Goodell contempt of court hearing set for August 13

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On August 11, NFL owners will discuss whether pro football will be in Los Angeles. Two days later, Commissioner Roger Goodell will find out whether he’s in contempt of court.

Via Chris Miller of the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the NFL Players Association’s motion to hold the league and/or its Commissioner in contempt of court for failing to comply with Judge David Doty’s order in the Adrian Peterson case will be presented to the court in an August 13 hearing.

The mere fact that the motion has been placed on the docket for a hearing doesn’t mean that Judge Doty will find that the league and/or Goodell are in contempt of court.

The NFLPA contends that Doty’s order required the arbitration ruling confirming Peterson’s suspension to be vacated and sent back to arbitrator Harold Henderson for further proceedings — probably because that’s what the order expressly says. The NFL apparently believes that it was not required to comply with those provisions because it promptly appealed the decision from Judge Doty. However, the NFL did not file a motion with Judge Doty or the appeals court seeking a stay of the operation of the ruling pending appeal.

The NFL seems to be locked in to its position, with no action taken on the Peterson case since the contempt motion was filed last month.

Since Peterson was separately reinstated under the terms of the vacated arbitration ruling, the litigation at this point centers solely on the money Peterson will or won’t lose, and the power that the Commissioner does or doesn’t have to apply new policies retroactively to conduct occurring under prior rules. Peterson was suspended for violating the Personal Conduct Policy, under the terms of a beefed-up, post-Ray Rice policy and not under the terms of the existing policy at the time Peterson’s off-field issue arose.

There’s not much gray area in the resolution of the pending motion. Either the NFL failed to comply with the court order or it didn’t. So the hearing on August 13 either will be very interesting, or it won’t.

51 responses to “Goodell contempt of court hearing set for August 13

  1. Maybe Goodell should try to give Beaterson one of his uncomfortable man hugs.

  2. “The NFL apparently BELIEVES that it was not required to comply…”

    FRAME – GATE is a POWER STRUGGLE between BRADY & Goodell.

    BRADY represents = Sons of Liberty = FREEDOM

    Goodell = Authoritarian RULE = DEATH

  3. Question: If the commissioner cannot make rational objective decisions to comply with court orders, is he qualified to be Commissioner anymore?
    If they are a non-profit aren’t they obligated to comply?
    And if they are no longer non-profit, when do the owners say enough is enough with how we handle personnel…

  4. Patriots: player runs into another car, or a deer, CUT

    Vikings: player beats a helpless 4 yr old child including blows to the nuts that leave the child with open wounds , WELCOME back with open arms as nothing happened

    such a “class” organization

  5. HI, My name is Toadger Goodjelly,

    I am here to Protect NFL Parity = My $45 million a year paycheck.

    When an issue arises I am here to Defend MY Justice and issue MY Punishment and Arbitrate MY Fairness because it AGREES with ME and MY Paycheck – You got that !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Roger Goodell isn’t going to do anything until Judge Doty turns over his phone.

    Since this league’s method of handling of issues is already so close to those of medieval times, why not reinstitute the rack…..anyone accused of anything, no matter how minor or how major, goes on the rack until he admits to the accusations.

    Let’s start with Grigson and Harbaugh.

  7. cornerstone2001 says:
    Jun 9, 2015 9:54 AM

    All kinds of evidence against Brady…..and his actions are of a guilty person…..and Kraft rolls over because he knows there is more evidence than is out there.


    right. as if Wells would have left out information that actually had some teeth.

  8. David Stern wasn’t even this unanimously despised by players and fans as Goodell is and that was even after we found out Stern was fixing NBA playoff games. Put this narcissistic jerk in a jail cell with Kensil and Vincent and feed the key to Albert Haynesworth.

  9. Protect Roger Goodell and the NFL owners.

    If I were Goodell, and I were found in contempt solely because of the actions of ONE idiot union-protected player. I would seek direct retribution.

    Goodell, the NFL itself, and the owners are wholly unprotected whereas the players can do WHATEVER they want because they have union protection.

    The NFL will not survive this due to the litigious environment perpetuated by De Smith, the NFLPA, and the pro-union/anti-ownership sports media.

  10. Sources say Goodell is holding Judge Doty in contempt and has suspended him for the first four cases in the new court docket. He has also penalized the circuit its next two judgeship appointments as well as fined it an undisclosed extraordinary sum of money. Source says Goodell’s rationale is the judges constant aggressive findings against the Shield as well as the frequent mucking up of Goodell’s schedule. Goodell feels this is taking away from his ability to impose his will on other members of the Shield and his long term ambition of ruling the universe.

  11. Roger Goodell’s arrogance knows no bounds. He believes he is above the players. He believes he is above the owners. He believes he is above the justice system of the country. He believes that the laws of the land are a mere impediment to be overcome, not to be complied with. He believes that he and he alone is the NFL.
    He is the textbook definition of a despotic ruler that needs to be overthrown by whatever means to restore order to the NFL, before it is destroyed beyond hope of recuperation.

  12. Are you fans of a team or a player?

    Do you ppl not realize that when ONE player decides he’s going to commit a crime or put himself in a compromising situation that he is negatively affecting his TEAM? No of course not because players that are this selfish are “victims” and we should be “sensitive” to them and try to understand “why” they did what they did. And when they repeat the offense, they realize that they can get away with anything, the NFL Commissioner will be blamed, and his team loses out on that players presence, production, and affect on the field. This affects winning, losing, other players escalators/bonuses in their contracts that they miss due to one idiot player.

    Open your eyes ppl! Personal accountability – apparently it is far too “traditional” for today’s society to understand.

  13. All you folks bashing Goodell over this Peterson thing:
    You are a boss/owner. One of your employees whips his kid until his “nuts” are bloody. What are you going to do? Most of you would probably just give him a “time out.”

  14. The problem is that Goodell is letting the NFL’s attorneys call the shots. In typical everyday life, you follow your attorney’s advice. But the NFL is a large corporate body, with extraordinary influence and very, very highly paid lawyers. Goodell is letting them tell him what to do. In this case, they told him they appealed, so he can disregard Judge Doty’s standing order (yeah, Rog, good luck with that). In Deflategate, Goodell accepted the Wells report conclusions without hearing any contrary views (this is why we have trials, so both sides get an equal shot from the outset). He should be acting on his own as Commissioner, but my view is that he is so paranoid about being found wrong, he is hiding behind the NFL lawyers, so he can always says he was doing the legally correct thing. These the actions of a man who is basing his decisions on the reactions they will generate, rather than the merits of the decisions themselves.

  15. The players make the NFL the NFL. If they want Goodell to relinquish his obnoxious power as judge, jury, and executioner just go on strike until he does.

    The owners will cave once they have zero revenue coming in on their massive stadium bills and realize they have to cancel the pursuit of their next yacht.

  16. Always worth noting Goodell is a lawyer yet he frequently has troubles following contracts, rules and even the law itself.

  17. Did I just Read this or what ???

    Goodell, the NFL itself, and the owners are wholly unprotected whereas the players can do whatever BECAUSE…….


    A.) You are Goodell blogging in

    B.) Broncos fan that just got a ‘Mile High’ on stuff hoping Brady’s suspension sticks.

    C.) You are Jim Irsay blogging in

  18. Yeah Right, NFL owners are unprotected…..

    Yep, BILLIONARES are unprotected – LMAO

  19. If the court’s contempt penalty is to be consistent with Goodell’s Imaginary DeflateGate penalties, he’ll be slapped in leg irons and placed in solitary at Riker’s Island for three months. Perp walk!

  20. Goodell’s problem is lack of integrity. He hires Wells, who promptly disregards the field officials, because there is no tampering with their testimony in tact and then he has an irrelevant so-called study done with absurd “standards” including the ball that the report itself concluded was tamped with by the Colts (yes, that is in the report). The study excludes one of the Colt balls because it would absolutely show no tampering. Now contrast this to drug abuse, spousal abuse, child abuse, assaults on and off the field and you get a sense of why neither arbitrator nor court agrees with Goodell’s egomania.

  21. mogogo1 says:
    Jun 9, 2015 12:28 PM
    Always worth noting Goodell is a lawyer yet he frequently has troubles following contracts, rules and even the law itself.

    2 0
    Actually, Goodell is not a lawyer. Nor has he ever managed anything of any size or complexity. His claim to fame seems to be that he is the son of a New York politician.
    His lack of training and experience in the skills that should matter to the head of a large corporation speaks volumes as to why he cannot deal with situations that would be very familiar to managers with appropriate experience.He does not seem to know what is going on in his own organization, seems to have little control over staff who are constantly leaking things or doing things on their own and seems incapable of even following his own rules His handling of labor relations and due process in labor relations is particularly appalling and is the reason why he keeps losing to players when these matters are taken to other forums.

  22. Judge to Goodell : The second half of the AFCCG was PATRIOTS 28 to colts 0. Mr. Goodell, Why did you not exonerate the PATRIOTS at that point ???

    Goodell : It backfired on us on the first sting attempt.

    Judge : Mr. Goodell, you leaked false information for two weeks leading up to the SuperBowl, WHY ???

    Goodell : That was our second attempt to undermine the PATRIOTS.

    Judge : Under the highest NFL scrutiny, the PATRIOTS defeated, perhaps, the Best Defense in NFL history – Why did you not exonerate the PATRIOTS at this point.

    Goodell : We were hoping the Seahawks would win (whimper) but that also FAILED.

    Judge : And no exoneration for the PATRIOTS I assume? What did you do next?

    Goodell : I hired Mr. Well$ in a fourth attempt to discredit the PATRIOTS.

    Judge : Mr. Goodell, Why do you feel it necessary to discredit the PATRIOTS.

    Goodell : For NFL Parity & to protect the Sheild – I AM the SHEILD !!!!

    Judge : OK, I’ve heard enough !!! Take Mr. Goodell to the psyche ward and have him thoroughly evaluated.

    Judge : Mr. Well$, your Report please….

    Well$ : He Made me do it – He Paid me to do it….

  23. Does anyone lack more common sense than Goodell? Not sure who I hate more, the 32 owners that stand by this buffoon or old artful dodger roger himself.

  24. bstngrdn says:

    Actually, Goodell is not a lawyer. Nor has he ever managed anything of any size or complexity. His claim to fame seems to be that he is the son of a New York politician.

    This is key to understanding – or at least trying to – Roger Goodell. He was promoted through the NFL because he was the son of a senator. It should be noted that his father backed into that seat when Bobby Kennedy was killed.

    Imagine the impact, growing up, of having the very food on your table supplied by Sirhan Sirhan. You have to wonder if he would have suspended Rosy Grier for gunplay.

    It’s important to know your enemy.

  25. So all of you Goodell bashers….citing that he is a lawyer and isn’t following the law…..I must assume that you people feel the same way about our Overlord Obama right?

    Obama follows no laws but his own yet he is a “lawyer”.


    You ppl say that there is no NFL without the players. You are so wrong. Fans identify with a team that is based in a city or state, they do not watch a team play solely for a player or players.

    If this is the case, then you also MUST blame the PLAYERS for everything that goes wrong in the NFL. I mean really if the players are everything then they must take the blame for everything right?

    Oh you fools say that players cannot be blamed, it’s the coaches fault, the teams fault, the GMs, fault, the owners fault, the ballboys fault, the womans fault….but it is the players who reap the benefits with little risk and zero blame for their own actions.

    Go Goodell! Screw the players and their union.

  26. What most people don’t realize is all these continued attacks by the NFL PA on the league, owners, and commissioner are going to make the next CBA impossible to negotiate.

  27. What most people don’t realize…….

    What most people do not realize is that when you believe Goodell & the News Media your brain goes into a COMA.

    Then it is placed in a wheelchair.

    Your Brain’s caretakers ( Goodell, News Media, Jealousy & Hate) push it around which ever way they so desire. You go along for the ride actually BELIEVING that you are still in control.

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