Sheldon Richardson says Mo Wilkerson is worth “Suh money”

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Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson wants to be paid. His teammate and fellow defensive lineman, Sheldon Richardson, thinks Wilkerson should be paid. A lot.

He’s worth that penny,” Richardson said, via Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News. “And you know what penny I’m talking about. . . . We don’t just want J.J. Watt money. We want it all. We want Suh money. Hopefully everybody wants that type of bread in this league.”

Everybody surely does. But not everybody gets a contract like Dolphins defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh, who’ll make $60 million fully guaranteed and more than $110 million. Only a small handful have the talent and leverage to pull it off.

Rarely if ever will two teammates in the same position group get that money. So if Wilkerson gets it, Richardson won’t. But Richardson may not realize that just yet. Instead, he’s focused on other defensive linemen with other teams who have, or haven’t, gotten that kind of money.

“If Gerald McCoy can get $100 million, I’m pretty sure my guy Mo Wilkerson can get $100 million,” Richardson said.

Richardson alo dismissed the $55 million deal signed last week by Saints defensive lineman Cameron Jordan as a “team-friendly contract” that doesn’t apply to Wilkerson.

In Wilkerson’s case, the money the Jets eventually offer likely will be far closer to $55 million than to $100 million. Which means that the question becomes whether the Jets will use the franchise tag in 2016 on Wilkerson, whether they’ll keep him around for another year at roughly $15 million, whether they’ll trade him from under the franchise tag, or whether they’ll simply let him walk away and collect the compensatory draft pick in 2017.

Regardless, the Jets giving Wilkerson $100 million is unlikely. The Jets giving both Wilkerson and Richardson $100 million is impossible.

28 responses to “Sheldon Richardson says Mo Wilkerson is worth “Suh money”

  1. Absolutely laughable to think that Mo is in Ndamukong Suh’s pay grade. If that is Wilkerson’s expectation, then get set to be disappointed.

  2. Miami threw a ton of money at Suh because they had to get up to the Salary Cap floor by 2016. This has skewed the value for his position.

  3. I hope the Jets back up the brinks truck on this guy ……pay him 100 million plus!!!!! then you have three guys , him , Revis and Cromartie taking up a crazy 45 PERCENT OF THERE CAP SPACE!!! SIGN THE MAN PLEASE!!!!!!

  4. Except Richardson is not an agent or a GM and therefore doesn’t get to determine what Wilkerson is worth.

  5. … “Rarely if ever will two teammates in the same position group get that money. So if Wilkerson gets it, Richardson won’t.” …

    Huh? What?

    It’s called building market value. Suh didn’t get his big payday in Detroit. He had to leave Motown for that money.

    If Richardson can help promote increased positional value, then it’s still very good for him. Obviously. He might not get his big payday from the Jets, if Wilkerson gets it from the Jets first. But… some other team will pay him.

    This is not complicated stuff.

  6. Scholars that have studied history have noted that societies that promoted a strong middle class (e.g., the US starting in the post-war 50s) were successful, especially in relation to ones that had a narrow band of individuals with wealth tied to class and privilege.

    In the NFL, Bill Belichick has perfected a class system on his team that has an authority figure in him as head coach, a few star players, but mostly a deep roster of “middle class” players who make above the median at their respective positions but nowhere near the max.

    Woody Johnson’s cultural experience precludes him from implementing a Belichickian system which likely means he and his Jets will not be winning a super bowl anytime soon.

  7. Pats fans are so scared of this bunch. The defense that is. Hope Bryan Stork is hitting the juice. How would you like 6 games blocking Suh, Darius, and Snacks/Mo/Williams/Sheldon? Can’t wait to see Tommy in cold weather with a regular ball. Like the 2011 divisional game sort of? The one time I go to Foxboro I get to watch Brady flinch all day. This D is better than that one too. The 2010 Jets had an aging line. Can’t wait.

  8. “And you know what penny I’m talking about. . . . We don’t just want J.J. Watt money. We want it all. We want Suh money. Hopefully everybody wants that type of bread in this league.”

    – I don’t anyone doesn’t want Suh money, but that attitude is why Carmelo Anthony can’t win a championship (on top of that he can’t play defense)

  9. “We don’t just want J.J. Watt money. We want it all. ”

    That kind of talk will ensure you end up on different teams.

  10. I understand being friends but it shouldnt blind you from reality. Mo has not even been in a Pro Bowl and had one 10 sack season. This is not exactly the resume of a 100M player. To compare him to GMC or Watt (a stud), is laughable. Go look at the stats and tell me again he is worth 100M.

    Only JETS world!!! lol

  11. Wanting to break the bank when your time comes is well within one’s right. Most of us would do the same if the opportunity presented itself. However, in the world of salary caps, players who want to squeeze every last drop of coin from the team are choosing money over winning a championship. And that’s their right, just be upfront about it. Maybe if I played for a franchise that has no realistic chance in this lifetime I might be tempted to do the same.

  12. Woody is at it again… Revis v 2.0
    He cant get out of his own way.

    Woody is 99% responsible for the sshow with the jets

    Woody: Not paying you Revis!
    Revis: ok, bye.
    Jets fans: Lynch the GM, Woody you’re next.
    Woody: (shaking in his pants), Get Revis, pay the man! (you think i can hide from the mob now?)

  13. The League will cover for the Jets because Goodell is a jet-man. Look how he buried the tampering with a measly 100k fine. Expect salary cap hi-jinx to ensue and be covered up by the league.

  14. Sun is incredibly talented, but he will underperform on that contract.

  15. Jets should pay Mo, not $100M, $150M. Despite playing around a bunch of bums, Mo has shown that right now he is much better than Suh.

    He’s the best Jets player ever – better than Willie Joe Namath.

  16. Does Sheldon realize there’s a salary cap? So the more money he can talk the Jets into giving Mo means the less for him and the rest of his team mates…

    Tying up the majority of your money in two non-quarterbacks (Mo and Revis) doesn’t leave much to put together a team that’s strong across the board.

    And if you don’t have a franchise quarterback ( Looks at Jets roster…nope) you need a team that’s REALLY strong across the board.

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