Danny Trevathan has a new kneecap


This is the time of year when players on every team talk about new approaches or workouts that they believe will lift them to greater heights in the coming season.

Broncos linebacker Danny Trevathan strayed from that script a bit on Wednesday when discussing the knee injuries that limited him to three games last season. Trevathan hurt his left kneecap twice during the regular season (after a broken leg in preseason) and revealed that he wound up having the kneecap replaced rather than repaired during the offseason.

“I got somebody else’s kneecap,” Trevathan said, via the team’s website. “It was difficult because it was a bigger knee … I love the scar, though.”

Trevathan isn’t the only Broncos inside linebacker returning from an injury. Brandon Marshall had screws surgically inserted into his foot after suffering a Lisfranc injury and plans to start running next week as he tries to get ready for camp.

“I’ll be back in training camp. That’s what the word is,” Marshall said. “I should be able to do some drills at the start of training camp. I’m not sure about everything else.”

Both players will need some time to get themselves and the new additions to their bodies used to playing in Wade Phillips’s defense, but they should be on track for Week One as long as no other complications arise between now and September.

14 responses to “Danny Trevathan has a new kneecap

  1. a kneecap transplant? is that possible? if it is ,i have to admit that i have never heard of such a thing. could a dr. comment on this please!

  2. As a Broncos fan I am little concerned Elway did nothing in the draft or free agency to sure up the middle of the defense. Counting on these two guys to stay healthy is a huge risk. They could not stay healthy playing outside in a 4-3, now they will be playing inside in a 3-4 . With no depth at nose tackle, I can see us giving up a lot of running yards up the middle.

  3. All the more reason for Dez to hold out for more money.

    When you wake up at 43 years old and are limping around on someone else’s kneecap you better have gotten paid for it.

  4. Wait… the kneecap actually came from another human being? That’s kinda creepy.

  5. We do cadaver transplants all the time. Half the time you do an ACL repair, its a dead guys. As for the knee cap, its very common for that kind of injury

  6. bassplucker says:
    Jun 17, 2015 4:28 PM

    Wait… the kneecap actually came from another human being? That’s kinda creepy.
    They’ve been doing kidneys for 40 years. Lungs, eyes, skin, and hearts are common. They can even take your marrow out zap you with radiation and put it back in. All these advances made without socialized medicine. Ahh the good ol’ days.

  7. angrydave38 – your comment makes no sense. Dez will never have to work another day in his life after football whether he makes 13 million a year or 16 million a year. Now if you say the same thing about a guy making league min that would make since.

  8. @mrnick66

    No a patella transplant can’t be done. My guess is he had a large cartilage defect from the dislocations, kind of like a divot left after a golf swing. He probably had a cartilage transplant, which may have included some attached bone.

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