Steve Smith doesn’t see himself as just a mentor to younger teammates

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Steve Smith is heading into his 15th NFL season, which means he has more than a decade of NFL experience more than any of the other receivers on the Ravens roster.

That disparity has led to a lot of talk about Smith serving as a mentor to receivers like Breshad Perriman and Marlon Brown in the next few months and any young wideout would do well to try to glean some secrets from Smith about how to thrive in the NFL. One thing they might learn is that Smith doesn’t think he’s past learning new things to try on the field just because he’s been doing it for so long.

“I feel like I can learn something from them just like they feel like they can learn something from me,” Smith said, via “So, I may see a guy do a release, and I’ll jot down a note for myself. And then I may see something, and I’ll tell them. I just really look at it as really two professionals evaluating each other and giving out some great input and that’s really it. [It is] less of [being a] mentor, more of just having a conversation. If you walk in there like, ‘Hey, I’m the older guy …’ I just go in there [and say], ‘Look, I can learn from you; you can learn from me.'”

Smith and the Ravens are working with a new offensive coordinator in Marc Trestman, which should provide him with plenty of opportunities to pick up new things to use as he tries for another strong season for in an offense that needs him to continue to produce in the passing game.

19 responses to “Steve Smith doesn’t see himself as just a mentor to younger teammates

  1. Of Course Steve freaking Smith doesn’t thik he’ll only be mentor. When he’s a 75 year old receiver coach he’ll still believe he’s the “secret weapon.” He’s crazy.

  2. By and large, I think you’ll find most Super Bowl winning players do mentor younger players, it’s the smart play. Jerome Bettis mentored Willie Parker, and Hines Ward mentored Antonio Brown.

  3. No one is surprised by this. You can’t deny the talent … but what a miserable person.

  4. The crazy badassery that makes him a questionable teammate and human being is also what has made him one of the best WRs of his generation. Younger WRs can learn from the way he goes after the ball as if it belongs to him alone. Other than routes and schemes, I don’t see him learning anything that will change his game, either from teammates or coaches.

  5. The greatest Panthers player of all time, is way more valuable than his on-field production. What he just described regarding his leading philosophy has been displayed throughout his 15 years.

    He’s had some bumps in the road, but having Steve Smith ob your team is a huge net positive. He is a classic type A, and not recommended for the weak of mind. That’s why he was fired by the Panthers.

    A feeble-minded, first time GM had no clue of his real value. What Smith is doing with the young guys in Baltimore, should have happened in Charlotte and the Panthers would not have lost a year in the development of it’s offense.

    Oh, and Smith should never been forced to wear a different uniform. Firing him in the top two dumbest move in Panthers history. The other one, may prove to be hiring the man who fired him.

  6. He put up more than 100 yards during the WC beatdown. Of course, Antonio Brown put up more, but the Steelers always go for individual stats instead of wins. I mean, when you’re getting stomped to death in front of the homefield crowd, it’s every man for himself, right? LOL.

  7. Hope those young receivers don’t listen to him too much – Smith couldn’t even shake Old Man Ike Taylor the last few seasons.

  8. The headline is pretty deceptive. He’s not saying that he won’t help the younger receivers; he’s saying that it’s a mutual relationship where they can all help one another improve.

  9. Even the Raven fans are finally seeing the Tebow dude for the troll he is….amazing.

    Smith is a competitor on the field until the whistle blows then he is just a jerk with a very large ego.he can mentor on what not to be.

  10. Smith is a beast. Steelers’ fans are just sore cause he’s not on their team. He also a decent human being which is another reason he’s not a Steeler. LOL.

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