Knile Davis doesn’t see a gap in ability with Jamaal Charles


The Chiefs have leaned heavily on running back Jamaal Charles for offensive production over the last six years, something that’s usually worked out well for them thanks to Charles’s ability to make big plays as both a runner and receiver.

Charles has had to carry that load despite nagging leg injuries in 2014 and he may need to cut back on his workload a bit if he’s going to make good on his plans to play for six more seasons. Chiefs fans may be worried that cutting back on Charles will lead to a drop in production from the offense as a whole because they won’t have enough talent on the field, but Charles’s backup Knile Davis says that’s not the case.

“I don’t feel like there’s a gap,” Davis said, via

Davis has had some good moments in his two years with the Chiefs, but the numbers don’t really bear out his feelings about the difference between the two runners. Charles has averaged 1.5 yards per carry more than Davis over the last two seasons and is a bigger part of the passing game as both a receiver and protector than the No. 2 man in K.C.

Davis’s confidence in his ability isn’t clouding his judgment about the way things stand in Kansas City as he says his job is to “be available and stay healthy” for when Charles needs to come out of games. Whatever Davis can do for the team, the best way for the Chiefs to lighten the load on Charles will be to develop a more robust passing game around him and that’s something they’re trying to do this offseason after dismal results on that front in 2015.

15 responses to “Knile Davis doesn’t see a gap in ability with Jamaal Charles

  1. Knile Davis is a beast, and he’s proven it with multiple returns for TDs. He’s extremely fast though nowhere near as elusive as Charles, who is the most under-appreciated star int the league.

    Davis’s biggest problem has been he fumbles too much. Don’t knock Davis for not being a great blocker; Charles picks up the blitz nearly as good as Walter Payton used to; and all readers know he was the best at it.

    Charles is having a Hall of Fame career; Davis is an awesome fill-in.

  2. battmanri says:
    Jun 10, 2015 11:19 AM

    “I don’t see a gap in Michael Strahan’s front teeth” – Knile Davis


    credit here…. that was pretty funny. I chuckled out loud

  3. andy reid isn’t perfect, but the jokes about him never calling running plays are more tired than him chasing after a cheeseburger. with charles out against the dolphins last year, knile davis ran the ball 32 times.

  4. Knile is very talented and the gap between talent might not be that much but 1.5 YPC difference is a big gap.

  5. Ya know Jamaal Charles has the highest rushing yards per attempt in league history for a running back. 5.5 which is .3 above Jim Brown. I think it would be okay to acknowledge a gap.

  6. You guys can chuckle all you want the fact is Jamal Charles is a very rare talent. Knile Davis could probably start for 10-12 teams if he was given the opportunity. He has great size and speed, he is just stuck behind a top tier rb like Charles. Knile is entitled to his opinion although it is obvious it isn’t a popular one.

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