Alouettes place Michael Sam on their suspended list


We still don’t know why Michael Sam left Montreal Alouettes camp. But it seems he might not be back for a bit.

The Alouettes have announced that Sam has been placed on the team’s suspended list.

While it’s likely just a procedural move while teams there are paring down rosters, its wording is curious given the unexplained nature of Sam’s departure.

The Alouettes said only that his leaving was personal in nature, and would remain confidential.

Hopefully all is well for Sam on the home front, as he seemed energized about the possibility of playing in the CFL when he was working out at the NFL’s veteran combine in Arizona in March.

16 responses to “Alouettes place Michael Sam on their suspended list

  1. Please stop talking about this dude. He was a decent college player and sucked in the NFL, and now he’s showing everyone that he can’t even hack it in the NFL. The only reason people talk about him is because he’s some kind of “hero” for being gay. Get real. Talk about 7th rounders who, ya know, actually play football.

  2. They suspended him after they heard the Seattle Seahawks were looking to sign him. Reports are they really appreciate his ability to get pounded from behind as they experienced that in the Super Bowl

  3. It looks like even the CFL is trying to protect itself from the Michael Sam drama.

    I keep hearing that an Defensive Player of the Year in college shouldn’t have a problem playing as a Pro. However it seems that time and time again Mr. Sam can’t seem to get out of his own way in order to make it.

  4. It’s apparent he suffers from Percy Harvinitis the rare condition where migraines suddenly morph into personal problems whenever things aren’t going his way.

  5. There’s still time for Michael Sam & Tim Tebow to run against each other as presidential candidates in 2016. At least that way they would (hopefully) be out of the NFL headlines.

  6. He was seen pouting in his room after a team mate was critical of his abilities. It was also noted he caught flak for being on dancing with the stars instead of getting in better shape.

    I’m sure it will be leaked that it was all due to the pressures of being gay.

  7. This guy is a scrub, and always will be. He will never amount to anything in the NFL or the CFL. All he wanted was attention for his gayness. It was never about football with him; if it was about football he would have kept his stupid mouth closed, and played. Here he has the chance to play football and prove to the world that he can play, and what does he do? He chucks it all and flees back to the states, if it was truly a legitimate emergency, he should had been above board with it, but he just leaves without any rhyme or reason. He doesn’t want to play football. Good riddens.

  8. Remember when Michael Sam had one of the NFL’s top-selling jerseys? … Um, that was a year ago. #ThriftStore

  9. Ok then , what could’ve been an interesting 30 for 30 in a couple years is actually going to wind up being a cheaply produced, badly acted Lifetime biopic

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