Peyton reportedly not happy with lack of Demaryius deal

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As the holdout continues for Broncos receiver Demaryius Thomas, the frustration is growing. And not just for player and team; quarterback Peyton Manning isn’t happy about the situation.

That’s the word from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, who says that Manning already is upset about the absence of a new deal for Demaryius. And that’s no surprise, for multiple reasons.

First, Peyton typically isn’t happy unless he’s upset, about something. Second, as the Broncos work in a new offense under new coach Gary Kubiak, the sooner Thomas gets up to speed, the better the offense will perform.

The report about Manning’s frustration makes the recent comments from offensive coordinator Rick Dennison even more intriguing. By gushing about the ability of Thomas to pick up the offense quickly, maybe Dennison was trying to calm Peyton’s nerves.

Regardless, the sooner Thomas shows up, the better prepared the team will be for what could be Peyton’s final season. With Peyton giving back $4 million for 2015, he’s surely wondering if/when that extra cash will be used to secure one of Peyton’s primary weapons long enough before the start of the regular season to ensure maximum performance and efficiency once the real games start.

34 responses to “Peyton reportedly not happy with lack of Demaryius deal

  1. To hell with Peyton Manning he has already gotten his money many times over, so talk to your boy John and get Demaryius his money, until then Peyton shut the hell up, this was the first time you left a penny on the table so how you think you’re a saint when in the pass you took every penny you could get.

  2. Nobody whines more than this guy. He has single handily whined to the point that the Commissioner changed the rules to reduce defensive hits on quarterbacks and receivers twice after getting his butt kicked in the playoffs and Super Bowls. If he whines more than the offense will play with 20 people and 2 on defense to pull off the flags. Enough is enough.

    Man up!!

  3. Peyton is so overrated! Yeah he throws 7 TDs a game against terrible teams but against teams with a winning record he has a losing record.. it’s not that he’s terrible in the playoffs it’s just that he’s terrible when he doesn’t get to play Oakland, Jacksonville, Tennessee etc.

  4. Oh oh Peyton’s going to jack up prices on those crappy Papa John’s pizzas to make up his and DT’s salary…

  5. Well Peyton does not have to live with consequences long term like the Broncos do. The fact is that paying that much money for a WR is stupid. Especially one that takes plays off, drops a ton of passes and is not a “kicking and screaming l” personality. I just do not see them signing him. If they do it goes against evertbjbg that they say they are trying to do

  6. In all fairness, Peyton will only see one or two years of DT’s deal. While I understand Peyton wants to maximize his time, it’s up to the Broncos because they have to see out the entirety of the deal.

  7. “What’s the difference Manning gonna get knocked out first round again”

    How can anyone dislike this comment? You can’t deny it at this point.

  8. You know it’s killing Noodle Arm that he isn’t throwing this guy 200 passes a day in those OTAs….. Manning loves those off season reps.

  9. He should feel lucky that he even got the contract he got….all he has left is more ducks flying and IF they make the playoffs…..another early exit

  10. First he loses his top TE and now his top receiver is unhappy. Good luck trying to get that record as we all know that is all you care about. Otherwise you wouldn’t be such a choke artist come post season.

  11. Manning took a $4 million pay cut, with the understanding from Broncos management that Thomas would get that $4 million as part of his new contract. So with Thomas still without a new contact, Manning basically gave “The Blood of The City” $4 mil.

  12. Yeah, gbrooks88 & churchofthehoody lol your post are comical. Pat fans, news ⚡️Your team is the only team that cheats! Well, they’re the only ones that get caught every couple of years lol lol lol gbrooks88 lol Every Penny lol to funny. Thanks for the laugh guys…

  13. ,blockquote>gbrooks88 says:
    Jun 12, 2015 7:57 PM

    Peyton shut the hell up, this was the first time you left a penny on the table so how you think you’re a saint when in the pass you took every penny you could get.

    This isn’t the first time Manning has restructured to free cap space.

  14. Why wouldn’t he. DT is easily top 10 WR in the league right now. And that is saying something because their is a plethora of talent at that position at this point in his career.

    My list:
    1. AJ Green
    2. Antonio Brown
    3. Calvin Johnson
    4. Dez Bryant
    5. Demaryius Thomas
    7. Julio Jones
    8. Jordy Nelson
    9. Odell Beckham Jr.
    10. T.Y. Hilton

    Honorable Mention:
    * Josh Gordon

  15. I think we’ve all learned an important lesson. Peyton now knows not to give up salary without concrete assurances from management as to its use. And I know not to accept unwashed cherries from my frigid, shrewish wife without knowing how much TP is in the john. Knowing is half the urk

  16. Pats fan here, but you would be a fool to not acknowledge Manning’s greatness at the QB position. He is a top 3 QB of all time easily.

  17. Sure he is upset, DT needs to learn, how to catch and not drop or fumble the ball in big games.

  18. How about lowering your 17.5 Mil cap hit then, Mr. Manning? You can make up the difference by charging your normal fee at children’s birthday parties. #ProblemSolved

  19. You guys can make fun of him all you want. You can’t choke your way to the SuperBowl and he’s been there THREE TIMES! How many times has your QB been there? He would have a 2nd ring too if Jim Caldwell wasn’t the worst coach in history or if Anna Kendricks husband didn’t let the ball literally bounce off his freaking face

  20. You can’t deny that 2 of his last 5 seasons he made it to the Super Bowl.

    “thisguy124 says:
    Jun 12, 2015 10:38 PM
    “What’s the difference Manning gonna get knocked out first round again”

    How can anyone dislike this comment? You can’t deny it at this point.”

  21. I’m really tired of trying to figure out what you illiterate clowns are trying to say. Please someone stop the madness! That being said, Manning played his ENTIRE career in a dome. When he wasn’t he lost. Its very hard to compare him to anyone legitimate. All the greats had to deal with adverse/outside weather alot. (Montana Bradshaw Brady Starr Unitas Favre Marino Elway) STOP calling Manning a Great….Its easy comparatively to throw a touchdown to a guy on the street without snow, rain, hail, sleet, or wind.

  22. Looking forward to Peyton’s retirement, so we don’t have to listen to more of his petulance. #18 would you like some more cheese to go with that whine? The most selfish player that the game has ever seen.

  23. He’ll run out of gas again week 13 ,finish 12-4 and be one and done. Again . And within 2 years the Broncos will again be a mediocre team.

  24. As a Broncos’ fan I cannot understand why Manning is back for 2015, having to learn a new offense from a new coach, unless it is to secure more passing records. The offensive line has 1 starter returning, not to mention a rookie slated to protect the blind side.
    The defense is stacked with talent but learning a new system from a new coordinator.
    Hey, I love the Broncos,win or lose, but I do live in the real world. This is not a championship team. This is a new team with unproven talent and will be for the next few years-not a team that can insert a future Hall of Fame QB and be Super Bowl bound.

  25. DT is a top talent. He’ll be a great WR for whoever succeeds Manning at QB. They need to get the deal done. He’s only 27, has at least five prime years left.

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