Daryl Washington “confident that something will work out” with reinstatement


Cardinals coach Bruce Arians said earlier this month that it would be a “waste of breath” to discuss linebacker Daryl Washington in a football context until he’s reinstated by the league from the substance abuse suspension that kept him out of action all of last season.

That hasn’t happened and Washington told Mike Jurecki of FOX 910 that he hasn’t heard anything from the league about being reinstated since the suspension became eligible to end on May 30. Despite that, Washington also told Jurecki that he’s “confident that something will work out” and that he’s preparing for training camp as if there’s a reason for him to be ready to rejoin the team.

Washington’s reinstatement is just part of the process for him to resume his playing career, however. He still faces possible league discipline for a domestic violence conviction for which he was sentenced to probation and a 36-week domestic violence and anger management program. Washington has completed that program and had his one-year probation reduced by two months so that it ended in February of this year.

Once those issues are decided, it will be left to the Cardinals to waste some breath on conversations about whether they want Washington back on the team after his extended absence.

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  1. It is not unknown if the Cardinals will welcome Washington back!!! Just last week Arians said all the players love DWASH and want him back in the locker room , that makes them a better team , and Arians said both he and Keim are fine with that. Washington has already been paid his 10 million dollar signing bonus on his new contract signed in 2013 , he will be back. DWASH is one of the best top-5 3-4 ILBs in the NFL , AZ is not going to cut him so they can watch him get signed to the 49ers , who would pursue him HARD because they have horrible ILB problems.

    Their is a very , very good chance Washington just gets immediately reinstated because he has missed 21 games total last year including pre-season and the playoffs. He finished all court ordered programs and NFL ordered programs which included counseling , anger management classes , drug counseling for his marijuana issue, and he has taken and passed every drug test the NFL has made him take over his suspension. His charges were dropped to a simple misdeamenor because he completed everything as well. Washington has litterally jumped thru every hoop the NFL & Stae of AZ has asked him to comply with n finish!!!! Washington could be reinstated but if he is suspended it will be no longer than 2 to 4 games. If he gets 4 he could appeal and very likely get it knocked to 2 games !!!!!

    AZ getting Daryl Washington back this season puts that defense over the top!!! 6″2 1/2 230 pound Daryl Washington is an Elite top 5 ILB, he is probably the best pass rushing ILB in the NFL able to bring you 6-9 sacks a season. He is elite in coverage & can shut down the top elite TE’s!! He’s excellent VS the run , but Washington is an outright awesome pass rusher. They went out and signed an Elite ILB in Sean Weatherspoon, who is now fully 110% healthy & flying around the field. Healthy Weatherspoon is one of the best ILBs in the NFL when healthy and he is fully 110% healthy. Weatherspoon is a 3 down ILB & is elite in all 3 aspects stopping the run , rushing the QB , and playing coverage !!!! Weatherspoon can run with & shutdown elite TEs. Arizona has excellent depth at ILB behind the 2 starters as well. AZ is going to have an outright awesome top defense this season.

  2. The Cardinals will be a better team IF Washington is reinstated and can play at the level he was playing at prior to his suspension. So, I don’t think there is much doubt that the Cardinals, or 20+ other teams in their absence, will be “wasting some breath” in pursuit of getting Washington on the field.

  3. He’d get picked up 20 seconds after hitting waivers, so Arizona will probably keep him on the roster this year and force him (yes, force him) to re-work a longer term deal beneficial to both. Meaning, performance based structure, no up front bonuses. In short, he’s already screwed them for nearly two seasons of performance, yet the check cleared.

    He’s a tremendous talent, but as a Cardinals fan since ’70, I’m tired of the breath that’s already been wasted on what if’s surrounding this guy.

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