Report: NFL to begin assessing temporary stadiums in Los Angeles

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The push to return the NFL to Los Angeles is well underway. But despite stadium plans in both Inglewood and Carson, Calif., the league may still require temporary housing for any team looking to move to Southern California.

According to Brent Schrotenboer of USA Today, the league will soon begin evaluating existing stadiums in the Los Angeles area to gauge their viability as a temporary site for teams to play while a new stadium is under construction.

Stadiums take time to build. Even if the expedited plans in Inglewood and Carson get moving in the near future, it’s unrealistic to think a brand new stadium would be up and ready by the start of the 2016 season, likely the earliest a team would be moving to Los Angeles.

Two stadiums that will be among the discussions are the Rose Bowl in Pasadena and Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. The stadiums currently serve as the home stadiums for UCLA and USC, respectively.


15 responses to “Report: NFL to begin assessing temporary stadiums in Los Angeles

  1. Dodger stadium is perfect! Plenty of seats and parking. Maybe they could get Vin Scully to call a few games too.

  2. Speaking on behalf of my beach community, we welcome the NFL to temporarily house a team (or two) at Viking Stadium, home of the Santa Monica High School Vikings.

  3. Rather than move a team to L.A,, the league should consider expansion. Bonehead already wants to deflate the regular season by adding more playoff teams. Maybe expanding the league could turn it into a decent decision,

  4. “Oh lets go watch the new team which sucks in a 50 year old stadium!”

    How well do you think that will go over with the fair weather fans of LA?

    Doomed! Leave the teams where they are.

  5. The Rose Bowl is a great place to see a game and I recommend that it have a place on everyone’s bucket list. Only the one press box and real light on amenities but for the “average” fan it should be great; for the country club crowd not so much.

  6. So what do you do with a city that couldn’t support two football teams in the ’80’s?

    Give them two more football teams.

    You can’t make this brilliance up!

  7. firerogergoodell says:

    Dodger stadium is perfect! Plenty of seats and parking. Maybe they could get Vin Scully to call a few games too.

    Dodger stadium would be terrible.
    1. It’s a baseball stadium. Sightlines and seating are bad for football.
    2. Traffic would be nightmare. It’s bad enough if the Dodgers draw close to 40k for a game. Assuming the NFL would draw a capacity crowd, you would adding almost 20k more to that.

  8. I agree that the Rose Bowl is a great college stadium. I got out to the west coast and a caught a UCLA game there. It will never be suitable to be an NFL stadium, but for one year, it would be fine.

  9. it takes almost a year for planning and designing a stadium let alone all the infrastructure around the new building and they won’t even know which team(s) will be moving there until january 2016???

    trust me, ground probably wouldn’t be broken til 2017 and maybe not open til 2019-2020.

    easily would take 3-4 years of playing in the rose bowl or wherever til a new stadium opens.

  10. Better start crushing cans, LA raider fans. You may be getting more than one measly NFL game a year, and those tickets are spensive!

  11. Everything going back to the way things were in the 80s and 90s, LA Raiders, LA Rams, and the movie ” Straight out of Compton” coming out soon, sweet

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