.

  13. The most awesome play I ever saw was in week 17 of 2013 when Jarrett Boykin recovered a fumble, and the Bears’ entire defense stood around and watched him run it in for a touchdown.

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