Kellen Winslow Jr. surfaces for Twitter spat with Antonio Cromartie

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On Tuesday, Jets cornerback Antonio Cromartie played the role of reporter and asked teammate Dee Milliner some questions after the team’s minicamp practice.

The questions weren’t exactly softballs for Milliner, who is recovering from a torn Achilles and trying to get his career back on track after struggling to make a positive impression in his first two seasons.

“Do you feel confident going into the season? There’s a lot of talk saying you’re on the roster bubble, [that] you’re here to make the team,” Cromartie asked, via Metro New York. “Do you feel and have the confidence that you and in your ability that you can do the things you’re supposed to do?”

Milliner handled it well enough, but one of Cromartie’s former Jets teammates didn’t take too kindly to the line of questioning. Kellen Winslow Jr. took to Twitter to air his complaints.

“Cromartie is one of the biggest posers I have ever seen and played against. Prolly the last guy I would take down an alley with me. Worry about yourself Cro. Stop talkin. Your not even close to the best. You got bad feet and are scared to jam. Just speaking my mind this morning. Anybody who talks to their teammates like that … Can’t respect em,” Winslow wrote in a series of tweets.

Cromartie replied with a couple of well-placed slams of his own.

“You wish you were as good as your dad,” Cromartie wrote. “Have you been to Target lately?”

In the event you’ve forgotten, the reference is related to Winslow’s arrest in a parking lot outside a Target in 2013 for synthetic marijuana possession. Police were responding to a call from a woman who reported seeing Winslow with his pants down while pleasuring himself and found two jars of Vaseline in the car.

Winslow responded to Cromartie by saying that the two of them should get in the ring before promising to “whoop that ass.” We’re not sure if the fight will ever take place, but Boston Market would be an obvious sponsor for the event if it should ever take place.

35 responses to “Kellen Winslow Jr. surfaces for Twitter spat with Antonio Cromartie

  1. Kellen Winslow Jr is a joke. Dude hasn’t been relevant in the NFL for what seems like a decade. Like him or not, Cro has been balling out everywhere hes been – SD, New York and Arizona. No contest. Shut it Wins-low on fame.

  2. While both players are pretty ignorant and immature, Cro is way more talented and respected than Winslow by other players in the NFL.

    Winslow can’t even crack a roster.

  3. My money is on Winslow in a boxing fight as I would expect Cro to run around the ring, avoiding as much contact as necessary.

  4. 1. I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I agree with Winslow. He’s basically saying, “have your teammate’s back.”

    2. I really have to get out of the house more.

  5. How could Cromartie have forgotton to make an Evil Knievel remark?

  6. I always wondered what KWJ would have done in the league if he wasn’t an idiot and hadn’t torn his knee up his rookie year being stupid.

  7. You can say a lot of things about Antonio Cromartie, but you can’t say that he got caught with his pants down with a jar of vaseline… in public…

  8. zeke2517 says:
    Jun 10, 2015 3:59 PM
    You can say a lot of things about Antonio Cromartie, but you can’t say that he got caught with his pants down with a jar of vaseline… in public.
    Well, maybe not with a jar of Vaseline. There were plenty of times he got caught with his pants down, especially without Revis on the other side. He’s gotten really good views of the back of WR jerseys.

    He’s also been caught with his pants down many times in Family Court for child support payments.

  9. Whenever you’re in a fight and references surface about you pleasuring yourself in a Target parking lot, you lose.

  10. I’m not getting into this one, but why is either “scum” and all this other stuff being thrown around? Mormon guy has 20 kids and it’s okay. Rich football player has a lot of kids, and he’s scum? Okay, rationalize that one for me. Long as both are taking care of them, who’s business is it?

    If anything, Cromarti is the good poster child for a player that would have been broke right after the NFL phone stopped ringing and has gotten it on track with what that financial adviser helped him figure out in how to manage his money. As far as Winsolow, he screwed himself popping wheelies as a rookie, but he did come back from that and have a decent career. All I would say is that he shouldn’t have stepped into it since he’s not on that team anymore and doesn’t know the dynamic between Millener and Cromarti. Maybe it was just him taking up for the one he does know, but still I would have left that alone since it’s like they were just having fun.

  11. “billsbackto81 says:
    Jun 10, 2015 4:05 PM
    Cromartie would easily lose a fight between him and Winslow.
    1. He’s soft.
    2. He doesn’t use protection.”

    And Winslow is slippery as hell.

  12. These two bozo’s are a great example of what wrong with the NFL, too many turds.

  13. Well I smuggled a chick in from
    South Souix City now
    Took her right across the state line
    And I f@cked her in the K-mart parking lot
    Sure felt mighty fine

    Rocky Top will always be
    Home sweet home to me
    Good old Rocky Top
    Rocky Top Tennessee

  14. Why is Winslow even sliding his Vaseline drenched opinion into this. Cro has been trying to get into broadcasting and sports reporting. Even though he still needs a lot of work, he asked the right questions. The same questions any reporter there, should have been asking. With that said, Cro had the perfect response. Drop the mic!

  15. The Jets sure do talk a lot.

    I love Revis as a player and respect how he has handled himself as a professional and a businessman. That said, having watched him up close for a year Belichick knows his tendencies. Guys can’t help but to rely on habitual reactions and Bill knows this. That’s why when the Patriots play the Jets they will show Revis looks that are dummy reads.

    Revis got beat bad by Jordy Nelson on a dummy read in the Green Bay game and by Doug Baldwin in the super bowl on a pick play with an official. Bill will be in Revis’ head. He also will have big bodies (Gronk, pulling guards, Blount) looking to make contact with Revis.

  16. Winslow Jr. shut the F… Up! You’re a loser! You’re half the Man and player Cro is! For all those other Draggers that posted. Oh, I mean “Posers” that commented about Cro having a lot of kids…So what?!!’ Theirs a lot of Dudes that have a lot more Kid’s then Cro and do not pay their Child Support! Besides its no ones business how many children Cro has! Plus at least he pays his Child Support and sees every one of his children!!! He’s a straight up guy and straight up baller! Better check your Stats,, knuckle Draggers! PS I’m sure all you Knuckle Draggers that posted about his kids? Probably, well not probably, I know for a fact! With out a shadow of a doubt. That everyone of you Draggers are definitely dead beat Dads yourselves!!! lol lol Or Otherwise why would one bring it up in your Posts? Unless it hit a nerve of course?! You losers! Before you choose to pass judgment on Cro! Better look at your own pathetic lives making 30, 40, 50, 62, 80,100, 200 Thou a year salaries!! You all mad Bro’s? Jealous? So go back to your 100 to 200 Thou a year BS loser jobs! “Click,,, Cluck Clunk!” That’s all you haters, Draggers punching your time clock in and out of work lol lol lol

  17. Winslow Jr.= BUST Cro= Pro Bowler… Enough said! Winslow Jr.= Biggest loser to ever put on a pair of cleats! The Dude couldn’t even smoke Pot right! Synthetic? What a loser! At least smoke real Pot! Vaseline? Wow,, can’t even pay for it! Loser

  18. Kellen Winslow Jr. has now sunk to the level of a twitter troll. My how far he has fallen.

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