Romo unhappy about NFL “scare tactic” about fantasy football convention


Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo responded Tuesday to the NFL’s communication with the NFLPA regarding the National Fantasy Football Convention that Romo helped organize and was scheduled to be held in Las Vegas this summer.

The NFL contacted the union to remind them that players “may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances at or in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos.” According to a report from Alex Marvez of FOX Sports, the league also reportedly contacted parents of players scheduled to take part to tell them of the ban. The event, which has been postponed, was scheduled to take place at the Sands Expo and Convention Center, which does not have on-site gambling although Sands is in the gambling business.

Romo called the league’s letter a “scare tactic” and said the league could have acted sooner to express misgivings about the location of the event, but that they never reached out to him or the organizers about that problem. Romo also suggested that the league and teams only have a problem with associations with gambling when they aren’t getting a cut of the proceeds, as they will with a recently announced sponsorship agreement between MGM Grand and the Lions.

“They talk about how no players or NFL personnel are to be associated [with casinos], well, I’m like, that doesn’t really make sense,” Romo said on ESPN Radio with Colin Cowherd. “There’s just far too many cases and it does make it sound sometimes that it’s an issue about money, which is disappointing because we were just trying to get the fans to hang out with players.”

The NFL is also in the fantasy football business despite the fact that the prospect of winning cash in addition to league bragging rights is a big part of the allure of participating in the first place. The league doesn’t object to that kind of gambling because fantasy football has become a major factor in the interest level in actual football and a major revenue generator in its own right, something Romo was taking advantage of and that makes it hard not to draw a similar conclusion to the one that the Cowboys quarterback did about the league’s objection to the event.

67 responses to “Romo unhappy about NFL “scare tactic” about fantasy football convention

  1. Romo ain’t no punk.

    He doesn’t respond to the myriads of haters around the country, because he doesn’t have to. But that doesn’t mean he’s a pushover. I like him sticking up for himself here.

  2. If it is a position taken by the NFL on Roger Goodell’s watch it is most likely misguided, hypocritical, or straight up incorrect. Take your pick on this one.

  3. Romo is overrated and one hit away from a Wheelchair.

    The Cowboys had a fluke season and will not continue their success from last season.

    No one outside of Texas refers to the Cowboys as “America’s team.”

    Cowboys are the most mediocre team currently playing in the NFL the past 20 years.

  4. That was pretty crappy of the NFL to do. Romo said they didn’t even attempt to contact him, his agent or the NFFC to cancel or make other arrangements.

    He said they instead called the players who were going to attend – AND THEIR PARENTS – persuading them not to go. They had the nerve to call players’ parents? And warn them about the dangers of gambling?

    That’s rich.

    Over/under on how many years before we see the NFL magically come up with it’s own Fantasy Football Convention?

    They are upset they didn’t get a piece of the pie. But the NFL wants the whole pie.

    Romo even mentioned how the Lions just signed a club deal with the MGM Grande and Jason La Canfora mentioned how the Saints training camp is at a facility with a casino on campus…

    So where exactly does the “players and NFL personnel may not participate in promotional activities or other appearances in connection with events that are held at or sponsored by casinos” part kick in?

  5. looks like a potential suspension in the making for insubordination (not that I agree with it, just saying that is becoming the standard)

  6. Does ANYONE side with the NFL on this issue? Their support of Fantasy Football, but aversion to gambling in itself is laughable.

    The greed of this organization shows no bounds. Roger B Rich!

  8. So i am being bombarded by FanDuel and DraftKings ads on TV, radio and internet. Aren’t they essentially on-line gambling sites? You know the ones – where they show common Joe Blow on the screen and say he has won like $450K in the last year. Those ads are even on NFL Network if i am not mistaken. So is it okay for the NFL to make money off that – but Romo -casino, no go?

  9. This is all about money. The Commissioner (and owners) want to be generating more from the Fantasy Football and sorry Tony Romo, they took a stand here.
    The greed of the Commissioner knows no bounds. It is laughable that they used the “dangers of gambling at a casino” as the excuse. Absolutely laughable.

  10. Instead of Romo crying about it why not just move it to somewhere that isn’t a casino, like his garage?

  11. If you need a backup quarterback that will push the starter to be his best….
    Take a small risk and kick the tires on Vince Young.. See if he would be willing to help… He wouldn’t cost a lot…. His career won/loss record is 31-19… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler with playoff experience and was voted 2006 NFL Rookie of the Year….. The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. and this guy WINS…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality.

  12. Maybe Romo would have won something during his pro career if he just concentrated on playing football instead of golf and worrying about crap like fantasy football conventions.

  13. All it took was Goodell suspending Brady to have a Cowboys story without negative comments within the first 5 minutes? I’m glad some of you actually read the content of the articles instead of blindly posting something negative because it’s Romo.

    Agree, the NFL will be profiting off of Fantasy Football in a massive way once they can try to disguise that whatever company they partner with is affiliated with the “shield”

  14. Time to remove the NFL from sports books all together. Get serious about gambling Godellbot!

  15. Lol. Players can’t do this, but the Lions and the MGM Grand can build a luxury area at the stadium, complete with MGM Grand pasted all over the place?

    I’m pretty sure that’s the dictionary example of hypocrisy.

  16. Oh is there a problem with Caligula goddell?

    Wait it will only be a matter of time before every NFL fan figures out this guy and learns to despise him
    The list is growing

    Free Brady

  17. It seems that the NFL has a penchant for making small things into major issues. Things that could have been handled in-house, behind closed doors become front page headlines with the NFL. Maybe that’s what they want… to always be on the front pages, and therefore have people always talking about them.

  18. Called their parents really? You called the parents of multimillionaires to tell them they will be grounded if they don’t cooperate? LOL

  19. It sucks that these billionaire have me brainwashed. I don’t want to give the rich more money, however I love the Dallas Cowboys. So much history, American History, Texas History…. Unfortunately I will be at couple games next year. Just know my faith is being testing Roger. Just know.

  20. As we learned from the movie, Goodfellas, you can do whatever you want but you have to give your cut to Paulie. According to Godfather Goodell, the NFLPA and Romo violated this blood oath.

    Hey Don Goodell! The FBI and the DOJ just took down FIFA and Sepp Blatter. You’re next. Blackout rule, teams shaking down cities for taxpayer money to build their palaces, bribes for Super Bowls, etc.

  21. Getting stranger all the time how far behind the NFL is in regards to Vegas/gambling compared to some other leagues. Adam Silver and the NBA have advocated legalizing sports betting across the board and the NHL wants to have a team in Vegas. Meanwhile, the NFL tries and pretend that gambling and Vegas don’t exist.

  22. I’m all for the free enterprise system being allowed to work out, but I have no sympathy for a multi-millionaire QB being unhappy that he can not pimp his fantasy league.Great to have outside interests, but maybe he should concentrate more on what it takes to go deep in a playoff run.

  23. WHAT?! Hypocrisy on so many levels, but let’s just talk about “calling parents.” You solicit their participation in a manipulation of the circumstance. But RGIII ‘s father and Colt McCoy’s father and whomever’s elses parent comes to the forefront to voice concern in their child’s well being, and they are excoriated. Ugh! You make my stomach churn!

  24. Can’t stand the Cowboys or Romo but it is obvious that he is correct that the NFL only has a problem being connected to gambling when they aren’t getting a cut of the money. They are just pissed that they didn’t think of it first so they could swallow up all the cash. Let’s face it the NFL is owned by billionaires and they didn’t get to be billionaires by not finding every way possible to grind anyone up that tried to get anything that they could get their greedy little mitts on.

  25. What is with the rumor/report that Troy Aikmen had more air added to his footballs, exceeding the NFL standard for max pressure?

    Is this PuffyGate?

  26. For those who think that FanDuel and DraftKings is gambling it is not. It is an very rigged system to take money from you. So it is not a gamble when you have only have 100% chance of losing.

  27. Roger and the league office are contacting the parents of the players in the league. Wow. Shows exactly what he thinks of the players, thinks of them as kids rather than adults.

    The league office really needs a new face in the commissioners chair. Roger is turning people off from the pro game. If you bring up Rogers name in 20 years, people will instantly call him the worst commissioner ever. He has done good things, but his image and reputation are putrid.

  28. Goodell is all about making money for himself and the owners of the 32 NFL teams. He’s just mad because he didn’t think of it first. If it was Tom Brady instead of Romo, he probably would have found some excuse to suspend and fine him for doing this.

  29. But Roger and the NFL have no problem playing games in London which allows gambling and betting on NFL games.

  30. So the NFL doesn’t want any player associated with a casino? Huh? But gambling seems to be ok since their website has a box labeled “Fantasy” on it. What do they think Fantasy Football is about?

  31. I am glad most of the comments here are fairly educated… but those few of you commenting how Romo should concentrate every season on football instead of fantasy football obviously have no idea of what you’re talking about before opening your mouth.

    Romo doesn’t even play fantasy football. Romo doesn’t care about fantasy football. His friends and brother in law approached him about doing this as a platform for the fans.

    Your ignorance and hatred is shining bright. You make it obvious, so it’s pretty easy for the rest of us to weed you trolls out.

  32. “No one outside of Texas refers to the Cowboys as “America’s team.””

    Al Michaels does it 4-5 times a year on Sunday Night Football when your team played in the 1PM ET time slot in regional coverage.

  33. What’s uniquely bad about casino gambling? Most casinos around the country don’t have sports books. Aren’t there several NFL owners and players who own and race horses or even own horse racing tracks? The NFL rules allow players to go to casinos and bet (remember Levi Jones and Joey Porter getting into a fight at a casino?). So why can’t they do non-betting things at casinos?

    Romo is right that the NFL rules don’t make any sense from an integrity of the game perspective and only make sense from a “we want a cut” perspective.

  34. I love all of you Goodell haters, unless it’s deflategate. Then he must me doing a great job. Hypocrytical haters. I hope Goodell stays on forever.

  35. I’ll tell you what’s next under the Goodell Anti Piracy Act (refers to anything that Goodell thinks results in him not receiving a cut in any revenue associated with an NFL event).
    You know those little security tags that you find in books or in any package with a retail value of $2 or more. They are called RFID tags or Radio-Frequency Identification tags. Well an unidentified source (which means that there is no source) recently informed me that all new NFL gear ie Team sweaters, caps,, underwear etc will have an RFID tag inserted into the garment. Then, when you go to a game, as they scan your ticket in, they will also do a quick scan of what you are wearing. If the scanner doesn’t reveal the presence of an official NFL RFID tag, alarms will go off and you will immediately be banned from all NFL events for @ least 30% of the season for a first offence. You will also be forced to immediately remove the counterfeit paraphanalia and pay into Goodell’s private account a fine that he arbitrarily establishes.
    The same non-source claims that Goodell is establishing exclusive rights to this system and that he is planning to sell these rights to the NBA, NFL, FBI, ACLU and every other organization out there. Don’t forget, you heard it here first.

  36. I honestly don’t care. But, if the rule is in place, it’s not up to the NFL to notify somebody they are about to break said rule. It is up to the player to not break the rule.

    If you don’t like the rules, ask your union to negotiate different rules. Or, set up your own football league. Whining that it isn’t fair that you can’t make more money isn’t going to get me to care.

  37. COWBOYS SUCK, but ROMO is one heck of a guy. Sucks he’s America’s most hated team.

  38. “Romo also suggested that the league and teams only have a problem with associations with gambling when they aren’t getting a cut of the proceeds”

    The NFL is dumping its tax-exempt status. They need to make more money.

  39. What the NFL is really saying is pretty clear: We don’t want players organizing these conventions. We want NFL licensed and operated conventions. Players can get a much smaller appearance fee, but we get the real money.

  40. Coming soon……..An NFL sponsored fantasy football meet and greet! For a small fee of $morethanmostfanscanafford, you can meet your favorite players and talk fantasy with them. Brought to you by MGM Grand Casino, the official casino of the NFL! Be sure to stop at the gift shop and pick up an official NFL poker set and the newest NFL scratch-off!

  41. It reminds me of the Romo/Van Pelt ESPN commercial when Van Pelt walks in on Romo’s party. Music and dancing stops as Van Pelt opens the door wanting to be invited in, and Romo turns him away. NFL=Van Pelt
    Everyone has fun when they aren’t trying to invite themselves in!

  42. keepingitlogical says: Jun 9, 2015 2:07 PM

    Just like our government. If they aren’t getting a piece of the action, no way it can be legal…..

    really? the only way for the government to get a cut is to make all gambling legal (they won’t) so you’re comparison is spot Off!

  43. crindal3000 Spot off? How so? Romo even said he felt like the NFL was upset that they weren’t invited to the party. Had he invited them to participate they would have gladly taken their portion and partaken.

  44. Kingmj4891 says:
    Jun 9, 2015 2:48 PM
    For those who think that FanDuel and DraftKings is gambling it is not. It is an very rigged system to take money from you. So it is not a gamble when you have only have 100% chance of losing.

    Actually you are factually incorrect. Just because you arent good enough to win doesnt mean its rigged. I won $60 on a $2 NBA contest on Fan Duel, and have won multiple times on DraftKings, as DraftKings is my only account now.

  45. @ 1969nflchampionskansascitychiefs

    Romo is overrated and one hit away from a Wheelchair. The Cowboys had a fluke season and will not continue their success from last season. No one outside of Texas refers to the Cowboys as “America’s team.” Cowboys are the most mediocre team currently playing in the NFL the past 20 years.

    All this from a KC Chiefs fan who displays in his name the last time the Chiefs won a SB. Priceless……….

    1) You must have conveniently forgotten you have Alex “check down” Smith as your QB, yet Romo is overrated? BTW, Smith has only played 2 full seasons in his career, has only one season with 20+ TD’s, and has had 3 out of 10 seasons with a90+ Q rating. He would do well to learn some things from Romo, including toughness. Oh wait – that can’t be taught.
    2) The Cowboys have won 5 SB’s since your Chiefs won their only one in 1969, yet the Cowboys are the most mediocre team curently playing the the NFL the past 20 years? What is even funnier is the Cowboys won the SB after the 1995 regular season. I don’t know of any NFL teams that are mediocre with a SB win, but that is just me.

    3) We will all see how Dallas plays this year, as they had a stellar draft, and have the O-line and overall talent to go deep into the playoffs. Hating doesn’t give credibility to your trash talk – it only makes you look trashy.

    4) You are a KC Chiefs fan which makes your post
    that much more ironic. Well done, bro. Well done.

  46. …we were just trying to get the fans to hang out with players

    Invite them over for a barbecue.

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