Devin Hester unsure about his role in Falcons’ offense

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In his first year in Atlanta last season, Devin Hester found a role in the Falcons’ offense, and Atlanta made use of his unique skills in a way that the Bears, for whom he played in his first eight NFL seasons, struggled to do.

But after catching 38 passes for 504 yards last season, Hester is unsure whether he’ll have the same kind of role in Atlanta’s offense this season, with new coordinator Kyle Shanahan running the show.

“It’s still up in the air right now,” Hester told ESPN. “We’re just figuring out the offense, figuring out who fits best in what positions and what routes we’re running. We’re all fresh right now in the new offense, so we’re trying to figure out who can run the best routes. Toward mid-training camp, you’ll be able to tell.”

Hester is the best return man in NFL history and will remain the Falcons’ return specialist. Anything he can give the Falcons on offense is gravy.

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  1. FinFan68 says:
    Jun 14, 2015 4:20 PM

    Kick returners don’t usually have a role on offense

    When you’re 38 for 504 you do.

  2. Hester followed that response by saying it was status quo, since he’s been unsure of his role in every offense he has been apart of in the NFL.

  3. To say the Bears never used him well would be inaccurate. He had better seasons than that in Chicago. They just tried to use him far too much. The advantage he has in Atlanta is that he’s not being asked to be the best receiver on the team. He’s #4. Everyone there knows it. He knows it. It works. Chicago tried to make him #1, and he’s just not that good of a receiver. He’s a role player and return specialist.

  4. Hester had a few great moments playing WR for the Bears. There was that 80-yard touchdown from Brian Griese to tie the game vs the Vikings with like 1 minute left, back in like 2007.

    There was that one TD Cutler threw him on a corner-post vs the Cowboys where he just faked the pants off the defense (great route).

    Look em up on Youtube, I’m sure they’re there.

  5. Posted by Michael David Smith

    “figuring out who fits best in what positions and what routes we’re running. ”

    DH only knows one route and never has mastered learning another one 🙂

  6. xavier179 says:
    Jun 14, 2015 6:23 PM

    Falcons will be behind plenty so returning punts will be a big part of your game plan.


    You don’t get good punt return opportunities when your team is bad and your receiving the ball within your own 20 yard line.

    A lot of Hester’s returns came when the great Bears defense held the opponent deep, and Hester was able to get the ball around the 40 or 50 yard line.

  7. Attention Ron Rivera.

    Never kick the ball to this guy. You will face him twice this year. Don’t kick it to him.

    Respectfully yours,
    A Proud Panther Homer

  8. To all who put the falcons down,

    Dan Quinn will turn this team around. All we ask is give him a couple years to get”his players”. See ya
    at the super bowl in a few years. We will improve this year and maybe be a wildcard team. Not saying super this year by any means but it WILL happen. You all will see.

  9. Lovie’s plan for him in Chicago was.. Go deep and draw pass interference .. Didn’t matter if he caught the ball or not… Just go deep.

  10. As a receiver Hester will get you some big plays but you can’t rely on him getting open or catching the ball on important 3rd down plays. The bubble screen seems to be the only route Hester has mastered. The wide receiver position is a craft and speed is only one important variable.

  11. According to Roddy White, they’re going to throw less, which would work perfectly for Hester, because he could never catch.

  12. Let’s make sure we clarify here…Is Devin not sure what his role is going to be, or does he not understand what he is supposed to do? It could really be either one with him.

    Even last year, Falcons receivers were having to tell him where to line up during games, even with his extremely limited playbook. The problem with Devin is he is an instinctive athlete, but has never been able to put the mental part of the game together. That’s why he can excel at returns, but struggles as a wide receiver.

  13. “What’s new in Chicago!” > ?

    Well lets see, since January:

    A new GM
    A new Head Coach
    A new Offensive Coordinator
    A new Defensive Coordinator
    A new defensive scheme (3-4)
    A great FA off season
    A great Draft

    That about sums up what’s “new” in Chicago.

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