Aaron Rodgers: Davante Adams is going to be a star

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Packers wide receiver Randall Cobb said recently that it will be difficult for him to top the numbers that he had while helping the team to another NFC North title last year.

Cobb’s rationale was that the Packers have a deep offense and that the rise of other players will cut into his opportunities. If you’re looking to bet on which of those players will impact Cobb, second-year wide receiver Davante Adams looks like a good way to go.

Adams’s ability has been a popular topic for people around the team this year and quarterback Aaron Rodgers added his voice to the crowd this week. Rodgers said that he hoped to see Adams do a better job in practice early last year and that he’s seen the growth he wanted to see from a player he believes is destined for big things.

“I never called out Davante by name last year. I was hoping that he would pick it up with his practice habits. But Davante is a very polished player, and he has an excellent demeanor for a guy who’s going to be a star,” Rodgers said, via ESPN Wisconsin. “I mean, he carries himself like a star – which is a very high compliment. There’s only been a few guys around here who’ve had that charisma: Charles [Woodson], Julius [Peppers], Greg [Jennings] always had it as a young player. But there’s very few guys that really ‘get it.” And he has supreme confidence, and it’s contagious. And I’m really proud of his approach and his attitude. It makes you want to get him the ball more. It makes you watch the film and have regrets about not giving him more opportunities. And that’s again, another compliment for him.”

There’s probably a cap on how much Adams can do individually if Cobb and Jordy Nelson are healthy next season, but a step up has the potential to make Rodgers’s high expectations for the offense a reality.

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  1. Hopefully the Vikings don’t ruin Davante’s career after he leaves the Packers and ends up on the Vikings like we did to Greg Jennings.

  2. That’s a ringing endorsement from the right guy. Adams is a stud, and he is getting time to develop. The Packers do it the right way.

  3. With all #1 scoring offense returning and the maturation of Adams and last years rookie TE it is going to be a special season!

  4. 1. Rodgers said that he hoped to see Adams do a better job in practice early last year. “I never called out Davante by name last year. I was hoping that he would pick it up with his practice habits…”

    This seems to reflect McCarthy’s assertation that he does not do a good job preparing his teams for the start of seasons, that he needs his veteran players to help prepare the younger players.

    2. There’s only been a few guys around here who’ve had that charisma: Charles [Woodson], Julius [Peppers], Greg [Jennings] always had it as a young player. But there’s very few guys that really ‘get it.”

    I could not agree more, there are few stars past and present on the Packers and the Packers are very fortunate to have Rodgers. That was a great draft selection.

    On side note, did anyone noticed that out of the 3 players Rodgers listed as past and present stars 2 of them were free agent pick ups? Just saying.

  5. This offense is going to be insane. The starters are all under contract for this year and next. The offensive line is as good as anyone’s save Dallas. There isn’t an offense that will come close to the Packers this year. The D is improved to. Back-to-Back Super Bowls here we come.

  6. Another stud WR taken in the 2nd round by Ted. He avoids all of those diva WR’s in the first round and gets the sure handed excellent route runners in the second. They may not be the track stars some teams covet, but they are ballers.

  7. Hmmmm

    Just one problem:

    You still can’t play a lick of defense!

    How has that gone for every high powered offense in, oh I don’t know, ever?!!?

    Shouldn’t have even been the in the NFC champ game if the refs didn’t blow it on the Dez CATCH

    But I did love that epic choke job meltdown!

  8. Davante has had a great life as a receiver.

    Going from David Carr to Aaron Rodgers as his QB is like hitting there jackpot .. twice.

  9. I guess since good ‘ole Aaron is illegally over-inflating his footballs and gaining a competitive advantage he can say with conviction that Adams will indeed be a star.

    -Not a pats fan

  10. Funny, i really cant even name one legitimate vikings wr, currently on their roster that i will draft in fantasy or even reality.

  11. The Packers choked in Seattle, there’s no denying it. But choking is easier to overcome than eating it, especially when you have all the tools to return. Not many teams can say that..especially from the North Division.

    The D is very much improved, if taken as a critique from mid-season to the end of last year combined with the changes they made this year.

    This promises to be a good year. Too bad for Janis. Maybe he can be an unexpected special teams star.

  12. 1. The Packers were a top 5 defense for the entire second half of last season.

    2. The Packers own the Vikings.

    3. The Packers are expected to continue said ownership by everyone on Earth that actually knows anything about professional American football.

    4. The facts are, what the facts are.

    5. Please throw your usual tantrums. I could use the amusement.

  13. Jordy, Cobb, Adams, Janis, Montgomery, Abby – wow, they might have to keep 6 WRs this year because all of them could legitimately become stars, and maybe Coxson too.

    MN must be foaming at the mouth to get their #1 WR from whoever GB cannot keep.

  14. Wait, let me do it for you:

    “Oh yeah? Who cares if the Packers beat the Vikings by 40 points! They didn’t win the Superbowl! The Packers are terrible!”

    “So? We don’t care if the Packers are 12-4-1 against the Vikings since the Vikings drafted Peterson! Peterson almost set a record in one of the losses! The Packers are terrible!”

    “Oh yeah? So what if the Packers are 10-1-1 against the Vikings over the past 6 years! This one time, in the 1970’s, the Vikings beat the Packers twice in one year! The Packers are terrible!”

    As I always say… the facts are, what the facts are.

  15. This guy’s a bust, my packers are in trouble still reeling from the NFCCG Lost.

  16. Well well well. Rodgers talking about nothing but personal stats and goals for a player. I can’t wait to read the Packer fans tell us that he is selfish and only cares about himself because he wasn’t just talking about the team.

  17. I’m a Bears fan (yeah, I know) and I’m here to tell you, the Pack offense is flat out scary. If they can stop anybody (and they probably can) it’s going to be hard to keep them out of Santa Clara this February.

  18. It was easy to see that Cobb was going to be a star when he started as well. All business, very professional. Adams is doubly lucky – not only does he have Rodgers as a QB, he has Nelson and Cobb to show him the right way to do things on the field, in the classroom, and in public.

  19. “Didn’t Cordarrelle Patterson score 9 touchdowns in his rookie year?”

    No. No he did not. Not even if you throw in the returns. He had 4 receiving TD’s. As the #2. And the Vikings gave up a ton more draft picks for him. The Packers spent only a 2nd rounder on Adams.

  20. Conor, Conor, Conor…

    You’ll note that Rodgers wasn’t talking about his own stats, he was talking about the stats of a young player that appears to be on the rise.

    It would be like your guy Peterson complimenting the game and progress of Jerick McKinnon, for instance. Of course we all know Peterson would never do that, because he’s too busy talking about his own stats and hollow accomplishments; while his team went 4-12-1 against the Pack since he was drafted.

    Please try again. While that was indeed amusing, I’m sure you can find an even thinner straw at which to grasp.

  21. “Well well well. Rodgers talking about nothing but personal stats and goals for a player.”

    Uh…no. Did you even read the article? Rodgers never mentions personal stats or goals for anyone. SMDH.

  22. Just look at the receiver production Jordy and Cobb a combined 2800 yds and 25 TD’s and a rookie Adams making an impact as well. Yet we hear purple trolls commenting when they are stuck with a 1st rd bust who is as dumb as a box of rocks, a malcontent on his 3rd team who has problems catching the ball, and a former Packer dumpster pick up. Like this line up is going to scare anyone

  23. What Does it takes to be #1–Winning Attitude, Killer Instinct–never lay down when there is 5 minutes on the Clock—And last but not least–“When the going gets Rough, WIMPS lie down, but the Packers get TOUGH when its ROUGH!! And what Vince Lombardi will always be remembered for saying—What It Takes to be Number One
    “Winning is not a sometime thing; it’s an all the time thing. You don’t win once in a while; you don’t do things right once in a while; you do them right all of the time. Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.

    There is no room for second place. There is only one place in my game, and that’s first place. I have finished second twice in my time at Green Bay, and I don’t ever want to finish second again. There is a second place bowl game, but it is a game for losers played by losers. It is and always has been an American zeal to be first in anything we do, and to win, and to win, and to win.

    Every time a football player goes to apply his trade he’s got to play from the ground up – from the soles of his feet right up to his head. Every inch of him has to play. Some guys play with their heads. That’s O.K. You’ve got to be smart to be number one in any business. But more importantly, you’ve got to play with your heart, with every fiber of your body. If you’re lucky enough to find a guy with a lot of head and a lot of heart, he’s never going to come off the field second.

    Running a football team is no different than running any other kind of organization – an army, a political party or a business. The principles are the same. The object is to win – to beat the other guy. Maybe that sounds hard or cruel. I don’t think it is.

    It is a reality of life that men are competitive and the most competitive games draw the most competitive men. That’s why they are there – to compete. The object is to win fairly, squarely, by the rules – but to win.

    And in truth, I’ve never known a man worth his salt who in the long run, deep down in his heart, didn’t appreciate the grind, the discipline. There is something in good men that really yearns for discipline and the harsh reality of head to head combat.

    I don’t say these things because I believe in the ‘brute’ nature of men or that men must be brutalized to be combative. I believe in God, and I believe in human decency. But I firmly believe that any man’s finest hour — his greatest fulfillment to all he holds dear — is that moment when he has worked his heart out in a good cause and lies exhausted on the field of battle – victorious.”
    – Coach Vincent T. Lombardi
    © 2010 Family of Vince Lombardi c/o Luminary Group LLC

  24. If anyone watched the games against New England and the Divisional Round against the Cowboys, this should be no surprise. This kid is going to be a stud.

  25. “I’m a Bears fan (yeah, I know) “

    Robert, believe me when I say we have a long-standing appreciation for Bear fans. Yeah, we may talk a little smack to each other during game week, but it’s never disrespectful like it is with the Viking fans and every other fan base in the entire NFL.

    And truthfully, Bear fans and Packer fans need each other. We’re lucky to be part of the greatest rivalry in all of sports. We couldn’t have that rivalry without you guys and you couldn’t have it without us.

  26. As a Vikes fan, I would say that I did notice that Adams has some skills. And Rodgers of course needs to supply him with some confidence building encouragement. Good stuff, but that doesn’t help their defense, which was and still remains questionable.

  27. I heard a riddle today on KFAN: Why are the Vikings like shopping malls? Answer: Because they are closing (the) Gap. Very insightful, I thought.

  28. Sharon’s gonna be spending most of the season on his back as his O-Line can’t even protect him and if they do he’ll complain and moan to the refs for a flag like he always does.

  29. Big Bears fan here, Sharon throws out this BS every year and the end up choking anyway. Sharon is soft and the only thing in January the Pack are going to be seeing is a QB running away from there sorry D. True facts.

  30. In his news conference today McCarthy said Adams has been one of the best players during the OTAs. Also gave a big thumbs up to Blanchard, the QB from Whitewater.

  31. Lol….. Vikings trolls out as usual. Hilarious. Vikings have done nothing. Completely irrelevant. All their fans can do is troll a successful franchise like the Packers.

  32. As much as I hate it, I think the biggest loss in production to any Packer WR is the fact that they finally have a RB they can give the ball to all day. Lacy might not be the fastest RB, but his bulk allows him to shed tackles and get plenty of yards.

  33. @mediasloppy: I think the word “bulk” is a nice way of saying that Ole Eddie spends too many hours at the premiere restaurant in Green Bay, Golden Corral on Holmgren Way.

  34. lindacaseauthor says:
    Jun 16, 2015 4:31 PM
    I heard a riddle today on KFAN: Why are the Vikings like shopping malls? Answer: Because they are closing (the) Gap. Very insightful, I thought.


    You are so right. The Vikings are like shopping malls, as shopping malls can`t win Superbowls either.

  35. Adams reminds me of a cross between James Jones and Randall Cobb. Thick build with tremendous moves. And all three are left handed.

    Good strategy by Rodgers using the media to hype him, now we’ll see how it plays out. There receiving corps has a ways to go to match the Jennings/Driver/Nelson/Jones/Cobb fivesome from 2011, but the top is great and the talent is there.

  36. It will be a little bit easier to judge the guy when he gets out of camp and has to face real NFL DBs.

    Sherman stole the kids lunch money in the NFCCG, but a rookie facing one of the best in the biz that is really no surprise.

  37. ariani1985 says:
    Jun 16, 2015 2:45 PM

    Hopefully the Vikings don’t ruin Davante’s career after he leaves the Packers and ends up on the Vikings like we did to Greg Jennings.


    Greg Jennings? You should be ashamed at what you did to Darren Sharper ..

  38. We’ve been hearing how the Vikings are closing the gap for years and years now. Suffice it to say, the Vikings could add three pro bowlers to any positions they wanted to, and I still wouldn’t want to trade the Packers roster for theirs. The gap may be closing, the Packers still can’t see them in their rear view mirror.

  39. Ever notice how teams with great quarterbacks are able to draft and develop their own star receivers? Green Bay has been doing it for over 20 years having Favre at Rodgers as basically their only 2 quarterbacks. Other teams who have average quarterbacks sign wide receivers as free agents. Guys who played awesome with those other great quarterbacks. But they do squat when moving to another team that doesn’t have that quarterback. They get the big contract but it doesn’t go full term because of poor production. So the point is you’re better off staying with the great quarterback for a little less money per year because you probably have a better chance of lasting the full contract. Which is what Cobb did.

  40. Just a thought….

    Adams looks for real. Can’t argue with the top 3 at all. But….. back off the hyping the rest of them. What was the name of that guy you were so hyped on last year? Boykin? Something like that. Or how about a few years back, when we were all hearing how the Packers were cutting receivers that would start for any other team. Do you temember that group of future stars? Tori Gurley, Diondre Borel, and Shaky Smithson.

    Rodgers makes guys look good. Try to remember that. A lot of these guys are really just fringe players taking advantage of a HOF QB. As a Viking fan, I really want him to retire. Soon. As a football fan, play on Mr. Rodgers.

  41. “Lacy might not be the fastest RB, but his bulk allows him to shed tackles and get plenty of yards.”

    hey homers – fat and slow are not positive qualities

  42. Packers need to get away from that Star mentality–and play like a team!! A machine has a lot of moving parts–And when all the parts are FUNCTIONAL–Then you have a Team with no weak links!!! I am still baffled at HAHA Clinton-Dix–Watching a lob pass –was he DAYDREAMING?????????

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