Vernon Davis: “Game planning” to blame for low 2014 production

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49ers tight end Vernon Davis didn’t have the kind of production we’ve grown accustomed to seeing from him during the 2014 season.

Davis averaged nearly 50 catches a season during his first eight NFL seasons, but caught just 26 passes for 245 yards and two touchdowns last season. That led to some musing about the team parting ways with Davis in order to save money under the cap, but they’ve held onto him in a decision that lends some support to Davis’s belief that last year’s issue  was with how the offense was run in general and not with him specifically.

“Whenever I’d run, like, my deep over routes there was a safety sitting over there already,” Davis said, via Matt Barrows of the Sacramento Bee. “It was just game planning. And nothing really ever opened up. But I wasn’t really ever a factor in the offense last year. … The first game, yeah. But the second game, the tight ends [weren’t] really involved as a whole.”

Davis wasn’t part of the team’s offseason program last year, but has been with the team this spring to work with new tight ends coach Tony Sparano. Davis had a lot of positive things to say about Sparano and Barrows reports that the team is phasing out many of the multiple wide receiver sets they used last season, a pair of things the 49ers hope will lead to the return of the pre-2014 Davis.

20 responses to “Vernon Davis: “Game planning” to blame for low 2014 production

  1. No, Vernon, you sucked last year plain and simple. Then you had the guts to ask for a raise? Get outta here, dude. This year your better do something, because if you don’t then see ya!!

    -Niners fan

  2. “Whenever I’d run, like, my deep over routes there was a safety sitting over there already,” OMG-like how about make an adjustment in the route to get the ball. Bad Game Planning -BS translator =coaches fault,not mine!

  3. Vernon had some drops, but Roman was a fool, he’s lucky to be employed, he cost Harbaugh his job.

  4. Vernon Davis, you fell completely off the map last year and did nothing and you then blame the coaches and game planning? Then you ask for a raise?

    Let that sink in Vernon and report back to me on your logic.

  5. Despite all the over reported, sky is falling hand wringing from the national media, there is definitely one coach ALL 49er fans are happy to see gone including Baalke’s daughter: ROMAN!

  6. Alleged “offense genius” Jim Harbaugh at it again, bumbling buffoon couldn’t even utilize his best downfield weapon properly roflmao

  7. The Niners face an uphill battle this year for multiple reasons i.e roster reset, schedule and in this case veterans show casing the skills that once made them dominant. But I’m cautiously optimistic, we won’t know till game day.

    GO NINERS!!!!!

  8. Going back to the 2 tight end sets would be good for the Niners. They just need to find a second tight end like what they had with D. Walker. They got the speed threat that they were missing the last two years which will help, but you can not belittle the the benefits to having two pass catching tight ends that can also block.

  9. Vernon Davis cried the day he was drafted and hasn’t stopped crying since…


  10. bert1913 says:Jun 15, 2015 5:34 PM

    kam chancellor knocked the “want to” out of him


    Skam Chancellor is a head hunting fraud. He should be thankful that he hasn’t been popped for using PEDs, YET. There’s a reason that 5th and 6th round picks have become overrated under Cheat Carroll and it sure as hell isn’t talent.

  11. Chancellor didn’t even knock him out and his feet were off the ground before the hit. Great hit but he wasn’t knocked out

  12. A lot of players complained about the offensive schemes last year, so this has some credibility.
    Now, the Duke has a “prove it” year. I like the the Niners chances with a motivated Vernon. Go Niners!

  13. if you have no vertical threats on the outside then the safety can sit on that route all day…and every d coordinator in the league knew this…but there are things you can do to help open things up over the middle if you have no speed on the outside…and that is implementing more shallow crosses and having a checkdown option on every passing play…something that did not exist in Romans play book…he knew he had no receivers that scared any secondary on the outside but yet he still chose to run the same predictable plays game after game…Frank Gore was considered one of the best pass catching backs in the league before Roman toolk over…he killed one of the best parts of Frank’s game…using Frank again in the passing game woulda definitely helped Davis down the field…but nope…Roman and all his infinite wisdom could not figure that out…I feel bad for buffalo fans cause Roman is gona bring that offense back to the stone age…McCoy, Watkins, and harvin are some of the most dangerous players in the league when they get the ball in space…something else Roman has no clue about…he could never figure out ways to get our players in space…it was just so frustrating watching him call plays the last 4 years…SO GLAD HE’S GONE!!!…i give it 4 to 5 games this year before buffalo fans are calling for his head

  14. Roman was the scapegoat of delusional 9er homers everywhere. Like I’m not even sure if most of them even knew who he was they just knew to say his name whenever Kaep threw a pick or VD dropped a pass. I know manning up is not a concept that any “men” in the bay understand, but now that he’s gone you’ll have no excuse for your terrible offense, other than the fact that they’re terrible.

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