Bills giving Tyrod Taylor every opportunity to beat out Cassel, Manuel

Despite a perception that the quarterback competition in Buffalo is a two-man race between Matt Cassel and EJ Manuel, Tyrod Taylor is getting every opportunity to win the job.

Taylor, who spent the last four years as Joe Flacco’s backup in Baltimore before signing with Buffalo this year, says the coaches have told him that he’s very much in the mix, and have proven that by giving him the same number of first-team reps as Cassel and Manuel.

“The coaches have done a good job of splitting reps, and getting us all equal reps, getting us an equal opportunity to work with the ones, twos and threes. All of us have worked with each group an equal amount of time. That’s all I can ask for,” Taylor said.

A 2011 sixth-round pick of the Ravens, Taylor started 42 games in four years at Virginia Tech but has never started an NFL game. He would seem an unlikely choice to be named a starter in Buffalo, but he says he’s right in the mix with Cassel and Manuel.

“We’re out there pushing each other and we look to get better each and every day and that’s all the coaches are asking for right now,” Taylor said.

The Bills are a team with talent all over the field, but an enormous question mark at quarterback. Perhaps Taylor can be the answer to Buffalo’s biggest question.

69 responses to “Bills giving Tyrod Taylor every opportunity to beat out Cassel, Manuel

  1. Taylor is better than people give him credit for… but none of these options are going to be the answer. Buffalo will be back in the mix to draft a QB in 2016.

  2. And Andy throws more TDs and less ints than this dope. And more yards. Get real.

  3. Must hurt the Buffalo front office to know that they’re wasting Sammy Watkins’ precious high-production/rookie-contract years on a subpar QB carousel.

  4. If the QB whisperer Rex Ryan sees something in the kid that he can start, than you can take that to the bank he’ll succeed. Rex knows a thing or two about developing QB’s.

  5. If he can read the defense and make a decision in less than 20 seconds, he has already beat Cassel.

  6. “Bills giving their Chevy Vega every opportunity to beat out their Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin.”

  7. Tyrod Taylor has been my favorite NFL back-up for a few years now. (And I’m no Virginia Tech fan, FWIW.) Taylor has “over-achiever” written all over him, and I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet.

    – Titans Fan

  8. As a Ravens fan I can personally say that Tyrod was a great team guy who helped the Ravens scout team prepare for the likes of Kapernick, RG3 (when he was good) Vick, and other mobile quarterbacks.

    However when he had his opportunity to play he couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn, and his first instinct was always to tuck the ball and run when he wasn’t hurried.

    So there’s that.

    I’d love to see the guy succeed but if he’s going to do that then he’d of had to completely change his game in one off season.

    So possible but not likely.

  9. helldog33 says:
    Jun 19, 2015 1:58 PM
    “Bills giving their Chevy Vega every opportunity to beat out their Ford Pinto and AMC Gremlin.”



    No love for the Pontiac Astro? Lol

  10. tennesseeoilers says:
    Jun 19, 2015 1:59 PM
    Tyrod Taylor has been my favorite NFL back-up for a few years now. (And I’m no Virginia Tech fan, FWIW.) Taylor has “over-achiever” written all over him, and I don’t think we’ve seen his ceiling yet.

    – Titans Fan


    I agree wholeheartedly!! We already know pretty much what Cassel and Manuel are capable of, why not give T2 a chance to make his case?

    Consider the fact that he’s looked good in Pre-season as well as has been coached up by 2 of the best in the game with QB’s (Jim Caldwell & Kubiak)

  11. buffalo has a ton of talent at offensive skill positions, as well as talent on defense and a defensive minded coach. with that defense, a running attack of mccoy and jackson, and the talent they have at WR and clay at TE, all they really need is a QB who will manage the game, have a 60% completion rate (averaging 15/25 to 18/30 per game really shouldn’t be hard), doesn’t turn the ball over and makes one or two big throws a game. whether it’s taylor, cassel or manuel, if the bills get one of those guys to do those things, they really shouldn’t have trouble finishing 10-6 and fighting for a playoff spot. if you can split with new england and miami and take the two gimme games against the hapless jets you’re 4-2 in the division all well on your way. let’s see if rex is able to get this group of guys to fight for him

  12. slvrnblk72 says: Jun 19, 2015 1:38 PM

    Teams will never learn with these types of QBs


    I’m confused … what “type” are you referring to? None of these guys are spread-option QBs so…’splain yourself.

  13. @patinphilly…not even close. leftwich had a huge windmill esque throwing motion that resembled an outfielder like jeff franceour. same type of motion winston had before the combine and his pro day, which he partially blamed on having to get over his throwing mechanics from baseball. taylor actually has nice mechanics and a quick release if you ever watch him

  14. @liftheavyorliftheavy…it’s pretty obvious he’s talking about them colored QBs. because, you know black men are inferior and don’t have the intelligence, work ethic or leadership qualities to be successful NFL QBs. they get by on their god given athletic ability in high school and college never learning to read a defense, but then are outmatched by the more advanced white men with dad bods in the nfl….i could go on and on with more typical racist thought patterns, but i think you get my point. the guys is a moron and it’s probably best to just ignore what he says

  15. By “these type of QBs”, I am hoping he meant Career Backups. Cassel, Manuel, and Taylor all seem like career clipboard holders to me. But, then again, Taylor hasn’t started a game yet. So I’ll hold off on final judgement until he does.

    And frankly, I’m hoping these Bills are as good as everyone is talking about. I would LOVE it if the Bills could win the division for the next decade.

  16. pittsburghdamned says:
    Jun 19, 2015 2:00 PM
    I could see Rex biting on another running QB failure. Certainly.

    Did they move to Toronto yet? I have a furniture dolly if it helps.


    are you kidding me? Do you even watch sports. The Bills were bought by a buffalo native with deep pockets, they’re not going anywhere.

    I love how many haters the Bills have. Every Bills post is scattered with negative posts. “did they move yet” “4 superbowl losses” blah blah blah, we have the most talented team in football minus a QB. We have a first rounder who was 2-2 as a starter last year, who’s 6’6 with all of the tools, we have a veteran who’s the game manager that everyone talks about, and we have a mobile QB thats never had a shot at this level.

    Jealousy breeds envy. Every team in the NFL, including the vikes wish they had Lesean McCoy. Every team in the NFL wishes they had our D, Sammy Watkins, Charles Clay etc…

    Note for the haters: Comment on YOUR TEAMS POST, Why you even here bruh?

  17. I am GLAD my team does not have the Bills QB situation. Wouldn’t be surprised if they are searching for their qb in the 2016 draft.

  18. @joshuaibloom………..nice post…..and best post of the day. Let the haters hate, the Bills will be a very nice team this year, they have a ton of talent. I’m tired of the hate on the Bills thread, especially that troll that has no NFL team in Toronto.

  19. I like Tyrod at Tech and he did well in Pre-season games for the Ravens. He never played in the NFL regular game because he was behind the GREAT JOE FLACCO who plays all the time and just wins.

    I hope Ty get’s a chance to play he deserves a shot.

  20. The Bills should just trade for Cutler. IF they’re D is really as fearsome as the fans claim, then a somewhat avg QB (as opposed to bad) will be enough to make a deep run.

    1st for Cutler and call it a day. The Bills are like the Bears under Lovie. They’re D will carry them to 8-8 seasons, never quite sucking enough to sniff a true franchise QB in the draft.

    That’s why the Bears traded a couple 1st rounders and change for Cutler.

    Getting him for one 1st rounder might be a bargain and prudent.

  21. If the QB whisperer Rex Ryan sees something in the kid that he can start, than you can take that to the bank he’ll succeed. Rex knows a thing or two about developing QB’s.

    This is great..

    Still I think Tyrod starts, and offers more versatility than the other two QBs.

  22. nflsux says:
    Jun 19, 2015 3:11 PM

    Bills have to EARN respect. 15 year losers….”bruh”.



    your name SCREAMS HATER. you know there are millions of websites not about the nfl right? Not only should you stay off of the Bills pages but you should stay off of all the nfl websites. #hater

  23. You don’t have to be a very good QB to win this job. If it’s only between Manuel and Cassel, Buffalo has some serious problems. I feel sorry for teams that don’t have anyone who knows how to evaluate QBs. And their fans too.

  24. Taylor has never played a down that wasn’t during “garbage time” and his play then left something to be desired. He has never played particularly well in preseason either. I guess you could say that he is an unknown quantity because of how little work he has gotten in but if anybody other than Rex saw anything in him, you would think that he would have gotten some kind of opportunity before now. Justin Forsett and James Harrison came from very humble beginnings in the league, but not at QB, and not after 4 years of carrying a clipboard. Trust me; he is no Drew Brees, or even Matt Schaub, for that matter.

  25. When Tyrod freakin Taylor has a shot to start, you KNOW you have a complete mess at the QB position.

    Nice pick with the 16th overall pick in the 2013 draft by the way, wow.


  26. A Baltimore Raven backup has got to be better than 90% of the AFC East QBs, otherwise why would Tom Brady never have away playoff games.

  27. It’s hard to say now which QB will emerge as the Bills’ starter, but Tyrod Taylor has a chance because, in many ways, he is a “poor man’s” Colin Kaepernick–and Greg Roman got Kaepernick to lead SF to the NFC title game.

    Like Kaepernick, Taylor has never been particularly a particularly accurate passer, but, with his speed, he presents a real running threat that defenses have to respect both in the rushing and passing game. His ability to run the option can open things up a bit for Shady McCoy in the run game. And, like Kaepernick, defenses have to react to his ability to run when he gets outside of the pocket, opening up the opportunity for the Bills’ receivers to make big plays downfield when Taylor is able to hit them in the seams in the defensive backfield opened up when he gets outside of the pocket.

    Like Kaepernick, Taylor doesn’t have to be a high-percentage passer to be effective if he can pick up enough yardage with his feet to force defenses to react to his running ability and be accurate enough with his passes to allow his receivers to pick up big chunks of yardage downfield (what hurt Kaepernick last season was that he didn’t have the speed at WR to stretch defenses and open up those seams; the Bills have lots of speed at WR). Taylor has a big enough arm to threaten defenses deep, but can he throw accurately enough often enough to be as effective as Kaepernick was for Greg Roman in SF? But he certainly deserves a chance to show the Bills if he can.

  28. If I wasn’t a bills fan there’s no way I could find a reason to hate on them like so many people do…they have been losing longer than any team in the league, and yea we all know what qbs are on the roster right now, and their history up to now but things happen people can improve and while it’s not statistically likely to find a hero in tyrod I’m gna believe in him until he proves he is or isn’t the guy just like the last 20 qbs we’ve had that end up not the guy but guys are all different we simply don’t know until it unfolds through preseason and the season…but bills fan or not how do you not pull and root for this team. So much to like and be excited about w the coaching staff and talent and history…even their uniforms are exciting enough to like them. The bills are due, w/ Ralph up there pulling a few strings, the blessing of a healthy Jim Kelley and all that’s in Buffaloes atmosphere it’s only a matter of a short time before this team unloads on the nfl…the bills are about to get hype!

  29. “Rex knows a thing or two about developing QB’s.” Yeah, because Mark Sanchez has turned out to be a Hall of Famer, right?

  30. What do you want? A passing quarterback or a quarterback that wins games.
    If you need a backup quarterback that will push the starter to be his best….
    Take a small risk and kick the tires on Vince Young.. He wouldn’t cost a lot…. His career won/loss record is 31-19… He’s a 2 time Pro-Bowler with playoff experience…..
    The NFL is all about “WINS and LOSSES”…. There is a big difference between Perception and Reality…

  31. Tyrod has never had a chance to play with the first team offense. He did alright against the BengalsD a few years ago with the second team although their 6’7″ linemen did pick six him to end it, but with Sammy Watkins and some other weapons he may show out. He also helps the run game considerably.

  32. Taylor should be ready for prime time, after participating in the much-hyped “sit-and-learn” program behind Super Bowl MVP Flacco for four years.

    This often gets touted mentioning Aaron Rodgers, as if that’s the reason he’s any good.

  33. Thoughts from a Ravens fan:

    Taylor has a decent arm and good velocity. He has poor mid to deep range accuracy and struggles to throw touch on the ball.

    Even into his 3rd and 4th years in the league as a backup he was still very much a make 1 read and take off scrambling QB. When he escapes the rush he can get you a lot of yards on the ground. He also loses a lot while taking a bunch of sacks with his poor pocket awareness.

    Maybe he’d perform better with a 1st string offense…..but I doubt the improvement would be that drastic. I see more potential in him than Manuel or Cassell.

  34. “daltonprobowl says: Jun 19, 2015 1:43 PM And Andy throws more TDs and less ints than this dope. And more yards. Get real.”

    Andy, why do you keep posting on all these PFT articles?

  35. Man, the Bills fans on here are hysterical. Anyone who has the audacity to suggest that maybe, just maybe, the Bills aren’t quite a Super Bowl team just yet is nothing but a “hater, BRUH” who doesn’t even watch sports and is just jealous of what is obviously the most talented team in the league.

    And as for the Bills fan who asks how can you not pull for this team whether you’re a fan or not?

    Um…..this comments section is shaping up as a pretty good reason not to root for them, bruh.

  36. Bills are far better off at QB than they’ve been since Ryan Kirkpatrick flashed for 5 or 6 games, got a contract and quickly regressed.

    EJ Manuel saw veteran Kevin Kolb briefly before a career-ending concussion and it’s on the last regime for not signing another veteran right away. No mentor, three injuries, and a weak interior line and yes, there were times when we saw happy feet, throwing off his back foot, and not finding time to go through his progressions but he got to watch and spend time with Orton last year, Steve DeBerg this off-season, and now there’s Cassel, who learned under Brady.

    I think all three QBs in the running now can fit in with an offense that is now loaded.

  37. @jwm042085: !!!!!!!THE PFT POST OF THE DAY!!!!!! So true, one has to have extremely low self-esteem (don’t like yourself) to not be rooting for the Bills! Regardless what team, one is a fan of! After reading 90% of the post on this feed. Safe to say, most would need to know the meaning!

  38. tangledorchard says:

    and now there’s Cassel, who learned under Brady.

    I thought Bills fans believe Brady is a cheating, overrated, small handed, system QB.

    Also, I thought every Patriot since the beginning of time is cheater. I’ve also read that “once a cheater always a cheater”. Therefore, since Cassel was a Pat and a cheater, and since cheaters never change, Cassel is cheater now with the Bills. Hmmm.

  39. Go Bills! I picked up 3 season tickets for this year, along with 57,500 of my friends! Love everything Buffalo Blue. Can’t wait for the season to start. That said, the QB cast of characters they have does not impress. Here is hoping they are true to there word and they are a run run team. I feel bad for the talented wide outs we have and hope they don’t get to frustrated. I truly hope I am wrong.
    “With the 16th pick of the 2013 NFL Draft, the Buffalo Bills pick EJ Man… . ” Nooooooo!!!!

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