49ers’ Eric Reid has considered retiring because of concussions

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The 49ers have lost 24-year-old Chris Borland and 25-year-old Anthony Davis to surprise retirements this season, with both players citing concussions as one of the reasons for walking away. And now an even younger 49ers player is saying he has considered walking away as well.

Eric Reid, the 49ers’ 23-year-old safety, told the San Francisco Chronicle that although he does plan to play this year, he has given thought to retiring because he has already suffered three concussions in his first two NFL seasons.

I will continue to evaluate my own situation. If I have another concussion and I don’t feel like I can play any more, then I won’t. If I [have another concussion], and if I feel that I still can play, then I will. It’s just a case-by-case basis,” Reid said. “I know it’s a huge deal right now in the NFL and everything is being put under a microscope, but that’s how every injury is. It could be a dislocated shoulder. You evaluate your situation and see if you’re healthy enough to still play.”

Reid missed the final game of last season because of a concussion. He says he now feels fully recovered, but he is also seeking more medical opinions.

“There is a doctor that I’m looking further into and I may end up going to see,” Reid said. “Like I said, right now I’ve evaluated my situation and I feel comfortable playing.”

The 49ers, who have lost Patrick Willis and Justin Smith to retirements in addition to Borland and Davis, have to hope that Reid continues to feel comfortable playing.

UPDATE: Reid says he was misquoted by the San Francisco Chronicle and did not say he had considered retirement.

48 responses to “49ers’ Eric Reid has considered retiring because of concussions

  1. Okay, this is out of control.

    Was Jim Harbaugh doing something we weren’t aware of or is this just a group of guys hating on Jed York?

    Eric Reid is in his third season…

  2. These players must hate playing for the 49ers if they are retiring before they even hit their prime. #nobodyhasitbetter

  3. Of all the players who’ve retired Reid probably is the one who SHOULD have retired . unless I’m wrong he’s probably the highest risk for cte disease due to his consistent battle with concussions. I don’t exactly hate seeing the niners fall apart. But I also respect many of these guys as players even though their on a rivals team…

    Here’s hope the tornado down in sf let’s up and this team can find some continuity and use this off season as motivation. Good luck go Hawks!

  4. While it stinks that all of this turmoil is happening to the Niners this off-season, the reality of concussions and their effect on players becoming evident; the players are realizing the danger associated with head trauma and taking a serious look at the risk/reward factor. It’s only a matter of time before more players on more teams continue the trend. Too bad that the NFL tried to sweep this under the rug for so long, maybe preventative technology would be more advanced. Greedy fat-cats in the league office have done this to themselves… denial is not a river in Egypt, Roger.

  5. Hey guys lets all retire and chill for a year. Then we can come back as free agents and pick the team we want to play for.

  6. Obviously, well educated men with options are making TOUGH decisions that impact their lives after football. To think retiring from the game you love, that pays the bills, has anything to do with who is or isn’t coaching is just plain stupid.

    In Reid’s case, he had 2-3 his rookie season along with a few in college. Scary stuff.

  7. fantom21 says:
    Jun 9, 2015 6:46 PM
    Hey guys lets all retire and chill for a year. Then we can come back as free agents and pick the team we want to play for.

    0 0
    Not how that works.

  8. i am wondering if this has something to do with how they are coached, how they practice and expectations of playing through injury specific to this franchise and culture.

  9. Eric Reid is a highly intelligent articulate football player that was recruited by Jim Harbaugh to come play for him while he coached at Stanford. Reid choose to go to LSU to remain close to home. Reid’s mom is a nurse and he comes from an upper middle class family so money is not an issue. I’m pretty sure with her background and her contacts in the medical community he has all the information at hand to make the best decision for himself. If he chooses to retire kudos to him. He has a bright future outside of football and does not need to risk further trauma to the brain

  10. It could be the Niners have the smartest players in the league, willing to give up football for the sake of their health. Go Niners!

  11. There’s a doctor with the 49ers that’s really stressing this to the players.

  12. I honestly wonder how much of this has to do with the Stanford connection. Every team has a team doctor and a neurologist that they work with. The 49ers have a close relationship with Stanford where a lot of the cutting edge research on CTE and concussion related trauma is happening.

    Starting to wonder if the real story about the lifelong implications of repeated concussions is even worse than the NFL has claimed.

  13. To all the dimwits out there making this out to be a problem with the niners:
    1. Patrick Willis retired because of chronic foot problems and a desire to be more involved with his church.
    2. Chris Boreland retired because the risk of further head trauma wasn’t worth the gamble.
    3. Justin Smith retired after 14 seasons. His production and playing time had both declined in the last two seasons and his retirement was expected.
    4. Eric Reid has missed substantial playing to concussions in his first three seasons. He is just saying if that continues he’d walk away.

  14. Dear God! Do these guys have such bad technique that they are getting concussed.

    When it comes to technique, you must blame coaches.

  15. jonsnowforpresident says:
    Jun 9, 2015 7:39 PM
    Ctiggs line 1. Where you at bro?


    I’am still standing, I’am still strong. #Nobodyhasitbetter

  16. Live a healthy life with a couple million in the bank or live a life as a vegetable with multi millions in the bank? I get the logic these guys are examining.

  17. It’s not the concussions, it’s the coach. If these guys want to quit in the prime of their careers and give up more money than they will
    make working 40 more years at a straight job, that’s their right – but I wish they’d man up when it comes to explaining the real reason.

  18. Either there were some really scary concussions in the 49ers locker room last year or these players really loved Jim Harbaugh. I don’t see players retiring over a coach, so…

  19. Um, anybody see a coincidence between Martin being on this team last year and now multiple players are turning into a flower? News at 11.

  20. I’m honestly surprised he wasn’t the first to go.

    The really heartbreaking part for Reid is that he has been the NFL’s poster boy on safe tackling since day one. Literally. After his first game week 1 of the 2013 season, the league sent out tape of his textbook style of tackling to every NFL team stressing how Reid’s style of play was the safest way to get it done.

    His reward? Three terrible concussions in two seasons. Terrible irony, and it couldn’t have happened to a more stand up guy.

  21. Tomsula wasn’t running the show when these guys were getting concussed to the point they now consider retirement as a survival tactic. He’s just the guy who gets to clean up the disaster left behind by the guy who was.

  22. These are good decisions by these players to protect their health and their futures. The fact that they are retiring from a franchise that is falling faster than Jay-Z’s Tidal app, only adds to the speculation as why.

  23. i’m telling you…the new madden and si cover curse is trying to be a home super bowl team. i’m not saying it will happen because the season hasn’t started, but i do see a pattern. i know, i’m a saints fan.

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