Rams unsure when Gurley will be ready to go


Rams running back Todd Gurley is coming off a torn ACL that cut short his final season at Georgia in November, and the Rams aren’t sure how long it will be until he gets back.

Coach Jeff Fisher said that it’s simply too soon to say whether Gurley will be a participant in training camp practices, or if he’ll still be off to the side rehabbing.

It’s hard to say right now. I can’t predict that,” Fisher said, via the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. “I know he’s doing well. He had a day off today because he’s doing so well. He’ll rehab with us during the break. . . . We’re just going to see how he progresses. . . . If he’s not PUP-ed, then I think you could probably assume that he’s going to play sooner than you think.”

The Rams used the 10th overall pick in the draft on Gurley because they think he has the talent to be a great running back, but they’re not going to rush him back on the field. Even if that means they don’t have him in uniform for Week One.

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  1. Make sure he doesn’t follow Eddy Lacy through the buffet line, he may lose too much weight.

  2. Hold him out for the year, then introduce him in their first game back as the LA Rams next year.

  3. Smart move to use the 10th overall pick on a guy with a torn ACL
    -nobody ever

  4. Horrible pick for the St. Louis Rams. It may work out for the LA Rams. So St. Louis has to put out good money to see an average at best team who picked a player who may never play in St. Louis. Kronke, Fisher, and Snead are a bunch of losers.

  5. Jeff Fisher somehow, some way, always manages to avoid being labeled for what he is: a mediocre coach who is barely over .500 in the regular season, has blown opportunities with one of the most talented teams in memory (the now forgotten 2000 Titans) and is just as likely, if not more so, to go 4-12 as 12-4. Let’s not forget to mention the terrible personnel decisions, inability to challenge proper plays (super low challenge percentage) despite being on the competition committee and supposedly knowing the rules better and his inarticulate presence in front of a microphone.


  6. Every college football player with an injury should thank Adrian Peterson for making them draftable. He came back super fast and just as good after his ACL tear, but a lot of guys aren’t that lucky.

  7. I’m guessing when the announcement of California home games, outdoors, on grass, for next season are announced, that knee will get a lot better, a lot quicker.

  8. At least he received proper financial counseling from Coach Fisher first.

  9. All I know is that after watching him destroy every team in the NFL’s farm system aka; the SEC for a couple of years, if healthy the dude is a faster version of Marshawn Lynch.

  10. The Rams have Tre Mason so don’t need Gurley at all this year. But, when Gurley does come back, probably after the Rams week 5 bye, between Gurley & Mason the Rams will have the league’s best RB committee.

  11. Todd Gurley looks Adrian Peterson kind of special on the football field. 20 years old 6’1 – 222 and a freak athletic with true vision. I damn near threw my remote when the Rams drafted him.

  12. Screw this dude. Buddy of mine, HUGE Georgia fan, went to a rams rookies autograph session. Gets to the front of line to meet Gurley and asked if he could receive his full autograph on a Georgia mini memorabilia helmet. His reply, “you gotta pay for my signature.” Let’s go Tre Mason!!!

  13. I for one think letting this guy get fully healthy is great foresight and stewardship by the Rams. He was mindblowing at Georgia. With the uncertainty of the team’s future in St. Louis and bringing along a new starting QB in Nick Foles it allows them some media breathing room to bring Gurley along when he’s totally ready. This team has way bigger stories for the media buzzards to feed on. They can pitter patter their way through it with a mediocre season and still move to LA if that’s what the powers that be want and then unleash a Gurley hell on teams later.

    Let him get healthy till a full workload is able.
    Move to LA.
    Revert your team colors to the old Blue and Yellow.
    Gurley is all that is advertised.
    Reap mucho bucks from revamped merchandise.
    Kroenke maybe kinda creepy looking but he isn’t a billionaire because he’s stupid.

  14. Well, why else did I give the Rams a C for their draft grade?
    They drafted an injured player at a position that was deep in rounds 2 and 3 anyways in the top 10.

    Then again, Jeff Fisher made the pick and he is enabled by an absentee owner and is terrible without Mike Munchak and Jim Schwartz anyways.

    He has had no winning season since Schwartz defected from him and nothing but losing seasons since Munchak defected too.

    Fisher is not intelligent because he tries to be an “outside the box” thinker when he’s already mediocre in the box. Then again, when Fisher agent’s son is the president of the team, he won’t be accountable and will have no shame in being a screw-up.

  15. Fisher seems apt at getting good deals from dumb owners and squandering opportunity with bad draft picks. Getting a real GM should first on to-do list for LA Rams.

  16. How long has it been since a running back has led his team to victory in the playoffs? The NFL just doesn’t work that way anymore. It is hard to understand why a team which has as many needs as the Rams would use a top 10 draft pick on an injured running back. Dallas just let their league leading running back walk rather than pay him half of what their WR is insisting on. Jeff Fisher is a remarkable coach who has done more with less than anybody else over the years, but you have to wonder about this pick.

  17. True enuff I believe Gurley will be Wat he is which is an absolute beast when healthy, but that’s when healthy. I admit I was torn between him and Parker at 14 and even gave him the nod assuming the buzz about him was true that he’d be healthy for the season. But here and now he isn’t so I’m proud that mia front office did their homework cus boy would I have fudged that up like Fisher seemed to have done. Best luck to you Gurley but…..#finsup

  18. I was surprised how small and skinny he seems. I don’t see this ending well.

  19. Burning a top 10 pick on a RB with a bum ACL raises many questions.

    Question #1: (to quote Vince Lombardi) What the hell is going on here?

  20. May be looking at a redshirt season this year. 10th overall pick for a guy who isn’t going to start on Day 1 and may not contribute significantly till his 2nd season, indicates the Rams’ GM and Fisher are feeling very secure in their positions.

  21. No Todd Gurley week 1… got the Seahawks coming to town, and the immobile Nick Foles behind center.

    That’s gonna be fun to watch for impartial viewers/Rams fans to see… not.

    Seahawks by 17.

  22. If he’s not PUP-ed, then I think you could probably assume that he’s going to play sooner than you think.”

    Well that’s a startling statement. Who would have thought that could happen. Fisher’s a genius.

  23. dcapettini says:
    Jun 18, 2015 3:41 AM
    How long has it been since a running back has led his team to victory in the playoffs? The NFL just doesn’t work that way anymore.

    About five months. His name… Marshawn Lynch. Why do you think Bill Belichek is so great? One reason, he goes the opposite direction of everyone else. If the entire league is going pass happy, you can safely assume(and observe) that defenses are being built to stop the pass. That leaves the few teams who primarily run at a bit of an advantage. We’re going to run down their throats.

  24. Sam Bradford at the RB position..

    Thanks for passing on every need to get a hurt guy ” for the future “.. Lol.

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