Clinton Portis has big gambling, tax debt

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Sheriff Gonna Getcha is possibly gonna get got.

Former NFL running back Clinton Portis, one of the best running backs of the past 20 years and a colorful figure who had a cast of characters and costumes he’d don from time to time for press conferences, could end up wearing a very specific type of costume in the not-too-distant future if he doesn’t start cutting big checks.

According to the Independent Florida Alligator, Portis faces six-figure tax and gambling debts. He allegedly failed to pay $401,432.18 in federal income taxes in 2006, and he allegedly failed to pay $57,187.61 in federal income taxes in 2010.

Portis possibly tried to raise funds to cover the tax obligation via the Rain Main strategy. If so, it didn’t work; Portis allegedly incurred a debt to the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas of $287,178.56 last month.

Portis rushed for 9,923 yards in nine NFL seasons, two with Denver and seven with Washington. And while he hasn’t played since 2010, Portis claims that all is well financially — despite the debt.

My lawyers are on top of it,” Portis told TMZ since the news broke, blaming the debts on a bad business deal from 2008. “I’m still eating. Look at my Instagram. I’m not starving. I’m gaining weight.”

Regardless, the feds tend to get their money, if they can show they’re entitled to it. Whatever Portis may or may not have lost in a bad business deal from 2008 won’t wipe clean the obligation to pay taxes from 2008 or 2010, unless he has an accountant who can bootstrap the losses to the revenues and get tax credits across a span of multiple years.

Then there’s the May 2015 gambling debt, which is clearly unrelated to the business deal and which won’t be going away until it’s satisfied or until Portis gets the debt fully or partially discharged by declaring bankruptcy.