Robert Mathis says his Achilles feels awesome


Colts outside linebacker Robert Mathis missed all of last season, and his recovery from Achilles surgery may keep him from being ready to start training camp. But Mathis says that his Achilles is healing nicely and he feels good about the pace of his recovery.

“It’s awesome. We’re making big strides, clearing a lot of hurdles and I’m very encouraged,” Mathis said. “There’s not a lot I can’t do. It’s more just being cautious, taking it one step at a time, just taking it like that.”

Mathis said he expects to be on the field for the Week One game against the Bills in three months, but he did allow that it was tough for him to stand back and watch while his teammates went through Organized Team Activities.

“It’s frustrating because I’m used to going 100 miles an hour or whatever. Just have to be smart. I’m at the stage of my career where hey, smart not hard, Mathis said.

Mathis was one of the best defensive players in the league in 2013, when he recorded a career-high 19.5 sacks. But is it reasonable to think he can be even close to that kind of player again? Mathis knows that question is being asked, and he relishes it. Asked by a reporter what fuels him right now, Mathis answered, “It’s all media guys like you saying I’m 34 and can’t do it.”

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  1. “I’m at the stage of my career where hey, smart not hard…”

    Music to my ears, as a Colts fan.

    Mathis is upside at this point – but the ceiling on that upside is high.

  2. Bring back LaRon Landry! Listening to Colts fans call other teams cheaters is 10% less funny without that walking chemistry set on your sideline.

  3. I’m glad for Mathis. I left one of my Achilles tendons in a very sore state after doing too much road running on an uneven road surface, and even though I did plenty of RICE initially and laid off running for more than a year now (concentrating on biking for cardio and some exercises and incline walking for rehab/strengthening purposes) I’m still far from feeling “awesome” with that tendon. It’s certainly much better, but still fairly sore and not even close to feeling like the other one.

    Getting plenty of medical attention and top-of-the-line rehab help certainly makes it easier, but it’s a slog of hard work, so his recovery is to his credit. I’m jealous, but I’ll keep working towards feeling “awesome” too.

  4. Love to see Weasel Nation (pat fans) commenting on CHEATING, they are the experts. Mathis, will be a big boost, Werner does not look like he will make any impact—bad pick.

  5. I loved the way the rest of the guys stepped up in Mathis’ absence. The Colts have that “next man up” attitude, and the team didn’t seem to miss a beat. They got one game away from the super bowl without Mathis. Hopefully he can stay healthy and help the Colts take the next step. Adding a pro bowl defensive lineman certainly doesn’t hurt. This year is going to be fun.

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