San Diego could vote on new stadium by end of year

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At a time when the Chargers and San Diego have been looking for ways to blame each other for the ultimate failure of efforts to keep the team from moving to L.A. via the construction of a new stadium, the two sides may have found a mutual scapegoat: the voters.

Via David Garrick of U-T San Diego, Monday’s meeting between team and city resulted in an announcement from San Diego officials that a citywide vote on a new stadium could be held by December 15.

“San Diegans deserve a vote on a new stadium and today we discussed a framework that allows for a vote this year,” Mayor Kevin Faulconer said.

The election would be held by mail ballot, with the city covering the costs of the election — an estimated $2 million.

With public sentiment throughout the nation squarely against any effort to subsidize billionaire sports owners, it would be difficult to win an election that would result in a dollar of public money being devoted to the project. So if/when (when) the vote fails, the Chargers can say “we tried” and the city can say “we tried” and they both can blame the departure of the franchise on a reluctant electorate.

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  1. “San Diegans deserve a vote on a new stadium…”

    Right-o. Now the suck-up (and so-called) media in this town will begin trying to convince the voting populace how badly we need a new stadium. We’ll be inundated with articles on how much this will benefit the local economy, etc. Then when the vote fails anyway, the politicos can say “Well we sure did try!” Biz as usual.

  2. No one in SD will think the Spanos family really “tried” if they end up leaving.

    They won’t have a scapegoat.

    If they truly tried to stay they would be heroes in our town. All these years of distrust would go away.

    If they go to LA they would actually have to consistently put out a good product to have any chance of people caring about them.

  3. I am in San Diego County.

    Good riddance.

    Dean Spanos’ greed knows no bounds.

    I am happy that this whole World Economy is going to MELTDOWN from a Derivatives Market COLLAPSE. The largest Derivative owner, Deutchebank, had the CEOs RESIGN due to the massive imbalances on their books.

    This issue is MOOT as the entire World Financial System is kaput.

    Yet you wish that I concern myself with a Professional Sports Team in my city? Now that is absolutely laughable.

    The USA, as a SOLVENT NATION, will not make it to the end of the year.

    Stawk Market meltdown heading your way in Week Two of the NFL (Not For Long) Season…September.

  4. I can save them $ 2 million. It’s a No.

    Public sentiment has mostly turned against Spanos, who has not done/spent enough to warrant any taxpayer support in building a new stadium, even among diehard stay in San Diego fans.

    They have dodged and derailed plans for years and along with constant political manoeuvering and baulking have made this an issue that nobody wants to touch any more.

    Even in strict business terms, it hasn’t been smart either, because LA taxpayers are just as against committing public funds as San Diegans. The irony is that by missing the boat in terms of public support they would have garnered a few years back, Spanos has forgone the chance to be sitting on a valuable stadium that probably would have started hosting Superbowls about now.

  5. A lot depends on the need for a new stadium. A large city should have a functional stadium, whether a pro team resides there or not. If they are going to charge the Chargers accordingly for the use of the stadum, and if they truly need to replace the current one, the citizens will vote in favor of it, provided there is good support from the city government.

  6. I think San Diego will keep the team, I doubt the citizens of San Diego both City & County would allow the team to leave through a vote. A lot of benefits from having an NFL franchise and NFL stadium.

    If St. Louis also keeps its team in the Rams, then I really think the Raiders will move to Los Angeles whether that’s Carson, Inglewood or even the City of Industry which is still shovel-ready.

  7. Really sick of seeing the mole rat looking mayor on TV playing stupid. The team has been threatening to leave for over a decade. Local officials are acting shocked and betrayed like its some sort of breaking news they stadium is from the the Lyndon B Johnson era and might need to be replaced.

  8. Let’s see how we can get a new taxpayer funded stadium or a good excuse to move to LA. Spanos family should be funding the new stadium in San Diego, like the Krafts, Ross and the Wilfs self funded their new/upgraded stadiums. Why should the taxpayers give the billionaire owners a gift? Meanwhile the Commissioner remains silent as he defends the “integrity” of the NFL shield. Whatever happened to the integrity of the owners?

  9. Any possibility that the raiders, Rams and chargers stay put where they currently are? Or if the raiders move to Texas? Think it would be hilarious too see LA (or whatever that suburb is called) build that stadium for no reason.

  10. I sure would love it if politicians would put to vote EVERYTHING else they use public funds on. Like themselves, and other business deals.

    These clowns are going to spend the public money anyway. Whether its a new stadium or on themselves.

  11. Dont do it !!!!!

    No welfare for these disgustingly greedy billionaires !!!!!

    They are able to and should pay for their own stadiums.

  12. Yes, a perfect metaphor for our times:

    Elites make gobs of money and botch public functions. They offer no good alternatives also make it hard for people to vote — after all, a mail ballot in the holiday season when no one is voting on other things will have practically no turnout.

    Then the power holders impose further deprivations and blame the mess on ordinary citizens, as elites move on to make big money elsewhere.

  13. The last sentence says it all. You have the fan base, then there are everyone else. Save your 2 million dollars, cuz we all know the majority of the people in the county do not want to build a stadium with taxpayers money.

  14. slvrnblk72 says:

    1963 AFL Champs!!! Wow!!!


    12 years in a row without a winning season is a wow.

  15. thebifforacle says:
    Jun 9, 2015 10:11 AM
    slvrnblk72 says:

    1963 AFL Champs!!! Wow!!!


    12 years in a row without a winning season is a wow.

    That’s 52 years without winning anything

  16. True, it’s 52 years without winning the SB. Whereas the raiders have won it three times, if you count the asterisk that is the Holy Roller.

    In any event, I’ve had some really good Sundays the last decade or so. Whereas the LA raider fans have had to slink back to LA, tail between their legs, after watching their team get beat down in person, for their ONE NFL game a year.

  17. The Chargers can blame the city and the city can blame the Chargers, but we all know who the real culprit is, the NFL.

    They’re gonna have a team in LA regardless.

  18. Last time I checked NYC did okay even after it lost two NFL teams. This crap a city needs to go into debt for 30 years to keep an NFL team is just that , crap.

    St Loius is a perfect example. The Edward Jones Dome still has 10 years until it’s paid off and now they are wanting to build another stadium? Before the new stadium is paid off, partially by taxpayers, it also will be outdated.

    These owners want new stadiums? Fine, now let them pay for it themselves. It’s time the average NFL fan woke up we have the power to stop this. The average voter has the power to stop this insanity of who has the newest bestest stadium. It’s time we all out the big boy pants on

    The Bronx lost the Giants to New Jersey and Queens lost the Jets to New Jersey. Both towns and the City of NY seem to be doing just fine without them. This is not pointed directly at Spanos. It’s pointed directly at every NFL owner. You want a new stadium Pal ? Then find your own money to lay for it. And please , do not mention jobs lost from the stadium. By hey are among the lowest laying jobs on the scale.

    I advise any city to vote no on a new stadium. Don’t cool yourselves you the taxpayer is going to help fund that stadium Regardless of what BS story is given to you. Bakery for the rant but it’s time the fans and general public said enough is enough.

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