Rams, Nick Foles confirm talks about contract extension


Earlier this week, a report from Ian Rapoport of NFL Media had the Rams and quarterback Nick Foles talking about a contract extension.

Both Rams coach Jeff Fisher and Foles confirmed that those talks are underway and both men expressed a desire to continue a working relationship that began when Foles was traded to St. Louis a few months ago. Fisher said that Foles proved “he can get the job done on the field” while with the Eagles and Foles said he wants to spend the rest of his career with the team.

“This is where I want to play,” Foles said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “As a player, you want to be somewhere and you want to play there the rest of your career. So this is where I want to be, but that’s why we have agents. My most important thing right now is just to continue to work with my teammates and continue to be the best player and person I can be. We’ll see what happens. I love Coach Fisher and the staff and everybody in this building. I’m very fortunate to be here.”

As is always the case with contracts, the devil will be in the financial details. Foles has a relatively small sample size as a starter (24 starts over three seasons) and the results have been mixed enough that it’s hard to see the Rams paying top dollar to secure Foles’s services before he’s played a down for the team. Should Foles play well, they’d have the franchise tag at their disposal to ensure his return in the event that they couldn’t agree to a longer deal.

Foles would get security by signing now, but he’d cost himself money if he thrives in the Rams offense. So while he might say that being on the Rams is “the most important thing,” the chance to cash in at a later date could lead him to put talks on hold until the season plays out.

13 responses to “Rams, Nick Foles confirm talks about contract extension

  1. Foles needs to grow him the Fisher Moustache. He could lock down an extra 2 mill in a new contract easily with a Fisher Moustache.

  2. As always I care not one bit about how much money somebody makes, but how do you work on a new contract before you play the first game?

  3. Foles should get as much money as he can because with a potential move to L.A. the California taxes will be a killer.

  4. Fisher is the only guy over there who knows what he’s doing. I’m sure the Rams management will do everything they can to screw this up, but Jeff sjould be able get the kid a good deal.

  5. The kid has been riticuled all summer. Mainly a bunch of angry Eagles fans still feeling in disdain over the trade, trying to make it sound rational. The bottom line, no matter how you lay it down, Nick Files has had a more successful career than Sam Bradford. Period.


  6. In other words, they’ve already seen enough to consider him an upgrade over Bradford. I agree though… way too soon.

  7. @hippie

    It’s a big risk no doubt but their plan probably is to lock him up for a very fair contract to the team and to Foles. This is the last year of his current deal and a deal now would also prevent him from testing free agency. If Foles goes out and lights it up and has an outstanding year he’s gonna command 16-17-18mil per year. That kind of money has negative effects on how you can mold your roster.

    Now granted if they sign him to a fair, long term deal now and he completely craps the bed next year and beyond its a big mistake. It’s a gamble they’re discussing and from what it seems are willing to take.

  8. Pay him 18MM/year
    Maybe he will turn out to be ok …
    or maybe he’ll be the next Andy Dalton.

  9. hippieway says:
    Jun 17, 2015 2:54 PM
    As always I care not one bit about how much money somebody makes, but how do you work on a new contract before you play the first game?


    Ask Brandon Marshall but in Foles case i can see the allure for the team. If they think he’s the longterm solution they can get him cheaper now but in that case Foles would be stupid to sign an undervalued contract.

    Honestly, the team should wait until the end of the season when he’s an RFA so that they can see what they have before signing him to a huge contract.

  10. How can you commit to a guy long term when he has yet to take a snap in your offense ?

  11. Been watching every game for the last 6 years!! Foles is a beast and going to end up being a top 5 QBs when it’s all said and done! He is top 5 young guns right now.. i highly doubt there is a tougher quarterback anywhere.. NO doubt its the butt hurt Eagles fans talking all the smack.. Rams got the best of the deal by a looooong shot!! Give him the money Jeff, Nick will make you proud!!

  12. Foles is not going to light it up in the NFC West. In fact, with those defenses, it’s hardly certain that he will play through the season without injury. The Rams would be foolish to extend this guy until he shows he is durable.

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