Torrey Smith thinks Ray Rice deserves a second chance

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San Francisco 49ers receiver Torrey Smith, who spent three years as Ray Rice’s teammate in Baltimore, wants Rice to get another chance in the NFL.

“Good people make mistakes,” Smith told TMZ Sports. “I believe in second chances and I think society is supposed to be built on the idea that you can suffer consequences and come back. . . . People sometimes want you to apologize a certain way, crying or all upset. He’s made things right with his wife and family and earned respect with his actions since the incident.”

It seems unlikely that Rice will get a second chance. He’s been available for months, and no team has shown the slightest bit of interest in signing him. Greg Hardy is with the Cowboys despite a suspension for domestic violence, and Adrian Peterson is with the Vikings despite a suspension for child abuse. But Rice has received not a sniff.

One reason for that is that Hardy and Peterson’s abuse incidents weren’t caught on video. Rice’s infamous elevator video made him the poster boy for domestic violence in America, and signing him would come with a greater public relations backlash than the Cowboys got for signing Hardy, or the Vikings got for keeping Peterson.

But perhaps more importantly is the simple fact that Rice isn’t as good a player as Hardy or Peterson. Hardy is one of the best pass rushers in the NFL and Peterson is one of the best running backs in the NFL. Rice is nothing close to that: In Rice’s last season, 2013, he gained just 660 yards on 214 carries. That average of 3.1 yards a carry is the lowest for any player with at least 200 carries in any season in the last decade.

NFL teams are willing to take chances on players with off-field issues, but only if those players are good enough on the field to warrant the risk. Rice isn’t good enough on the field, and that’s why he won’t get the second chance Smith thinks he deserves.

57 responses to “Torrey Smith thinks Ray Rice deserves a second chance

  1. “Good people make mistakes”

    I guess as long as he didnt deflate footballs, rack up a 4 game suspension or anything, he really does deserve a second chance.

    A second chance to get beat by an Angry New England team in the playoffs again.

    Edleman to Amendola. See you in February 😉

  2. I think the only reason he’s not being signed is because he was declining already before this happened.

  3. it’s easy for Torrey to go out and spend someone else’s money.
    Torrey is welcome to hire Ray Rice as a personal trainer or whatever he wants so long as he’s willing to shell out the cash.

  4. Everything aside, I think Rice would have had a great season last year in Kubiak’s system doing most of what Forsett did. It fit him perfectly. He looked fresh in preseason and training camp, and he was motivated to bounce back from a terrible 2013. Again, that’s with everything aside.

  5. Ray Rice not on a roster has more to do with his production his last 2 tears than his domestic violence charges. It’s a funny thing if you can’t play they don’t pay. Lol.

  6. Most of Rice’s decline had to do with playing through a hip injury behind an offensive line that completely fell apart. When the Ravens fixed their line in 2014, everything bounced back for their running game.

    A team that does take a chance on Rice is going to get a good, motivated player for a minimal contract. It’s a shame that no one is willing to give him that chance. The crimes of Hardy, Peterson, and many others who have gotten second chances are way worse than Rice’s. But without video, people are able to pretend they didn’t happen.

  7. If anyone thought that Ray could still play, someone who needs a RB would have signed him. But the reality is that his last year with the Ravens was a disaster. His production since getting his big contract has been horrible. That, and given that RB is now a devalued position in the NFL, populated primarily with rookies and other low priced players and you have a scenario where no team wants to put up with the distraction for the perceived reward.

  8. If Tom Brady and Bill Belichick are allowed to cheat millions of betters out of money and still coach/play then anyone should get another chance.

  9. The NFL is about appearance and it’s not about to risk having to defend the decision of allowing Rice earn a living over the damage to it’s PR.

    The way this has played out, it’s hard to imagine anyone short of Andrew Luck, getting another chance after all the negative publicity.

    Rice is just a sacrificial lamb for our national domestic violence guilt. He’s an easy target and should just move on.

  10. In all honesty, anytime you have pro ball players getting arrested, or getting into trouble, you typically see an “apology” and it’s in the form of a statement, given, and WRITTEN, by their attorney. Ray Rice on the other hand, went head on with the media in a press conference, and man, it was one of the most sincere apologies I’ve ever seen from a celebrity profile person. He talked for what seemed like an hr, answered questions, and was very forthcoming. What has it earned him? Nothing…. which is sad, because I’d love to actually hear apologies in person, ya know, like the real world has to do? Instead of these attorney written ones where we have no idea if they care or not. Then it actually means something to apologize and get that second chance that Smith is speaking of.

  11. Personally, I think his wife should have had to go through some kind of concussion protocol prior to rushing into marriage after the incident.

  12. Yeah Ray is being penalized for the guilt of a bunch of bleeding heart libs and feminism and a organization that cow tows to every weak movement that cry about a public opinion slight. Newsflash 80% of the public over 35 doesn’t care if some millennial has hurt feelings or they talk noise on twitter. I don’t even subscribe to social media. I hate you people opinions in public and private.

  13. When compared to Peterson and Hardy, Rice has done the best job of handling a horrible situation. He has sincerely apologized a few times, and has spoken against DV publicly since the incident. He owned up and really seems to want to make amends. All Good stuff. I would be a lot happier to see Rice get a shot at redemption than I am about the other two guys. But his production was slipping already when this happened, and that makes going to a new team tough, with the availability of cheap young talent being so high.

    What really surprises me is that Baltimore hasn’t brought him in for a workout. They did the right thing when they cut him, but looking back, everyone after Rice got put on the Commissioner’s List and sat out with pay. If that had happened with Rice, he would still be a Raven. With all the wonderful things Harbaugh and Newsome said about him when he was cut, I would think that the Ravens would give him that chance everyone wants him to get. If he can’t cut it, they can give him a front office or community relations position, and this discussion can end.

  14. His “second chance” was not doing jail time. His “third chance” was reinstatement by the league. Nothing’s stopping him from playing and if any team thought he was still capable of putting up another 1000+ yard season, he’d be in OTAs right now.

    I wonder if it were Torrey Smith’s sister in that elevator if he’d still feel like Rice deserved another chance.

  15. “Good people make mistakes.”

    Well said. I am so sick of all the self-righteous people who want to ruin a person’s life when they do something bad. We all have done things we wish we wouldn’t have, but we’re so quick to turn on someone when they’re found out. If Rice is truly repentant and his wife has forgiven him, why can’t we?

    I’m not saying he should be back in the NFL, because he isn’t a good player anymore. But if he were, he should have the opportunity.

  16. I agree with Smith. If we can let Floyd Mayweather earn more money than any boxer in history for a fight, we can let Rice have a chance too.

  17. The only way Ray Rice is getting another chance, with anybody other than Dallas, is if Torrey Smith becomes an owner and signed him to a contract

  18. “Good people make mistakes”
    I would not classify punching a woman as a mistake and I certainly cannot refer to Ray as “good people”. He deserves whatever he gets especially considering the legal system did nothing to him.
    Good men – real men, never, ever lay a hand on a woman. Shame on all of you apologists. smh

  19. The guys not on a roster because he flat out can’t pass block. He’s never been a good runner. In his prime he was okay. He never could run consistently to pick up yards. The Ravens have always been a big play team because this guy can’t pick up first downs. What he has been good at is catching passes for big plays out of the backfield. He could play a Darren Sproles type of 3rd down back on a team but he’s historically one of the worst pass blockers in the NFL

  20. Yeah give poor Ray another chance. There were no lasting marks on his wife’s face or body……. Yeah give him another chance…… He won’t hit her so hard the next time…….

  21. Torrey knows what he’s talking about. He’s lived it and overcome it. Ray was his best friend in Baltimore.

    Good people sometimes do bad things. Booze makes people do crazy stuff.

  22. Sounds like the 2013 Ravens Oline should be the ones without jobs.

    One of them is a starter for Manning in Denver this year (Gradkowski). Manning shoulda got out while the gettin’ was good!

  23. Maybe he should have tried out at the veteran combine to prove he still has it. RB’s have a short shelf life. Ray was at the end of his, and blew his last two years with his off field antics. Lie in the bed you make, ray.

  24. Torrey is as classy as it gets in the NFL. Simply putting a good word out for his good friend. Some would turn away and shun him forever but Torrey is different. Likes to see the good in anyone. Sad to see him leave the team I love but I’ll always support him. Do I support this? No. But that doesn’t matter. This shouldn’t cast any dark light in Torrey.

    Rice made his decisions and now he’s paying for it. No sympathy here. You want to haul off and hit a woman? Take your medicine, kid.

  25. I’m not buying the ‘he’s in decline’ reason. There a plenty of less capable backs with roster spots on teams. Teams just don’t want the distraction.

  26. The Sports Whiner’s Cycle.

    Sports whiners (aka Sports writers) sometimes need things to write about, and so sometimes they will demagogue about one thing or another, or tear a player down, and then when that news cycle ends, another Sports whiner will pick up the baton for the next stage of the Sports whiners news cycle, which is to write about the merits of a second chance, and then when a second chance has either succeeded, failed or simply expired, then comes another Sports whiner to pine over the aftermath of what could have been.

    Stage 1: Tear the player down.
    Stage 2: Build the player back up.
    Stage 3: Discuss the aftermath.

    Ray Rice is now at Stage 2, and nearing Stage 3.

  27. Listen to the Steeler Trolls acting all high and mighty! I’m surprised you have time to post after constantly repairing your glass house. Sure, you ran Rice out on a rail but you got Forsett instead who shamed your team for all the world to see. Hahahaha.

  28. In decline? Can’t play anymore? 2013 was his worst year since his rookie year. It was also a bad year for Pierce and Flacco. The common denominator was the O line. Before that 4 years of back to back 1600+ yard seasons. It’s the distraction, not his production, why he’s not working. I agree with Torrey.

  29. Are you serious? The video has nothing at all to do with it. He’s not on a team because he’s not that good anymore. End of story. Running backs are a dime-a-dozen in today’s game and unless you are a complete stud like AD, no team is going to take a PR hit to sign you. AD’s case had photo evidence all over the net. Hardy’s police report is readily available and what he did to that woman is not even in the same ballpark as what Ray Rice did to his wife. It’s far worse and it’s not even close.

    This has absolutely nothing to do with PR, and everything to do with Rice being an average back at best.

  30. As others have said it is pretty simple players who can still play get 2nd, 3rd, and beyond chances. I agree that Rice has handled his situation much better than others of late, but I think the fact no one is signing him has more to do with his declined play. If there is a RB injury in camp or early season I wouldn’t be surprised to see a team give him a workout.

  31. Yeah, he deserves a second chance to show that he can do something.

    No, he isn’t going to get it until after the season starts and someone gets hurt, IF someone gets hurt.

    No injury, no second chance.

  32. If he were a 1500 yard back, he would be on a roster. Peterson’s actions against a 4 year old were worse, and he is going to play.

    Neither of them should be in the league at this point. These guys are role models, whether they want to be or not. The NFL is teaching kids it is okay to go Ike Turner on your wife or Joan Crawford on your kids, so long as you can contribute to the game.

    It is also alright to cheat, do performance enhancing drugs and kill people. If you can play, the punishment will be mild and you can still make millions of dollars.

  33. What Rice did was reprehensible. His wife has forgiven him and he’s paid his price. IMO, it seems like he’s been blackballed. Which isn’t right. Yes, his skills seemed to be declining, but would it be worth it for some team to bring him in at the veteran minimum? Of course it would. This guy was a premier player. Hardy, APeterson, McDonald, etc. all got their 2nd chances.

  34. Rice isn’t on a roster because the owners are scared. They’re afraid of the backlash from their fans, and they are afraid of the backlash from women. Not one of them has the courage to better their football team.

    They don’t realize that fans stop complaining and start cheering when the trophies begin piling up. And they don’t realize that feminists simply aren’t their fanbase.

  35. What made R Rice great was effort and an unwillingness to go down.
    His last season was a joke. If a defender could sniff him he collapsed to the ground.

    So his xile is well deserved for 2 very good reasons.

    Tory doesn’t block and has hit or miss hands. He should keep quiet and learn how to run a second pattern.

    just the facts

  36. Um, has he seen the elevator video? The NFL goes way overboard to cater to it’s female fans and I just can’t believe they want any team to give him a second chance.

  37. Rice is done with football. He isn’t young and didn’t look good before knocking out his wife. The reason he isn’t on a roster is because he isn’t a featured back anymore. Plain and simple.. like rice.

  38. Ray Rice has apologized for his indiscretions so many times I have lost count. Ray has paid his debt to the league. Give him a second chance to play football.

  39. I agree he has served his penalty and has shown remorse. If he contributes his time and efforts to a anti domestic violence public message, he deserves another chance. The rest of these bums should not including Peterson. Sure Peterson said he was sorry but it just didn’t measure up to a sincere apology. I still don’t think he gets it. I don’t think he understands what a serious thing he did to his little guy. I feel sorry for the kid.

  40. Yes it is VERY hypocritical that Rice is shunned whilst others given a second chance (and “Big” Ben still disgustingly never removed from his first chance). But those others shouldn’t be playing either. And PEDs should get a minimum two-year ban. And Suh banned for life for stamping on Rodgers – instead of yet another meaningless fine for this multiple offender.

    But it’s even more hypocritical that some fans think Rice and similar domestic abusers should get another chance, and feel drug abuse a relatively minor game offense, but yet still think that Brady should be banned or shunned for life for the 0.3psi that we now know more-probably-than-not never happened anyway. You people are very sad and unreal.

    Rice’s apology seemed genuine and his victim forgave him and so my best wishes for their future – but off the field please.

  41. There are players that hv multiple domestic violence charges and multiple DUI’S that hv signed with more than 1 team.
    Ray is talented,in gd shape and most importantly MOTIVATED
    at this point. Ray deserves a 2nd chance!!!!!

  42. Rice we will be on a roster this year. No one wants to pick him up yet because of the media stampede that will come with it. Wait until it is closer to the season when there are plenty of other headlines….

  43. ^^ you’re worried about a stupid towel??? SMH.

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