Eagles release Evan Mathis

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Evan Mathis didn’t get a new contract from the Eagles. He’ll now have a chance to get one elsewhere.

Per a league source, the Eagles have released the 11-year veteran only two days after word surfaced of his unhappiness with the team’s decision to rescind an offer from 2014 to pump up the back end of his contract.

A third-round pick of the Panthers in 2005, the 33-year-old Pro Bowl guard becomes a free agent. He can sign with any team.

Mathis joined the Eagles in 2011, qualifying for the Pro Bowl in each of the last two seasons. The move suggests that Eagles could find no trade partner for Mathis, who was under contract through 2016.

Mathis contends that the team offered an upgrade to his deal a year ago, and that the team pulled the offer from the table, explaining that, because Howie Roseman no longer is the General Manager, the offer is no longer valid.

Mathis had been due to make $5.5 million in 2015 and $6 million in 2016. The Eagles will take a cap charge of $1 million in each of the next two seasons, but they’ll avoid the $11.5 million in cash and cap space.

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  1. Sad to see him go but he was a journeyman till he got here and was getting paid pretty much exactly what he was worth. Another rosenhouse let me lose you millions move. Not sure who would give you more money then what you were slated to make here but you were a great guy none the less

  2. Yet another piece of evidence that proves Shady was correct! The man is a genius!!!…
    …..but seriously, it’s a shame to see Evan go. Watching him and Peters dominate and move to the second level of defenders was awesome. Barbre, here’s your chance! Make us all proud!

  3. As an Eagles fan, this is crushing. A team finds an All-Pro player on the scrap heap maybe once a decade – if that. This guy was such a stud the last few years. I have a ton of respect for Pro Football Focus, which regularly rated him among the game’s best players, not just guards. I’m really unhappy that it reached this point. He won’t be easy to replace.

  4. thats crazy. chip kellys philosophy: lets take my best players, get rid of them, and pray that something good will happen next.

  5. Mathis made the Eagles do this. Good luck getting paid what you were due to make the next two seasons Evan!

    Once again Rosenhaus sabotages the Eagles. All he does is poisons players minds.

  6. Relax people!! Final roster is not set. Remember last year when we had no kicker?? What happened? We got an All-Pro rookie for a low pick the see of the last preseason game. Look for a trade…possibly Kendrick for a starting OL. Or don’t be surprised as usual, when there are surprise cuts around the league…they can get depth then.

  7. Will the Eagle OL still be a “dream come true” for Murray and the other RBs on the team, minus Mathis?

    Considering Peter’s advanced age, all it would take would be a not-unlikely Peters injury or decline and this OL could quickly become a “nightmare” instead.

  8. Welcome to Minnesota! Just please don’t give him another Hutchinson contract…

  9. Mathis complained his was out of 11 million dollars over the next 2 years. It’ll be very interesting to see what kind of money he makes now as a free agent.

  10. His plan worked to perfection. Nobody wants to play there. Not even for 5+ million dollars.

  11. Getting released is better than being sent to football purgatory in Minnesota or Cleveland at least.

  12. I’m so intrigued to see what happens with Kelly and the Eagles next year.

    You have one side who says he knows how to build a winning team (I disagree completely).

    And then the other side who thinks he will be a bomb.

    If Bradford goes down, I can’t picture the team being remotely as good as Dallas.

  13. More Chip Kelly logic, releasing another Pro-bowler. And people think the Eagles will win the Division…lol.

  14. The Minnesota Vikings will pick up him and place him at Left Guard.

    We will then officially have the best Roster in the NFL and it’s not even close.

    Pay respects to your Superiors.

    The Minnesota Vikings.

    This is the year.

    The Dynasty Begins.

  15. So if the Eagles offered a better deal last year, why did he turn it down. I get the sense we aren’t getting the full story.

  16. We need OL help in San Fran…but I believe he’s planning on playing next year so he won’t fit in with our offseason moves. SMDH Gonna be tough for us this year.

  17. Mathis was treated EXTREMELY WELL in Philadelphia. The truth is he is a fool! He was going to make 5.5 million then 6.5 million in the next years.
    This guy was a journeymen who was out of football. The Eagles took a chance on him after many years in and out of the league. Then they signed him to one of the top contracts in the league for an offensive guard in 2012. Mathis has been trying to renegotiate for 2 full years. It has been a known fact in Philadelphia.
    What a self centered jerk. The Eagles have Guards that will replace him. Not quite as good but they can play well.
    Philadelphia Fans and players will not miss him. See comments by other starting linemen on Eagles. They made their feelings known yesterday that they didn’t need him back. That speaks volumes. 2 other All Pro linemen made it clear that he was replaceable.
    Eagles treated him incredibly well and this is how he returned their good faith in him…

  18. More and more I think The CKelly maverick of the NFL experiment is gonna implode. Only a matter of time before he runs back to the college ranks with his tail between his legs, like Harbaugh, Saban, Spurrier, Petrino, etc. This act just doesn’t fly in the pros.

  19. The Raiders should make every effort to bring Mathis aboard. They’re set at on OG position with Gabe Jackson but the other is the weak link of the o-line (with Khalif Barnes). The Raiders have plenty of cap room to pay what’s needed for a top-notch guy like Mathis. It could only benefit the Raiders to make this pick-up.

    Unfortunately I’m sure if McKenzie has the capability to make this obvious acquisition (of if he even tries).

  20. This is a lose/lose situation. Eagles lose a good guard and he is going to lose significant money. He got bad advice and choose to follow it. I’ve always liked him, I wish him luck.

  21. Looks like Bradford or Sanchez will be running for their lives, throwing pick 6’s or executing the infamous butt fumbles.

    The Eagles don’t have a QB, have a below avg OL, the receiving corp is weak and now this?

    Murray is great but who is blocking for him? Was he a product of Dallas’ OL? We’ll find out.

    Kelce is good. Lane Johnson has been a disappointment at RT. RG is Barbre, a below avg journeyman. LG is now? Peters is 33 and didn’t have a good season. He’s all reputation right now.

    WR’s are Cooper, Mathews and a rookie in Agular.

    This Eagle Offense is going to be flat out Oh-Fen-Sieve.

  22. Not a fan of this move at all. First they cut Herremans outright….trade for a QB with a glass jaw…and then they don’t draft any offensive lineman, but they do draft a LB in the third round regardless of the fact that they have a logjam at the position.

    This issue with Mathis’ contract has been two years in the making. Perhaps it would have been the smarter move to either keep Herremans as an insurance policy or draft an offensive lineman.

    I am sure the offense will be amazing tho with Tobin and Barbre. (rolls eyes)

  23. If DeMarco Murray hadn’t called the Eagles to get out of Dallas, there would already have been a mutiny in Philly. Chip will benefit but had nothing to do with the move other than saying OK.

  24. chip Kelly will be the head coach of the Texas A&M Aggies by this time next year.

  25. jamaltimore says:
    Jun 11, 2015 4:07 PM

    chip kelly better win and win fast.
    Hasn’t he already won 20 games in two years and an NFC East title in one of them? That’s pretty fast, considering the team he took over was what, 4-12?

  26. he found out how much he over- valued himself when chip gave him permission to find a new home,soon to be 34 coming off a injury plagued season, gulp..no money out there for you evan

  27. Philly has become quite the sideshow. I wonder if Mathis just wants to move on.

  28. Miami was looking to trade for Evan I would be shocked if he does not end up in Miami…If this happens it would really be one of the greatest off seasons ever !

  29. So yeah, the haters will trash the Eagles and Kelly no matter what they do. We could win the SB and the trolls would still mock us for how long it took and say it will never happen again.

    I was always kind of neutral on Mathis. He was a good player, but he’s getting older and has been getting injured.

  30. Surprised the Eagles couldn’t work something out with Mathis.

    Paging Rick Spielman: You need a another guard to go with Brandon Fusco. Sign Mathis and let the rookies learn behind the vets.

  31. I’d like him in Miami, but who says, “Oh I gotta go play for Failbin!”

  32. So yeah, as the rest of the NFL teams & their fan bases know the Eagle line is in trouble & this guy is going to be a real good pick up for someone, watch the Eagle fans tell us what a GREAT move CK made once again! Philly is on it’s way to 56 years & counting…even though they think think CK is the savior! ICWT to cut or trade away pro bowler after pro bowler!

  33. mathis will sign elsewhere but for less. McCoy and mathis are both rosenhaus clients I think. this may be a msg to rosenhaus too.

  34. O-Line at the pro level involves a lot of chemistry; maybe this works out. Chip likes to play really fast so the line calls will be really fast and the guys chasing Sam Bradford will be really BIG and fast. I don’t know if this is the best formula for a team with questions at QB.

  35. before all the eagles “fans” bitch and moan, has anyone read the statistic about how many NFL OL Gs and Cs are sourced from undrafted free agents ? I suspect the eagles restock, at least partially, their G and C personnel via the UDFAs in training camp.

  36. Wonder if Murray is second-guessing himself about now. Could have been running behind a youthful Oline in Dallas (4 of 5 are considered 1st rounders). Instead, he will be running behind a “yet to be determined” patchwork front line in Philly. Maybe the money will make up for missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

  37. Mathis was very average before playing between Peters and Kelce.. I get the feeling they made him look a lot better than he is.. Let’s see how he does without them.

  38. 3 years ago, Andy Reid had about 35-40 of the 53-man roster quit on him. The 4-12 season was “earned” by that team.

    Kelly may not be the answer at head coach, but he seems to have a sense about what kind of players he wants. Couldn’t turn over the entire roster in a single year, but fewer and fewer of the 4-12 gang remain.

    Not saying Mathis was one of the quitters. But he and agent Drew Rosenhaus COMPLETELY overbid their hand, and should have come to terms on what has proven to be an overly generous offer. But 2 years of asking for a new contract smelled like “me first” to a “team first” coach.

  39. Sad thing for Eagle fans is that as a coach Kelly has a huge upside. But his moves as GM are going to doom them.

  40. If Philly has a bad yr you have to fire Chip, I think he lost his mind…..why wouldn’t he try to trade him?

  41. Plug-and-play. I’m surprised he wasn’t released last year. He was injured half of the year, and didn’t play well when he was back. When you get to be his age it’s time to be replaced.

  42. The Bucs can’t screw this up. Yeah he’s old, but PFF ranked him 59th of their top 101. He had positive grades in every single game he played last season. Winston, as a rookie, will need all the protection he can get. Along with Mankins, our two new 2nd rd pics (LT and G), and newly resigned Dotson, Mathis would make our line very respectable and give our young guys some learning time. Bucs have plenty of cap space, make it happen.

  43. If the dude wants a super bowl ring come to Minnesota and open up holes for AD, or don’t, the Vikes will be world champs no matter your choice!

  44. I want to reply to about all of you cause your all idiots. You do not see the culture that Chip Kelly is building. You think the Eagles are going to do bad this year? You think Dallas is a more talented roster?

    Do me a favor you idiots that obviously don’t know football…


  45. I hope he signs for half of what he was set to make. He is a very good player but he was slated to make $11m, he would have collected all of it had he kept his mouth shut and not listened to Rosenhaus. Now he will sign for less and pay a huge commission to his agent. I guess football players really aren’t that bright.

  46. The real loser here is RB Murray, who is going to feel closterphobic this year after the holes he ran through last year, courtesy of the “young” up-and-coming Oline in Dallas….the same one that is now even better with the Collins Draft pick. Shoulda been a Cowboy!

  47. I would love to see this guy in Aqua and Orange! Come to the Phins! He can run our offense perfect. Only for the right price though.

  48. I don’t see why you don’t wait to see his attitude when reporting is mandatory.

  49. To the people who say this an example of Kelly having no plan, you’re dead wrong. This is an example of how he has an incredibly detailed plan for how he wants his team to be.

    I am going to miss the hell out of Evan Mathis. He seems like a great guy. Thats what made his stance on his contract so baffling. It’s a shame it had to end like this. Good luck to him.

  50. I see the Eagles are trying to keep on schedule with the annual Sam Bradford torn ACL schedule. Props to them.

  51. Id be ok with him in indy. Mewhort is solid, but with cherilus’ status up in the air, this could be what we need. Mewhort has been working at right tackle, and im not sold on on our guard depth. We’ll see what herreman has left. I cant remember the other guard, but he wasnt getting the job done. Mathis can run block like a champ, and luck needs a savior. Id pay him 6 mil to hold blocks for gore.

  52. @o0omorriso0o

    Hey, where you been? Your rants telling us all how Vick was going to win the Eagles Super Bowls & what a great QB he is still make some of us chuckle when any of your words pop up here. When Bradford is on IR by week 5 it’s gonna be Sanchez to the rescue! Remember him, Eagle fans abused him when he was a jet but now he’s part of what CK is building. Eagle fans drink the kook-aid Lurie feeds them year after year as they all end the same…55 years of choking soon to be 56, 57, 58. Do you guys even hear yourselves?? It gets harder & harder to take Philly fans seriously.

  53. A coach comes straight from college and starts making crazy trades and cutting guys for strange reasons, and instituting all sorts of new schemes. That will NEVER work in the NFL. Just ask Jimmie Johnson.


  54. The truth is most of these posters on this site could line up between Peters and Kelce and be in consideration for the pro bowl. A.Barbre is thrilled.

  55. He acted like a baby. If you don’t accept the offer at some point, there’s no guarantee it’ll still be there. Good riddance

  56. Mathis would look awesome in a Raiders uniform. Raiders have Latavius Murray and Marcel Reece at RB and FB and need a Guard too. His age could be a factor though.

  57. Ya, that kind of money for a 33 y.o. guard is a bit insane. The proof is in the pudding, we’ll see what kind of team the Eagles field this year. They should be a playoff contender, and that’s not horrible for what a third year coach… I’d say 10-6.

  58. Mathis didn’t do squat until he was in Philly. I suspect he will flop elsewhere.

  59. mancave001 says:
    Jun 11, 2015 4:32 PM
    So yeah, the haters will trash the Eagles and Kelly no matter what they do. We could win the SB and the trolls would still mock us for how long it took and say it will never happen again.


    Exactly. Considering that we never won a “Superbowl”, we are still one of the most hated on teams in the NFL. It’s because we have true fans and not bandwagon fans like a lot of the other big fanbases

  60. Philly has a lot riding on their “patchwork” line, including RB Murray who has only played “one” complete season in his first four, and QB Bradford, who has only played 49 of the last 80 games (a whopping 61%) since he came into the NFL. Doesn’t inspire confidence!

  61. “Stay classy philly” There’s so much stupid here in just a short 3 words. Did philly release Mathis? Did the fans really decide to make this happen? Did Mathis show class by refusing an offer and then telling the media about it like a baby when it wasn’t still on the table? You know…I could go on but it’s just easier to call you stupid. In fact, Stay stupid hippie way.

  62. Hahaha funny how you’re all experts on these decisions. Who knows more about football – Chip Kelly who isn’t married because it would interfere with his job or you jabronis with your analysis that’s based on fantasy football points and madden games?

  63. No doubt that the Eagles will pick up a couple of linemen that are released in training camp by other teams. The question is whether or not they can get lucky with them. There are no guarantees about anything. No way should they trade Kendricks for an offensive guard. They will need Kendricks desperately when another one of their linebackers gets hurt (not “if”, but “when”).

  64. Its so dumb that a team wouldnt just throw a 7th round pick at the eagles to have first crack at signing the guy.

    This time next week? Colts introduce Mathis to their OLine.

  65. fwippel says:
    Jun 11, 2015 4:36 PM

    Surprised the Eagles couldn’t work something out with Mathis.

    Paging Rick Spielman: You need a another guard to go with Brandon Fusco. Sign Mathis and let the rookies learn behind the vets.
    That was my thought too. Fusco can move back to RG and let Mathis be the LG. Yankey and Clemmings can rotate in while they continue learning.

  66. Cowboys should sign this guy if they can get him in the cheap so he can get REVENGE on the Eagles. Kind of like Djax did in going to Washington.

    I know our OL is already deep but you can never have enough lineman.

  67. Obvious the players do not wish to provide Chip with a home town discount.

    Four Top 100 players gone. Can’t ever recall this happening before. Not good.

  68. He’s heading either to Miami or Jacksonville. Either of those teams will gladly pay for his services to protect their young quarterbacks.

    Also, to everyone harping he wasn’t worth the money, he’s been consistently ranked as one of the top guards in the league. He was to make 5.5 million this year and 6.5 next year. Definitely fair for a player of his caliber, but it could be higher.

    Also, don’t understand the concern with his age. This guy is a machine and keep a himself in top shape year round. Sure he’s 33, but he’s a G. Not a skill player. Many guards have played amazingly late into their career and there is no reason to believe Mathis isn’t capable of that too.

  69. the teams with the most cap room who can afford him arent playoff caliber teams but neither is philly so it was smart moving on, he’ll end up with the money he wants

  70. Why would you give a team a pick when you absolutely know they will release him. Let him test the market and realize he won’t get the money he wants and then pick him up. This is the 2nd time chip has screwed up and couldn’t get something for a good player the other was Desean. Unless someone in the organization is a rat.

  71. We talking bout a 33 year old guard who was hurt and missed games last year? Not a QB. Not a RB. A guard? C’mon man we talking bout……… a guard.

  72. “Mathis contends that the team offered an upgrade to his deal a year ago, and that the team pulled the offer from the table, explaining that, because Howie Roseman no longer is the General Manager, the offer is no longer valid.”


    None of you must remember the old saying “you’re only as good as your word”. Obviously a deal was discussed and Mathis took that discussion at face value. The fact that some rank in management changed shouldn’t have caused the upper brass to completely pull a deal from the table. However I find it interesting that Mathis is being referred to as “dumb and greedy”. The man has had 11 seasons in the league and is nearing his mid 30s. He would be the absolute idiot some are calling him if he didn’t try to secure the best possible deal….

  73. I am a Dolphin fan and would love to have him. Look i know he was pro-bowler last two seasons. But still he is the oldest active OL in the NFL and was set to make 5.5 & 6.5 million/season in ’15 & ’16. I don;t know what to make of this. I certainly wouldn’t pay him more than he would have made in Philly.

  74. steves11
    My thoughts exactly!! They cannot trade Kendricks!!!
    He’s a bad dude and we know that Kiko or Demeco will get hurt at some point in the season. Don’t count on the rookie contributing just yet either!

  75. “I’d pay him 6 mil to hold blocks for gore”

    Gore didn’t seem too interested in that idea when he changed his mind about signing with the Eagles.

  76. 0% chance he gets a two year deal for that kinda scratch.

    I’m all for players getting theirs, but this was a stupid move.
    Leave a contender for a contract that won’t come close to what you would of had if you had played for what your negotiated.

    One of the city’s favorite players.

  77. Come to minnesota for league minimum + 5mil guaranteed money signing bonus. Team gets great guard for a year or two without the cap hit, he gets his guaranteed money, agent gets his cut, rookies get to learn behind vets, TeddyB gets the protection he needs. Everyone happy…except philly fans.

  78. “mancave001 says:
    Jun 11, 2015 4:32 PM
    We could win the SB and the trolls would still mock us for how long it took and say it will never happen again.”

    As you Eagle fans discredit others championships. Maybe a little humility from a fan base that has gone along time without a championship. But Eagle fans are most often the loudest in the room that you bring the viatrol on yourselves. Eagle fans say the most ridiculous stuff then post things like “we’d still be mocked”. You guys get what you give mancave001. From not letting a 16 – 17 year old kid wearing a GB jersey during the Vick playoff game urinate in your stadium until security was called, including all the history of of the behavior of your home fans if anyone dared to wear an opposing teams shirt, no team asks for abuse like the Eagle fan base. I know this is going to go in one ear & out the other as far as Philly fans go but I wanted to give you an honest response to what looked like an honest post from you. It’s really ridiculous opposing fans have to be fearful of attending games in Philly. It’s really ridiculous that the city is sending a coach to Canton already that wasn’t won a playoff game. Can we see Bradford not break over & over before we call Chips off season moves “brilliant”. Maybe Kelly will turn out to be a great coach for you but can we wait until he wins a postseason game before calling him the “next Bill Walsh” as YOU’VE personally written. Stuff like that is why people mock Philly bro.

  79. All valid points astutely stated there bigb… However, you left a couple out, like the blatant hypocrisy of these same people spending years rooting for a dog killer and now that he’s off their team, mounting up on nonexistent “holier than thou high horses” to pontificate about the players on other teams. OR, the fact that’s blatantly obvious to the rest of us that their grossly over paid team dietician who is now running the team made ridiculous moves both with the personnel he got rid of and those he chose to draft and bring in as FIRST CHOICE FA’s.
    WIN THE DIVISION? ROFLMAO!! My prediction is they will be in a dog fight with the OTHER dumpster fire that is the current state of the Niners for the 1st pick in next year’s draft!

  80. Even if Mathis makes more money elsewhere, he might end up making less per hour.

    In Philly with their time of possession of around 10 min. per game, Mathis wasn’t going to work very much playing for the Chipster.

    Now, in a real NFL offense, he will probably play a full 30 min. per game.

    He will end up working more outside of Philly.

    It is the poor defensive players in Philly that need to ask for a raise, lol.

  81. The one I missed before that’s a total laugh riot is the guy who’s SURE this is all a part of some incredibly complex master plan that only the Brilliance that is the magical, mystical Chipster can figure out. ROFLMAO!!!! TOO FUNNY!
    Yeah that EXACTLY why he didn’t draft even ONE Olineman. LOL

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