Eagles sign offensive lineman Jared Wheeler

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The Eagles released guard Evan Mathis last week, leaving themselves with both an empty roster spot and an empty place in their offensive line group.

They filled those spots on Monday. The Eagles announced that they have signed offensive lineman Jared Wheeler to a one-year contract after working him out earlier in the day.

Wheeler was signed as undrafted free agent out of Miami last year by the Seahawks and bounced from Seattle to Carolina and Buffalo during his first NFL season. Wheeler never saw any regular season action in any of the stops, however, and he’s an unlikely candidate to wind up in the lineup or replace the production Mathis provided for the Eagles over the years.

The Eagles may still be in the market for a player who could offer more of a chance to do those things, although such players are probably only arriving at this point in the offseason via a trade or after they’re released by their current club.

11 responses to “Eagles sign offensive lineman Jared Wheeler

  1. As a close friend of the organization I would like to applaud the added depth. Wheels is a heck of a guy- the type of locker room personality Chip & Co seek

  2. The Eagles didn’t sign Wheeler as a replacement for Evan Mathis. They signed him as depth.

  3. The Eagles didn’t sign Wheeler as a replacement for Evan Mathis. They signed him as depth.

    Correct. The Eagles STILL have no one to replace Mathis…or Herremans.

  4. Don’t need a replacement as bad as you think. You have the center and two outside all pros and future all pro. Inside guys will be fine and they will still be top 5 line.

  5. Smartest man in the room is at it again. He’s replaced 3/5 of the players he inherited, along with most decision makers in the front office.

    When he fails, it will be heard around the world. Chip’s managed to make more enemies in two years than anyone in anyone this side of Tampa Bay’s Greg Schiano.

  6. As a close friend of the organization I realize we have zero Lombardi’s, that the Dallas Cowboys with their five Lombardi’s are America’s Team and obviously have a better offensive line. The best in the league by far.

  7. Sure sounds like Chippy is doing what the Colts did in the past, that being they will suck deliberately this season in order to secure a high draft pick next year.

  8. So many people forget how poorly guys like Mathis and Hermanns played last year when they were healthy. Its any given year with every football player, and after a very solid 2013 showing, they really let so many down in 2014. LEts not forget these guys are at that age where their play is expected to drastically decline… the writing is on the walls. They both still have the potential to be solid, but history says otherwise.

    Wheeler is a body, who like so many, will be tested. There is no certainty that he will make the final 53, however with the guys in front of him, he has a real chance to wow the coaches.

    If I am a FA linemen, I want to go to Philly because there is a chance to make a name for yourself – similar to how Mathis became so great.

    I still think losing Hermanns is the worse of the two, and that is simply because of his versatility at tackle and guard. Not many guys can play solid anywhere along the line if needed.

    Lets not forget Chip will find a way to have his guys score. The Eagles would have went deep into the playoffs if their pass defense was better – and it looks like they will be thanks to Maxwell.

  9. To be heard early in the preseason “duck Sam”. After knee goes “duck Mark” soon to be followed by “duck Tim”. Not long after the announcement of the new coach of the Philadelphia Eagles.

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