Rams are concerned Nick Fairley isn’t heavy enough

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For most of his NFL career, defensive tackle Nick Fairley has dealt with criticism that he’s too heavy. Now, his current head coach worries that Fairley isn’t heavy enough.

“I was actually concerned about Nick’s weight being on the low side,” coach Jeff Fisher told reporters on Tuesday, via a transcript circulated by the team. “Nick’s changed his lifestyle, changed his diet. We’re trying to get some weight back on him right now and he’s done it. He’s worked hard the last couple of weeks. He’s doing fine. His conditioning level is fine. If he’s going to compete with our guys up front he’s going to have to run and he knows that.”

A first-round pick in 2011, Fairley signed a one-year deal with the Rams in the hopes of securing a long-term contract in St. Louis or elsewhere. Regardless of size, he needs to perform well enough to earn playing time among a very good defensive line — and he needs to perform once he’s on the field.

Fairley is listed at 308 pounds, but he arrived in St. Louis weighing a mere 280.

26 responses to “Rams are concerned Nick Fairley isn’t heavy enough

  1. My first reaction upon reading this headline, was “is it April Fools again already?”

    Quickly realizing this was no April Fool’s joke, this matter will play out as follows. Fairley, upon getting word that he needs to gain weight – will use this as the nudge to strap on the feedbag. Weight WILL be gained, but it will be butterball weight — useless fatty tissue, but he’ll get the scale to have a bigger number.

    The Rams should be LESS focused on how heavy a player is, and more focused on the quality of the weight they seek to add. In other words, the Rams should be concerned that Fairley needs to get stronger – not fatter.

  2. He was too light in Detroit, and he gain weight, then they said he was too heavy.

    I think they just didn’t like the fact that he was so inconsistent.

  3. Fairley has been heard to say that he is shocked at the small amount of good ribs places in the St.Louis area. “There’s not even any reason to get hurt in game 3 and go on IR for the rest of the season anymore, ” he said.

  4. So basically he’s eating healthily now and the rams want him to go back to having unhealty bulk on his body? Football ladies and gentlemen.

  5. smart move by him, with Suh gone he’d get double teamed constantly and disappear. now he gets to play on one of the best d-lines in the league.

    it’s a shame for st louis fans, that d-line could be great for years but will probably pack up and head west next year. shame.

  6. It all depends on what role they want him to play on that DL. 4-man fronts often have a lighter, quicker 3-Technique paired with a heavier NT type. If they want Fairley to rotate at the 3-Tech with Donald, then having him put weight back on is probably a bad move. But if they want him to pair him as the NT with Donald, then bulking up makes sense.

  7. Wow nice to see that he actually cares about not being an out of shape slob anymore. Would have been nice if he would have shown the same professionalism when he played for us but I guess anyone who gets arrested for DUI and marijuana possession within two months of each other has already demonstrated that they aren’t much of a pro at anything. As a Lions fan I wish him the absolute worst. He’s a scumbag who gave us a half hearted effort the entire time he was here.

  8. 280 pounds, 308 pounds, 350 pounds, it doesn’t matter, Jeff Fisher will figure out a way to take his talents and have his team underachieve with them.

  9. It sounds like Fairley understands this 1 year deal in St. Louis is potentially make or break for his NFL career. The question is whether he’ll stay healthy the entire season – unfortunately I’d bet against it (but I hope he does).

    I don’t think there are very many Lions fans who were sorry to see him go. The Lions had to bench him in preseason last year, his contract year, to get his attention and get him to start working hard. There was a lot of concern here that signing him to a long term deal would be bringing back *that* Nick Fairley.

    The change to St. Louis is a good opportunity for him to show he’s matured. Best of to him luck there.

  10. If the Rams wisely believe that the Lions miscast Fairley by playing him at LDT instead of RDT where his skillset appears a better match then YES he will need to be bigger to play a NT type of role. He will take less snaps than Suh did if can’t handle the weight. If he really succeeds there then Detroit made a mistake drafting both Suh and Fairley and playing them side by side. Nobody catches on that undersized DTs that harass the passer generally line up where a 285 lb. Donald does…at LDT where Fairley failed as a pass rusher, performed admirably as a run stuffer….

  11. You St. Louis fans, get used to this. Fairley will have three or four really good games in a season, and a half-dozen good plays in the other games. Aside from that, he’ll simply get schooled by whatever guard is on him, and disappear. He clogs up the run decently, but if you’re looking for inside pressure, Suh he ain’t.

    Fairley has the attention span of a five year old with ADD, and drives his coaches nuts. It’s worth noting that Detroit could have picked up Fairley’s fifth year option and kept him for this season at a rookie contract’s reasonable price, but showed no interest.

    Fairley wasn’t allowed to leave so Detroit could sign Suh…Fairley was allowed to leave so Detroit could replace him.

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