Adrian Peterson not expected to play in preseason

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Adrian Peterson hasn’t received a single carry in the preseason since 2011. Despite missing all but one game last season, that isn’t expected to change for Peterson this year.

According to Chris Tomasson of the St. Paul Pioneer Press, Minnesota Vikings head coach Mike Zimmer said he doesn’t anticipate giving Peterson work before the start of the regular season.

“I probably don’t see that, no,” Zimmer said. “We’re talking in June, so you can’t hold me to it, but he’s carried the ball a lot (in his eight-year career) and he’s going to continue to carry the ball a lot. He’ll get plenty of looks and reps in practice.”

Even without a full season last year, Peterson has significant mileage on him throughout his career. Peterson has racked up 10,190 yards on 2,054 carries throughout his eight seasons with the Vikings. He’s averaged 98 yards per game and nearly 11 touchdowns a season in Minnesota.

Missing a few preseason carries certainly shouldn’t hamper Peterson returning to his former form.

25 responses to “Adrian Peterson not expected to play in preseason

  1. Just give him a stick, and a fast kid to chase… he’ll be right back in form.

  2. He never plays during the pre-season. Maaybe a game if he feels like it. There’s still plenty of time to get hurt before the season starts.

  3. With his record this will not be a concern, meanwhile our inbred little sisters to the east will be practicing kicking field goals from the 6 inch line during preseason.

  4. This isn’t good.. Adrian needs the pre-season workouts. He needs it mostly for the timing of each play. Timing for himself, the blockers, and the QB.. Who knows, if he’d at least do that much more, how much better runner and yardage he could become,.

    Adrian and the team needs him in pre-season practice’s…

  5. When he gets hurt early in the season perhaps someone will look back at this decision as being wrong headed. There is no substitute for contact.

  6. And grass is green. AD never plays preseason.If anybody thinks he will be worse for missing a season, you will be wrong. Guy runs like we walk….

  7. Of course he won’t play in the pre-season. You can’t risk getting a guy hurt that you know you are going to be forced to trade before the season starts.

  8. Good player. Kinda bummed that he’s coming back to the Vike’s but good for them I guess haha. Wouldn’t mind him on m’PACKAS when his contract is up. Maybe a pipe dream? Sure, but hey crazier stuff has happened. GO PACK!!!!!!!!0


  9. I haven’t looked this up, but I’d guess Adrian has fewer career carries than most 30-year-old star running backs have had. He missed a year and he’s always been pretty efficient with his carries.

  10. Seems obvious. Hardly a reason for him to play in preseason. He can get his reps and timing done in camp. That is if he shows up for camp. He might pull a Favre.

  11. might want to play him against the cowboys in week 3 so we can get their 1st round pick next year for him.

    eddie lacey doesn’t play in the postseason either! leroy hoard had a faster spin move then that slow tub of flub.

  12. eddie lacey doesn’t play in the postseason either! leroy hoard had a faster spin move then that slow tub of flub.

    I seem to see him in the post season. And you’re right, he has a better spin move than Hoard ever had. And a much higher career YPC. Hoard averaged 3.9 YPC over his career. That’s like Trent Richardson level stuff.

  13. The most awesome play I ever saw was the Cardinals-Vikings game in 2003 when Josh McCown threw a perfect Hail Mary to Nate Poole, who made a diving catch on the sideline, denying the Vikings a playoff spot after a 6-0 start and giving said playoff spot to the Packers.

  14. I can’t pick just one awesome play as my favorite, but there were a handful all occurring in the same game that are in my top 5. That game was last year’s choke show in the NFC championship.

  15. Viking fans are the last people who have the right to bash other teams for choking in the conference championship.

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