Julio Jones says he won’t be conducting a “selfish” holdout

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Julio Jones is saying all the right things now.

Of course, he hasn’t been hit with a franchise tag yet, either.

The Falcons wide receiver is waiting for his new mega-contract, but says he’s not going to stay away from his team during the offseason — like Broncos wideout Demaryius Thomas or Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant are doing at the moment.

“I haven’t been watching other people,” Jones said, via Vaughn McClure of ESPN.com. “All I can do is take care of me. I’m going to let [the Falcons] take care of that side of it. If they say be here at this time, I’m going to be there. I’m going to be accountable.

“I’m not going to hold out for anything. My teammates need me. I’m being selfish if I’m not here and doing what I need to do.”

This is where Thomas and Bryant are probably telling Jones to mind his own business, since his business is different from theirs. Like A.J. Green, Jones has a year of contract left, and isn’t being pressured by the lack of security a tag holds.

All the noise coming from the Falcons indicates they want to take care of Jones, though there doesn’t appear to be much in the way of progress between agent Jimmy Sexton and the team.

“Whatever they feel like I’m deserving of, . . . I’m just here,” Jones said. “I’m just trying to be the best teammate. I’m just trying to play. My thing is to play ball.

“Jimmy Sexton, he’s going to negotiate that with [General Manager] Thomas [Dimitroff] and [Falcons owner] Mr. [Arthur] Blank. That’s the side they handle. My side, I’ve got to handle on the football field. I’ve got to keep showing up every day and putting in work.”

And while his comments may play well for the public, he’s not exactly accentuating his market position by saying he’ll let the Falcons decide what he’s deserving of.

Thomas and Bryant probably have their own ideas.

45 responses to “Julio Jones says he won’t be conducting a “selfish” holdout

  1. Smart man! The one with the most patience will get the most lucrative contract. Wait for the others to sign first. Dez is an idiot. You don’t want to set the market and then watch five receivers get more money than you.

  2. Makes sense for a guy who has missed a season and isn’t nearly as good or productive as the other 2 guys.

    Remind us all the TD differential between Dez Demaryious and Julio.

  3. It’s so refreshing to see a playmaker of Julio’s caliber without the diva attitude.

    Hopefully he can stay on the field on a more consistent basis.

  4. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jun 17, 2015 5:27 PM
    Dez Bryant is on a whole different level talent wise. Jones is a slot receiver.

    Either you are a huge Dallas fan or you don’t watch a lot of Falcons games because JJ is FAR from just a slot receiver.

  5. Just imagine the cynical, hateful remarks from Tom Condon and Dez Bryant this afternoon, over this article, behind closed doors. If they are conversing that way(and I have no reason to believe they are not, more probable than not), would/should make me cynical as a Cowboys fan. But, who knows, those two might get away with it. Good for Julio Jones, good team player and setting an example within the locker room.

  6. It’s really unfair for players that the media/fanbase see wanting a long term deal as selfish; these guys have one last shot at a major contract before they spend the rest of their lives basically as highschool football coaches. They’d be stupid not to do everything in their power to get as much as they can.

    It’s why cowboys fans shouldn’t be mad Murray left for that big contract, and why Dez is using what little leverage he has to ensure that if he breaks a leg or something he’s covered for the rest of his prime.

  7. Let’s see what type of contract the Falcons or any team for that matter, will give someone if they become injured. Loyalty, doesn’t extend to contract negotiations.

  8. Good for you, now let’s see what happens when Dez and Demariyus get tagged again next year when the Falcons don’t want to be the team to set the bar.

  9. lets have a quick poll

    upvote if u feel dez is the more talented wr
    thumbs dwn if u think julio is

  10. Julio you’re so full of it what Dez and Demaryius doing you will benefit from it once the Market is set they will be more money for you to get. Plus you have made your money so let him make his also you are not on the same level Dez and Dem and older,you should be glad to take 13 million the other two is worth 15-16 million.

  11. I like julio alot. He aint Dthomas and for sure h aint dez. Mins your business bud. Everyone does business differently and everyone is entitled to handle their careers as they wish

  12. Falcons traded basically the farm for Julio Jones and he has lived up to expectations except when he was out injured. In addition, have heard nothing about any off the field problems he has been involved with (unlike Dez Bryant). In short, anyone who thinks the Falcons will let Julio Jones walk is smoking some pretty good stuff.

    Had Dez Bryant minded his business his first few years, the Cowboys would have already given him a huge contract.

  13. My man. A total class act. A great team player. And a beast on game day.
    U da man, mr jones

  14. And to the gut who called julio a slot WR. You clearly dont watch any julio games. Dudes 6,2 4.4 soles and can jump through the Roof. Hes an elite WR but hes had injuries, specifically his foot. Julio will take what he can if he’s smart.

  15. Javon Walker comes to mind. As brittle as Julio is, he’s playing a dangerous game.



  16. “isn’t being pressured by the lack of security a tag holds.”

    Give it a rest with the talk of “security”. Bryant’s franchise tag will pay $13M GUARANTEED. Geez, just put half of it in a money market and you’re set for life.

  17. As a falcons fan, julio is a great TEAM player. He is a player people should want their kids to look up to. He has never been in any trouble and contributes in the community.Dude is one of the best receivers in the game and all you haters saying he is not this or that is fine but i bet if he became available you would want your favorite team to go out and get him.Yes he as had some injuries but he is a beast on the field and he is going about his big payday in a professional manner and not trying to play the media as most do. GLAD he is our #1 wr. BLESSINGS to julio!!!!!!

  18. In all honesty, has Atlanta received value for trading the farm for this guy? Yeah, he is a good receiver, but exactly how many picks were given to move up?

  19. Julio is such a nice guy that he won’t be selfish.

    Julio Jones – 4 years — $16.2M
    Dez Bryant – 5 years — $11.8M

    After Jones’ 5th year, he will have made $26M

    Looks like Julio was selfish early, so he didn’t have to be later. Something tells me that he’ll still get paid a pretty significant amount.

  20. It’s not about the fact that he’s getting $13M guaranteed… It’s about the fact that he could should be getting something like $40 mil guaranteed right now. All it takes is one average season (or worse an injury riddled one) at the end of your contract for teams to try and justify why would shouldn’t get more in a new contract. Money today is worth more than money tomorrow and if you have leverage, you MUST use it to negotiate because Teams won’t hesitate to use it against you. It’s not selfish, it’s business.

  21. Great player. Still laugh at the analysts that expect him to become número uno. Would take AJ Green, all day everyday. Don’t understand guys saying he should mind his own. He didn’t bring up others, just stated his intentions plain and simple.

  22. Julio is the most talented WR in the league when healthy….period. That is no knock on the other top WRs it’s just a matter of physics, faster, taller, stronger.

  23. Considering how injury prone Julio is that would be extremely selfish to hold out..

  24. And it’s business on the team side to not overpay for someone who could slip in the shower and end his career, tying up ten of millions of dollars with no performance.

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