49ers eager to see rugby player Jarryd Hayne in pads

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Jarryd Hayne knows how to give and take a hit. But he hasn’t done it in pads.

Hayne, the Australian rugby player who is trying to make it as a running back on the 49ers, has shown impressive athleticism in offseason work. But running backs coach Tom Rathman says that until they can see him in pads, the 49ers really won’t have any idea whether Hayne can play American football.

“I don’t think he’s really going to be able to do anything about it until he starts playing real football, until they start playing ‘bang,'” Rathman told the Sacramento Bee. “I’m hoping that he’ll figure it out pretty quick then.”

Rathman says there’s only so much you can tell about how well a player adjusts to the game when that player is just working out in shorts.

“Getting down low, accelerating through that target,” Rathman said. “It’ll be interesting. I haven’t seen him hit the sled because obviously we haven’t had pads. I think I know what I’m going to see.”

Hayne is one of the NFL’s most intriguing prospects, and he drew interest from several teams for his raw talent. But it’s anyone’s guess whether he can actually play football. The 49ers won’t know that until training camp, at the earliest.

17 responses to “49ers eager to see rugby player Jarryd Hayne in pads

  1. We’ve seen him without pads and the dude is a beast!

    …..but with pads, this is a first for him and it’s going to take some time to get used to, especially with a helmet and a more limited range of view.

    The Niners will shock everyone this season, count on it.

  2. He’s an exciting prospect and I’m hoping he can add some dynamism to our team whether on offense or special teams.

    Apart from that I’m REALLY glad coach Rathman is still on the team, “until they start playin ‘bang'”. Gotta love that guy, he was great as a Niner too.

  3. I’m excited to see what Hayne can do and hopes he can bring some dynamism to our team whether on special teams or offense.

    Apart from that I’m REALLY glad Coach Rathman is still here, “until they start playing ‘bang'”, gotta love that guy. He was great Niner too.

  4. Let’s be real. 49ers are glad to see anyone in pads. You’d think they were based in Florida, the retirement state.

  5. It’s adorable to see the whiners fans talk big….you wont even see any playoff action in that shiny new facility……..wait where was it built again?

    NFC West is going to be about the Rams and Seahawks…you and the Cards go ahead and order those new big screens for playoff and SB watching.

  6. Sunday butter,

    Last six games

    19-17 (only Niner win)

    Seahawks 147 total points average 24.5
    Niners 62 points average 10.3

    I don’t see a lot of worry. I do think the Niners will be better than projected. They won’t challenge the Seahawks though.

  7. Again with the “rugby” player….the guy played Rugby League. It’s like saying that Hayne is playing Football for the 49’ers in the CFL. Do some research or at least put the effort in to give the dude credit for what he’s achieved on the correct field.

  8. Hawks fan here. Seriously pulling for this guy- it’d make a great story for a team that, and let’s be honest, has had some bad bounces the past 2 seasons…

  9. Niners do two good things in legendary fashion. Win super bowls and draft hall of famers. Mr. Hayne is the next Adrian Peterson without the whip. He has the elusive ability of Barry sanders, confidence on Deion sanders, strenght of earl Campbell and the strenght of the fridge perry. He also has the Montana “it”. Another legendary find…

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