Roddy White: We won’t be throwing the ball 35-40 times a game

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The Falcons have a new offensive coordinator in Kyle Shanahan and one of the players on the unit provided a hint about how they’ll be trying to move the ball this season.

According to wide receiver Roddy White, the offense won’t be as reliant as throwing the ball as they were last season. The Falcons were third in the league with 39.5 attempts per game last season and White expects that number to drop significantly in 2015.

“We’re not going to be passing 35-40 times a game,” White said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution.

That may well be the plan, but the Falcons are going to have to be a lot more effective running the ball than they were last year if they are going to cut down on the size of the roles that White, Julio Jones and Matt Ryan play in the offense. Their ability to do that will rely heavily on Devonta Freeman and rookie Tevin Coleman in the backfield as well as the play of an offensive line that didn’t make too many significant changes in personnel from last season.

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  1. Yeah because that makes a lot of Sense. In a Passing Driven League, with perhaps one of the top WR Cores in League your going to pass less. But who knows maybe there’s the thought that by piecing together a stable of RBs they can win the South changing their Style a bit

  2. In the 5 years Kyle was in D.C.. the only year they threw less than 33 times a game (avg.) was the year Alfred Morris had 1600 yards rushing. When you are always playing from behind, you have to pass.

  3. When Dirk Koetter was the offensive coordinator the Falcons were a pass first, second, and third down team. There was no balance in the offense so the teams knew exactly what we were going to do. If the offense is balanced, we could see Atlanta look better than we ever have!

  4. It’s not the oline or running game, although that definitely has to improve, it’s their defense. They threw it all the time because the D could not hold a lead or stop anyone. But when you have that QB and those WR’s man, they’re good, you gotta throw it in a passing league.

  5. C’mon now rookies come in all the time and run that rock and do it effectively. Adrian Peterson, Jeremy Hill, Gio Bernard, Chris Johnson, LeVeon Bell, Eddie Lacy, LeSean McCoy plus so many others. Making the transition from college to the NFL as a RB is the easiest position to be productive. I wouldn’t be surprised at all if Tevin Coleman ran for 1,000 yards.

  6. Less is more or is it more is less. This team will probably pass more this year than less as their “D” will have them playing from behind once again in 2015. Now on the other hand, the Saints will throw less as the O-line and Run game or much improved. The Defense will evolve from horrid to nearly average. Throw in one Drew Brees and this means playoff for the Saints. Who Dat?

  7. Good to hear…first you have to find five offensive linemen that: a. can stay healthy for more than three games in a season and b. can actually move a defensive line off the ball.

  8. Three years too late. I believe the Falcons had a Super Bowl caliber team under Smith and didn’t capitalize. There is a difference between throwing the ball 35-40 times because you have to or because you want to. Mike Smith WANTED to throw it even when the Falcons had a lead in big games.

  9. That’s what I really didn’t understand about Atlanta this off season; everyone and their brothers know Atlanta needs offensive line help but next to nothing was done. Eight running backs and wide receivers don’t mean squat until then.

  10. 35-40 times a game……man you better push it like 55-60 times a game if that same defense shows up this year. Even when teams knew they had to throw the ball, Julio still ate them up like fish on a plate!!!!!

  11. Atlanta’s OL was good early in the season until injuries started piling up. Jake Matthews had a Lisfranc injury he played on all year. We picked up some solid depth in Persons, Polumbus, and Chester, all familiar with Shanahan’s ZBS. Ryan Shraeder, an UDFA, was a top 10 RT according to PFF, the stat guys everyone seems to go to.

    The Falcons were more victims of bad coaching than lack of talent. There were definitely holes, but Smith and Nolan’s schemes made them look much worse than they really were.

    I think this Atlanta team will surprise anyone that dismisses them, now that they have competent coaching.

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