NFL, DirecTV sued over Sunday Ticket

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How quickly will DirecTV’s settlement of a lawsuit challenging the NHL out-of-market package that prevents the purchase of one team’s games spawn a similar attack on DirecTV’s NFL Sunday Ticket package?

If the over/under was a week and you took the under, congratulations.

A class action attacking the Sunday Ticket package was filed Wednesday in California. PFT has obtained a copy of the complaint filed by Thomas Abrahamian against the NFL, DirecTV, and related defendants.

The lawsuit accuses the NFL and DirecTV of violating federal antitrust laws by requiring consumers to purchase all Sunday afternoon out-of-market games, even if the customer wants to see the out-of-market games for one team only. Over the years, the Sunday Ticket package has been marketed from time to time specifically to those consumers.

“The League and DirecTV offer NFL Sunday Ticket only as all-or-nothing,” the complaint alleges at paragraph 36. “Purchasers of NFL Sunday Ticket must buy all out-of-market games for all teams even if they are only interested in watching the games of a particular team. Likewise, consumers must buy the complete season of games and may not purchase individual games.”

The NFL surely will argue that the broadcast antitrust exemption which allows games of separate teams to be bundled and sold to the networks allows that same bundling to occur when selling the games to consumers. The league faced a similar lawsuit in 1997, attacking not the inability to purchase games involving one specific team but the inability to purchase the package one Sunday at a time. Settled in 2001, the agreement allowed consumers for a limited time to buy NFL Sunday Ticket on any given Sunday.

The question in this case is whether the lawyers will push the litigation through to a conclusion, or whether they’ll accept a proposal that pays them handsomely for their limited efforts, gives the class members a short-term cookie for their trouble, and ultimately doesn’t effect meaningful change.

Whatever the law ultimately requires, here’s hoping that this lawsuit goes to the end, so that if consumers are illegally being deprived of the ability to purchase out-of-market games on a team-by-team basis, they’ll have that right going forward. Or, alternatively, if the NFL and DirecTV are complying with the law, they’ll be insulated from future attacks.

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  1. Sounds like a shaky case at best. The NFL owns the rights to the games not the individual teams and sells them as a group. Sounds legal to me.

    So Mr. Florio then can we sue the cable and satellite providers for making us buy all the channels when we only really want like 5 channels.

  2. I’m out of market and have DTV specifically for Sunday Ticket. Fortunately, I’ve gotten is free or discount every year. Just depends how much you complain/threaten to cancel.

  3. It’s about time. DIRECTV will win, but at least the issue is being taken national. There is no reason any NFL fan should be forced to buy the whole slate of games when all he or she cares about is one team.

    DIRECTV’s counter of course, should they lose, will be to make the a la carte price point so comparatively expensive (i.e., 85 or 90% of the full package price) that there will be very financial benefit to the consumer for going that route.

  4. I have been asking for this for years! I am a Bears fan living in MD, and purchase the NFL Ticket every season. I feel DirecTV has missed the boat by not offering single team packages on this. I believe they would swoon an entire new customer base that doesn’t purchase the ticket at all, by making it more affordable to purchase a single team, to out weigh those who would scale back to a single team package from the total Sunday Ticket Package. If that makes sense….

  5. Sounds like a pretty dumb class action, then again it was filed in California. California is like a box of breakfast cereal – what ain’t fruits and flakes is nuts.

  6. I don’t know what the law is on this but I can’t imagine not wanting to watch as many games as possible. When you have just one game on, there’s nothing to turn to during commercials…yuck.

  7. It’s whatever, but the league is losing out on a lot of $$ by not offering single games and individual weekends to consumers via live streams. They have no market for the traveling fan that needs to watch their team play.

  8. This will require more computers and filters for directv, what will stop them from charging almost as much for one team has the whole deal?

  9. What is wrong with this world? If you don’t want to buy the whole package simply don’t!


    I don’t think you understand the issue.

    I’m a Chiefs fan in Minnesota. If I don’t pay for Sunday Ticket I get either the Vikings, Packers, or nothing at all.

    Sure I would get probably one Chiefs game when they play the Broncos or Patriots, and the one prime time game they get a year roughly.

    I’m glad that last year the made it so you have a choice of packages. Before it was just one package for like 399$ but that was with Red Zone and a few other features like NFL mobile. I only wanted the games on TV. So they made a package that is 199$ that shows only the games.

    It would be nice to be able to pay for just the Chiefs game for like 6.99 a Sunday. Then any other game might be 4.99 or something. Near the end of the season I would purchase more games that affect playoff seeding and what not.

    It would also make it so you don’t pay when you team is on the local stations.

  10. For somewhere between $50 and $300 directv offers online streaming of sunday ticket.

    Not all functionality is available on all platforms (mobile, tablet, Xbox/Playstation/PC etc.) but you are allowed to watch your out of market games at a significant discount compared to having directv satellite year round.

    Madden 14 gave a coupon so it came out to $50. I got a coupon that got it to me for $9.99 one year.

    It works, and it is a good compromise if you ask me. 100% legal, quality HD (720p) streaming + redzone, + nfl network pregame coverage…right from the provider itself.

  11. I’m an out of market Jets fan living in Indiana.

    I have had DirectTV specifically for getting the out of market Jets games since 1997 (Yes – it’s been a lot of money for a lot of bad football).

    But that’s MY choice. I choose to pay those prices. (And yes, every year I call, threaten to cancel and get lots of stuff for free).

    I’m typically very liberal leaning, but as far as I am concerned it’s the NFL’s product and the NFL’s business, they should have the right to market and sell their product the way they see fit.

    Just because I’m a Jets fan living in Indiana doesn’t mean the NFL owes me anything or I should have the right to purchase just the Jets games.

  12. This is a weak case in my opinion, however if they won then think about the ramifications? You would essentially make it illegal to “force” customers to buy channel packages. That means every single cable/satellite provider would then be forced to offer a-la-carte pricing. I like that outcome…

    I always wondered why the exclusive deal w/ the NFL has never been successfully challenged by the other providers (or the consumer class). To me, that seems like an anti-competitive behavior and subject to anti-trust scrutiny.

    I for one would love to have other provider options, but if I want to watch my favorite team I MUST buy DirecTV.

  13. I want Sunday ticket on Comcast. But for the amount of games I would actually have time to see, it’s cheaper to go to the bar.

  14. Californians are hoping their suit holds water….they need it.

    Seriously, I have Sunday Ticket, and my approach is season ticket(s) for “a team”, any team, is way more than the cost of the Ticket. Add $20 parking, $10 hot dogs, $10 beer, etc, and sitting in your living room becomes a bargain!

    Having been a Bills fan since 1960 (therapy failed), when they suck as they are wont to do, it’s nice to have an option to watch some competitive football and it might not be “the game of the week” that’s on Fox, CBS, NBC etc.

    I see the cost as relative.

  15. “All or nothing?”

    The damn thing is a rip off anyways. Sam farmer of the Los Angeles times said that everyone can see NFL games on direct TV Sunday Ticket now.

    Well what if my residence is elsewhere while my billing address is at my original or my parents home? That means I cannot watch Sunday ticket.

    It also makes no sense to make it available on an app when you have the same address conflict. Let’s face it. The NFL and DirecTV only give us crap that we don’t want. Maybe the NFL can do the correct thing by asking the customers and maybe we will not always be stuck with garbage, including Dallas cowboy games in excess.

  16. I’m only eating 4 hot dogs tonight, so I’ll just pull out the other 8 before I leave the store and take 4 buns as well.

  17. andyreidsbossoms says:
    Jun 19, 2015 10:30 AM

    What is wrong with this world? If you don’t want to buy the whole package simply don’t!
    There’s nothing wrong with this world. The fact is there are many fans that support a team that don’t play in their local market. I personally would love to only have to purchase my favorite team instead of spending $300 – $400 or whatever it costs now. I’d rather spend half the price for the season just to be able to watch my team. The point is, there is no choice. It’s all or nothing which is a waste for many fans.

  18. How is this different than having to buy a bag of M&M’s, rather than purchasing them individually?

    Don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand the cable/DirectTV/Dish stranglehold forcing consumers to buy huge bundles of entertainment rather than picking what they want, but can anyone explain the difference?

  19. jimmyt says:
    Jun 19, 2015 10:47 AM

    Sounds like a pretty dumb class action, then again it was filed in California. California is like a box of breakfast cereal – what ain’t fruits and flakes is nuts.


    Aaaaannnnnd we’re taking your Rams. Hahahaha

  20. Direct TV should offer 3 packages;
    1 All the games
    2. Just your favorite team
    3 A steep discount if your team is the Raiders, Jags or Vikings because you shouldn’t be forced to pay the same amount as a pro team.

  21. Here’s what will happen. If you want to watch a specific team play the package costs around $240 or you can purchase all the games for $260. I know the prices are off but there will be little difference between purchasing your team and all the games.

  22. I would just like to see the price of NFL Ticket reduced because of the number of games that are prime time now. Games are on Thursdays, Sundays and Mondays and some Saturdays. Just drop the price a bit!!!!!!!

  23. 1. Make Sunday ticket available to all cable providers

    2. Develop packages that will allow you to purchase “division” for the year for less than $100

    3. Provide an option to purchase a single game for less than $20

    Everybody wins.

  24. Yeah, why do I have to pay for 4 flavors of starburst, when I really just want the lemon flavor?

  25. Raider fan in Oklahoma here.. We have Cox cable and the wife won’t switch to DirecTV or pay the $300 per year for the NFL… Will continue to listen on the radio or go to Buffalo Wild Wings……

  26. thetroofishere says:
    Jun 19, 2015 11:16 AM
    1. Make Sunday ticket available to all cable providers

    2. Develop packages that will allow you to purchase “division” for the year for less than $100

    3. Provide an option to purchase a single game for less than $20

    Everybody wins.

    I like this idea!!!!

  27. I must be in the minority, because I think the Sunday Ticket is a great deal.

    When you know what you’re doing, you can watch 2 full games at once without missing a play. Activate both tuners and pause before switching between them.

  28. This seems strange to me, and don’t get me wrong I would love to be able to purchase just the Broncos games, or if they offered an AFC West package that would be great too, but this this seems akin to me suing PepsiCo because I sometime just want to purchase a single can, but they only sale it in 6 or 12 packs, or me suing Oscar mayer because they only sale hot dogs in packs of 8 and sometime I only want 4. It’s the NFL’s product and they can package it in whatever way they want and if the market will carry the cost then good for them. I understand the complaint, but suing is just silly.

  29. You will end up paying close to the full cost for just watching one team, and if you buy more than one game in the last few weeks you will pay more over all than if you paid for the full ticket….chances are the price would be 9.99 a game at say 14 weeks that’s about 140 to get all the games it would be 199 and if you decide to buy a rival game during the playoff race you will be at or over the 199 price…but I guess it gives you the ability to not purchase a week if you are on vacation or out of the house on a couple of Sundays…..and direct is making sure they get their money… long as the overall price doesn’t go up I don’t care…..

  30. I’d have no problem buying the full slate of games if it weren’t solely offered on DirectTV. Direct TV is garbage. I shouldn’t be forced to get DirectTV in order to get Sunday Ticket. But I don’t think that’s something that the court needs to force, it’s common sense that the NFL needs to figure out.

  31. How about they make a Sunday Ticket Internet package for cheap and you don’t need DirecTV satellite and/or cable???

  32. While they’re at it, how about suing the NFL and DirecTV for locking out DirecTV’s competition for the Sunday Ticket?

  33. joetoronto says:

    When you know what you’re doing, you can watch 2 full games at once without missing a play. Activate both tuners and pause before switching between them.

    Add the fact that you could record 2 other games at the same time.

  34. So the outcome will be that you can buy every game (the current package) from directv for the current rate of (guessing) $400. Or you can buy the games of one team for $350. Or you can buy an entire sun worth of games for $150

    Long story short, might as well buy the whole package…

  35. The real problem is that the NFL has an exclusive deal with DirecTV. If consumers were able to purchase a Sunday Ticket type package from their local cable company, AT&T or Dish Network you could price shop pay TV services. I’m stuck with DirecTV to watch my team and know I could save more than enough to buy the package for every team if I could pick/switch pay TV providers. Every other sports package (MLB, NHL, NBA, NCAA football and basketball) is available on all TV providers. Not the NFL. They think so little of their fans that they force us to do business with DirecTV.

  36. Newsflash:

    95 percent of the NFL games are horrible to watch. The other 5 percent are on cable or feature games of the week.

    I wish CBS would black out the Browns games in Cleveland. Would save alot of fans from watching horrible football.

  37. Eventually DirectTV will tapout and give the public what they want single game pay per view. But becareful what you wish for…The package currently cost about 350…so divide that by 16 and you get 21.75. I’ll be nice…the ignorant consumer that thinks they are going to get pay per-view NFL games for 9.99 is saddly mistaken. I’d guess the suites (NFL and DirectTV) more than likely a few of them have MBA’s from Wharten or your Ive of choice are going to sit in a room and set the price at a minimum of 25 per game. No more holding DTV hostage saying your going to cancel if you don’t get a break on your bill. Then the NFL is going to dump it exclusivity with DTV fix a minimum price and let you purchase on your platform of choice.

  38. The easiest way to handle this (and likely a good moneymaker directly to the NFL) is to give fans the option of purchasing single games and watching them via the internet. Don’t like what is on the the local Fox/CBS channel? Fine. For $10.99 you can purchase the game you would like to watch and have access via the internet.

  39. Also to the genius that said whats wrong with this world?

    When the NFL stops taking money from cities/taxpayers to build their stadiums then that is a private business. Until then, citizens and people should have the right to purchase/view games in any way shape or form to their desires.

    They will win this case or force the NFL to settle fully. The NFL is pissing way too many people off and its going to come back to them big time right now.

    Their making people refer to the Super Bowl as the Big Game shows you what dooshes they are

  40. ducknichols50 says:

    Jun 19, 2015 11:16 AM
    Isnt America based around a free market?

    Except banks and big corporations. If you think otherwise I’d say you have not been paying attention

  41. If they weren’t monopolies we would of been doing this with all cable channels for years.
    Same reason we pay more for internet service and receive less than the other developed countries.

  42. NFL will eventually do pay per view if they have to do individual games/teams. $25 a week ($10 a week if whole season bought) They will make it that most will buy the whole package. Playoffs and Super Bowl will become pay per view. $29.99 for playoffs $199 for Super Bowl.

    The NFL is going to make money and forcing them to give you 1 teams games is just going to cost more in the long run and push system to pay per view.

    Everyone ones a la carte now so the NFL will give it to you at a cost.

  43. I’m an out of market Jets fan living in Indiana.

    I have had DirectTV specifically for getting the out of market Jets games since 1997 (Yes – it’s been a lot of money for a lot of bad football).

    They should include this guys in the lawsuit class

    Imagine paying 5k over 20 years to watch the Jets


  44. Why are these people complaining? Seriously man, NFL Sunday Ticket costs next to NOTHING now compared to what I used to have to pay for it. Back in 2008-2010 I was paying close to $400 easily… now its around $150-200 for EVERY GAME. If you can’t afford $150-200 over a 1 year span, then you don’t need to be watching football anyways… you need to get yourself a second job. That’s just me, I don’t see a problem with it.

  45. be careful what you wish for…both Direct TV and the NFL will not allow their revenues to go down if they offer team packages, or any other kind of package…it’s just like cable tv in the beginning when they sold the public the idea of tv without commercials…some of you might remember that…

  46. The NFL could just repackage it as buy one team’s games for $300 (or whatever Sunday Ticket costs) get all the other teams games for free.

  47. bassplucker says:
    Jun 19, 2015 10:35 AM
    There is no reason any NFL fan should be forced to buy the whole slate of games when all he or she cares about is one team.
    Why? Because it’s your fundamental right as an American to not have to pay for your entertainment?

    I just don’t get why anybody thinks they have the right to pick and choose, at whatever price they want, to watch just the games they want.

  48. So here’s what will happen. You’ll wind up paying the same amount you are now to see just your favorite team. If you want to watch all the games then you’ll pay even more.

  49. These conglomerates have been sued in the past many times over a la carte pricing. And have always come out on top.

  50. To all the “free market” posters…you’re argument works if we were talking about toilet paper because Charmin isn’t obtaining PUBLIC handouts in the form of antitrust exemptions, etc. Thus, we can’t sue Charmin to sell toilet paper in single rolls as opposed to more expensive bulk.

    When you get a public handout like the NFL and DirecTV gets via antitrust and a host of other hidden statutory sweetheart exemptions, the PUBLIC is afforded more statutory grounds to complain.

    That legal advice just cost you all $125 for my .2 of time to think and write it.

  51. i can’t believe how many people on here are defending directTV. you realize you aren’t a rich CEO, right? strong anti-trust regulation is distinctly to your advantage . . .

  52. I am a Lions fan, who lives in Michigan, and I have been a Direct TV customer and Sunday Ticket subscriber for years.

    Even though I get to watch my team, I enjoy watching whatever early / late games I see fit, not the one that is jacked down my throat by a network, and I like the ability to watch a few games during commercials, watch Red Zone, ETC.

    Even If I didn’t buy ST, I would still be a direct TV customer because I detest Comcast and think that they are literally the worst company ever, and they are the only cable option where I live.

    Would I like the option to buy a game here and there, sure. But I just suck it up and buy the package.

    It’s not the most cost effective thing ever, but honestly, I just cut out the couple games a year I used to attend in person, and I have pretty much recouped the cost…

  53. jchipwood says:
    Jun 19, 2015 11:15 AM
    Here’s what will happen. If you want to watch a specific team play the package costs around $240 or you can purchase all the games for $260. I know the prices are off but there will be little difference between purchasing your team and all the games.

    Yuppppp. Prior to last season I was overseas, and had NFL Gamepass, which is an overseas only version of Sunday Ticket but online. It has DVR like function, pretty good picture and worked well. They had an three pricing tiers, of which two were very similar (big difference was how long you had access to NFL Network and a backlog of games from previous season but you got all games for all teams). However, the third option was to buy games for just one team. The price difference was about less than 50 bucks for the season, it wasn’t that much cheaper. So those that think a single team option will be under a 100 bucks, keep dreaming.

  54. Honestly something does need to change with the Sunday ticket. If I could only purchase 1 out of market team’s games it would be perfect.

  55. You whiners won’t be happy until every business has to give away their product or merchandise for free.

    Don’t give me this “tax dollars helped build the stadium” junk. When the Rolling Stones do a concert in that stadium should they put that on free TV too? You think the NFL game should be on free TV to non ticket buyers, what’s the difference with a concert?

    Keep forcing the NFL to give away its product and soon you’ll have NO free tv options.

  56. dmuehlhausen says: Jun 19, 2015 10:51 AM

    . . .

    It would also make it so you don’t pay when you team is on the local stations.

    And there lies exactly why they won’t let you buy game by game.

  57. Most people forget that the NFL used to blackout ALL local market home games. It took taking them to court to have them drop that rule.

    So taking the league and DirecTV to court on this matter is the only way to possibly settle this.

  58. The law is rather unambiguous in that the anti-trust exclusion only applies to telecasting. Nothing about DBS rights. Another L for the NFL. Supreme court would likely come out heavily against the NFL 7-2. or worse. Thomas would vote for the NFL and someone else possibly but that’s be about the best the NFL would get

  59. Interesting…if they find consumers should be allowed to purchase the games separately maybe there is some hope to not being forced to purchase directtv in general.

    I’ve never had a problem with the concept of paying to be able to see any sunday game…my issue is with having to sign up for directtv. I refuse to do that, I’m not paying an extra $700+ a year for cable that I don’t even want (I find netflix and over air channels to be perfectly fine).

    I’ve always wondered how much the NFL would have to charge if they sold the package themselves online instead of taking a bunch of money from directtv to give them exclusivity.

  60. Psychoraider, how do you stream the games for free?

    psychoraider904 says:
    Jun 19, 2015 11:16 AM
    No thanks. I’ll keep streaming my games online for free! It’s not HD but I don’t pay a dime and I don’t miss any of my Raiders games.

  61. If you’re looking for value and I can’t believe that every fan hasn’t figured out that you can get live feeds from Europe for free including Red Zone. After you get the game up, you

    Just plug the HDMI connector from your computer to the TV.

    Quality? There are usually 4 to 8 links per game that you’ll have to search for HD. If not, you have 720p.

    If you don’t want DirecTV and only want 1 game, search search and search the internet. I’m prohibited from posting a link. btw, you can watch boxing, hoops, hockey, baseball, cricket, soccer. EVERYTHING.

    I’ve used this for YEARS for various sporting events. I thought it was common knowledge.

  62. kmaco505,

    When did the NFL black out all homes games? Local market games?
    I have been watching home games on TV since I was a kid. I’m almost 60 now.

    They used to black out non-sellout games and have since dropped that black out rule.

    To be honest, they should have kept the black out rule for games not sold out 72 hours before kickoff.

    As to Direct TV. They have lowered the price to $199 for every game. Try to go to ONE game for $199.
    Its a bargain for out of market fans.

  63. that was very informative and extremely well written Mike. Covered both angles with professionalism ! suggesting the best outcome is for whatever the legal process says … very nice !

  64. I recently dropped DirecTV and this is one thing I’m nervous about not being able to watch all the games. I need to find a site that I can go to..
    DirecTV stinks. They used to give you Redzone channel if you paid for Sunday ticket which is like 300 bucks! Now they want you to even pay MORE MONEY FOR REDZONE!
    I hope somebody can make a good website that can stream all the games on Sunday. These games are on Network TV which is FREE..Why should people have to pay to watch something that is FREE????
    They don’t charge you to watch Big Bang Theory on CBS.. All you need to do now is get a converter box and you get ur local channels since some are not over the air anymore but these channels are still free in HD… It’s insane how much DirecTV charges people for NFL. If I live in Atlanta and like the Packers and ONLY want PACKERS games I should be able just to pay for those games and t should be 40$ at the most.. But if I lived in Green Bay I could just watch the game without direcTV or cable.. It’s ridiculous

  65. Go for 2 sports.

    I have the free link you want. I don’t know how to get it to other fans. All games from every sport, free. You get 2 pop ups that you can close and won’t return or by – pass by going full screen, which won’t let anything pop into the picture.

    I was busy and watched STL Cardinal baseball on my computer last week. Looked perfect. Watched the last 5 minutes of gm 6 of cavs/gsw as I’m not a hoops fan. Last season, I watched the Hawks vs Raiders feed from my computer to the TV via hdmi cable.

    This is a GOLD mine site. Fans pay $400 for 1 sport for 1 season. What is a link worth that gives you every sport, football has the redzone link, every game and lasts for ??? I’ve used it occasionally for 5 years running.

    whats the value? hmmmm.

  66. I got off the Dish/DirectTV completely this year. I’ve been using a good antenna from the store and it’s pretty good. I get the networks without much trouble. Saving money each month.

  67. The NFL Blackout rule was overturned in the mid 70’s. I remember people from NYC driving up to New Haven, CT, to watch NY Giants home games.

    There was an episode of the old Bob Newhart show where the gang drove down to Peoria to watch a Bears’ home game.

    My worst experience was having to wait until after midnight to watch the 1968 AFL Championship game in NYC.

    The current rule only allows for local blackouts if a game is not sold out 72 hours before kickoff.

  68. You can bet that if you want to watch only the Packers games the cost will be so close to watching all the games, they will either way.

    I too am going to try complaining this year about the costs and see what happens. I do like Sunday Ticket other than my thumb gets sore changing channels like crazy for three hours.

    Funny how all the games seem to go to commercials at the same time. 8 games are on and all of a sudden you can’t escape the commercials. Talk about commercials, wow DTV add’s extra ones in and you miss some of the game coverage due to it. Its horrible.

  69. This will only end up hurting the consumer in the long run. If the current price to watch all teams is $400, or roughly $25 per week, I could see DirecTV making the rate slightly lower (say $20 a week) for single teams and then jacking up the price for the whole package. So great, you saved $100 on the season but only get to watch your team, while the customers that buy it to watch several teams get blasted with higher prices.

  70. It does seem like a shakey case, but when DirecTV commercials, say hey I am a fan _____ (east coast team) but now I live on the west coast….. so I get directv so I can watch my teams out of market games…..

  71. kmac0505 says:
    Jun 19, 2015 12:58 PM
    Most people forget that the NFL used to blackout ALL local market home games. It took taking them to court to have them drop that rule.

    So taking the league and DirecTV to court on this matter is the only way to possibly settle this.


    In 1972, a lot of has changed in everything since then. In was only in the 60s that games on TV were a regular thing and carried by national networks.

    Furthermore, no on took the NFL to court over the local blackout rule, that was threaten but congress passed a law, that stated no local game would be blacked out if a sold-out occurred 72 hours prior.

  72. If you can’t afford the $25 a month, on average, that it costs each year to get every single NFL game, perhaps you should get a better job.

    BTW, how much are you paying for your internet so you can post on here that everything should be for free. You’re using your work email, aren’t you?

  73. immafubared says:
    Jun 19, 2015 2:03 PM
    Talk about commercials, wow DTV add’s extra ones in and you miss some of the game coverage due to it. Its horrible.
    That has never happened to me. Not once.

  74. The bigger problem is the exclusivity. I have no interest in direct TV, but would pay full price for sunday ticket every year. Since they decided not to offer sunday ticket to anyone that isnt a DTV customer, they wont get my money. What a bunch of idiots, though–the NFL isnt a big enough reason to get screwed by DTV contracts. Oh well, they miss out on my money every year and I just go to a bar and spend at least that much watching aaron rodgers stomp all over every team he plays.

  75. @jayhawk777

    Some people have a problem stealing. I know, crazy, right?

    And spare me the down votes, piracy is stealing. That’s why you should always use a vpn….

  76. What did you do prior to DTV offering NFL Sunday ticket? No one is forcing you to buy the NFL Sunday ticket. Next people will complain that they’re paying for HBO, but they only want to pay for certain movies that air on HBO.

  77. Here’s how DirectTV avoids this lawsuit :

    – Every single game : $250 (or whatever it is)
    – Every single game of your team only : $249

    There you go, that way they offer a package with your team only!

  78. I’m a Jets (first)/Giants(second) fan living in South Central PA so the only way I’m seeing my teams is Sunday ticket.

    If you charge me $10 a game or $200 for the whole ball of wax I’m buying the whole thing.

    The real culprit here is not the NFL but the federal law that requires the cable/sat providers to force feed me the local TV stations. Since I’m paying I should be able to order any TV station I want. I’d order the NYC package and be done with it.

    Couldn’t care less about the local news/sports.

  79. As for those whining, what else in your life do you want for free? Cell phone? Food? Other peoples money? What exactly entitles you to free NFL games that are out of market?

  80. Why not give people the option of buying just your teams games? I mean seriously, I know the NFL loves raping and pillaging its consumers, but at the end of the day its just entertainment, talk about an industry gone a muck!

  81. In DIRECTV’s defense… I’m sure it cost them a lot to hire Hannah Davis and that horse for those godawful ads.

  82. Sooooo, the question then becomes, “what’s it worth to you” or “what are you willling to pay” to see just your favorite teams games?? Be careful what you wish for…I agree with the suit in principle, all the way, but fear as another poster stated earlier, it will cost about 85-90% of the cost of ALL-Game/Total Package, so many will stick with that…and then, value increases by splitting off ‘your-team-only’ game schedule, soooo…the price on the whole enchilada goes up, that MUCH FASTER than it would, if left alone.

    $0000 ya $ee, it’s tricky… and I don’t think will cause fury…unless of course, the local broadcasters just can’t afford it and it all goes PPV ** with ads, of course**.

  83. Oh ya, if your a direct TV customer and your contract has expired, they will give you the Sunday Ticket any day of the week for free to keep you on board. My contact ends the middle of August and trust me i’ll let them know I’m outie 50 unless they hook me up. I have had the Sunday Ticket Free 3 times!

  84. Be careful what you wish for sports fan. If everything were a-la-carte, all sports pricing, including ESPN, would skyrocket. Major sports are some of the most expensive programing for providers to buy. Right now, there are a ton of people who hate sports, subsidizing our pleasure.

  85. New Pricing:

    All games all season: $250
    Single Team All season: $249
    Single team one week: $99

    Case closed.

    Lawyers are leeches

  86. The truth of the matter is ALL TV is a racket and it’s because of the government being in bed with the powers that be/the ultra-rich. Why shouldn’t I be able to pay for the channels I want to watch? It’s 2015. That technology would not be difficult. Hell, I can on demand things 24/7 but I gotta buy 150 channels to get the 4 I watch?

    The NFL probably wouldn’t even exist without the government giving them a basic monopoly on the sport with the TV rights. It certainly wouldn’t exist as it is today…..a fat, ultra-wealthy cash cow run by billionaires with no competition in the marketplace, taking bribes from the military to pimp war every chance it gets, and forcing me to watch some pop singer screetch out a terrible intro song before every game.

    This lawsuit is just fodder. NFL will win 100% guaranteed.

  87. As lousy as this on the field product has become. Why would you want to pay anything for it?

  88. Broncos fan living in Richmond, VA here. Last year I did not renew Sunday Ticket and then did the math. There were seven Broncos games last season that were not nationally telecast. Those games I went to Buffalo Wild Wings. My average bar tab/food was $45 a game. $315 is what it cost me to view my beloved Broncos when not on local TV. Sunday Ticket, while pricey, is a bargain when you consider how much it costs to dine out during a game, not to mention the risk of a dui driving home. This season, I will gladly buy Sunday Ticket and stay at home where it is safe!
    and for those keeping score, I happen to LOVE Directv’s service and reliability. Con-cast and Verizon FIOS pretty much suck!

  89. Football isn’t a right.

    Please judge, put this piece of garbage suing in jail along with his lawyer. They’re the type of people making America a worse place to live.

  90. If half of you have any knowledge of laws you would see that what DirecTV and the NFL are doing is borderline illegal. That is why the other Major Leagues are being sued and losing.

    If DirecTV would allow a person to pay say $100 to follow 1 teams games all year long and not force all games from all teams they would make more $$. All you are doing is locking the customer to a specific team and still making money. I do however feel its just wrong for DirecTV to be the only one holding rights to air the games out of market. I think all providers should have the ability because DirecTV has a monopoly on that market which actually makes it illegal, but they managed to make it legal.

  91. I would rather have the ability to purchase my teams games but they would price them so high that Sunday Ticket current prices would be cheaper. The main issue I see is that you can only purchase the games from DirecTV. Millions of people either do not like DirecTV or are unable to get it. If all cable and satellite providers had the ability to offer the games in a format such as Sunday Ticket, more people would have access and competition would drive the price down a bit (no provider could sell it for $500 if their competition will sell it for $250). The out of market team argument is a sidebar. The real issue is the exclusive market of DirecTV. The Internet isn’t the answer either. Logjam on the lines would make that almost unwatchable.

  92. Don’t complain until you live in Comcast’s home country Philadelphia. You have a choice of Sunday Ticket and no MLB, NBA or NHL local games or cable and no Sunday Ticket.

  93. I want them to win so that it sets the precedent that individual channels can be purchased. It’s ridiculous that to get the two or three channels I’d actually watch on Cable I have to get the other 200 to go with it, and go from paying $20 bucks a month to almost $100.

    Its really the cable/sataellite people shooting themselves in the foot with the packaging. I’d gladly pay $5-10 per month per channel for specific channels. I won’t pay $25-35 (the current cost if you buy the entire package).

  94. That is the reason we have had Sunday Ticket for the last 5 years. We WANT all the games. If you can’t afford it, then don’t buy it. Simple. Don’t ruin it for the rest of us. Come of DIRECTV put it to em!

  95. While we’re at it, why not simply televise ALL of the games for FREE ?? Everyone would then be happy, well maybe not everyone since some people will always find a reason to complain.

    Let’s get real and listen to ourselves complain. The cost of DirecTv is about $10 per game……anyone posting who can’t afford that should take up a collection or stop watching.

    Contrary to what some seem to think, you do not have a constitutional right to watch any NFL game on TV………..get over it !!!

  96. easy solution for nfl/direct TV….example they can charger $189 a season for one team, or do their value plan and get all 32 teams for $199.

  97. I don’t even understand why anti-trust protection would be needed here. The NFL owns the product, they can sell it to whomever they want in any package form they want. They’re not trying to stifle other people from selling other products, just controlling the sale of something they own.

  98. dmuehlhausen says:
    Jun 19, 2015 10:51 AM
    What is wrong with this world? If you don’t want to buy the whole package simply don’t!


    I don’t think you understand the issue.
    It would be nice to be able to pay for just the Chiefs game for like 6.99 a Sunday. Then any other game might be 4.99 or something. Near the end of the season I would purchase more games that affect playoff seeding and what not.

    I don’t think you understand the free market. While it might be nice if you could buy whatever games you want, you certainly have no right to force them to sell it to you.

  99. Does the price of SundayTicket suck? Yes.

    Is the price worth it to have the choice of watching your out of town favorite team? Maybe., depends on your team.

    Is the price worth it to have options other than the same teams that the free over-the-air networks show week after week (hello Peyton, Tom, and Andrew)? Hell yes!

  100. I am a Saints fan living in Nebraska.

    I use NFL Rewind to stream the internet. The NFL sells a one team package (or 32 team pkg.) for the season. I listen to the pre-season on the radio (WWL). Post season is on TV nationwide. So is the Superbowl.

    Drawbacks: It is NOT live and sometimes you have to wait 24 hours to see the game. I listen to season games on the radio, then watch them later on NFL Rewind.

    PROS: You can watch games going back all the way to 2009 from the archives. AND, the games are in HD. Plus, you get the options of watching 4 different formats of each game. Coaches camera (22 angles), condensed version (30 minutes per game), big plays, etc. Plus, there are no commercials on any format. All for $35 a year.

  101. One can watch what they want for the cost of their ISP already. I recommend upgrading to the fastest speed available and a large monitor.

  102. Seems like a dumb suit to me. If I were Goodell, I’d settle, keep the same price and restrict access to just one team.

  103. NFL acts like a quasi-public entity when it suits their interests (cough*stadiums*cough*tax exemption*) and then pulls the ‘we’re a private business’ card whenever people expect them to adhere to a higher standard. I suspect they will continue to do so.

  104. DirecTV should pull the plug on its NFL services for the first 6 weeks, see the victimhood of some of the above posters skyrocket.

    Free bootleg streaming services suck. Nothing like malware infecting your pc/pad.

  105. I understand that the ticket is a lot of money, but for $200 or $300 you can watch every single game the whole season in crystal clear HD. The only people who are complaining in my opinion are the people who aren’t into fantasy football and call it a rip off. When your team is on a bye week, it’s good to have a choice in which games you would like to watch instead of being forced into watching one really boring game because that’s the only game you get

  106. Would like to see a lawsuit to make it so I don’t have to get the hundreds of music and shopping channels on my satellite. Pay for 200 channels get 50 that show actual programming. Need ala carte satellite and cable

  107. 3 A steep discount if your team is the Raiders, Jags or Vikings because you shouldn’t be forced to pay the same amount as a pro team.


    As a Vikings fan, I’ll take the deserving discount, sir!

  108. The slow moving cement wheel of justice decided to finally move in the right direction… for a while.

    I’ve got $20. Dude. Crowd-source this lawsuit. Hell, I have $50 for a t-shirt.

    The amazing thing is: Folks who have been a Sunday Ticket subscriber since the beginning? Will, seriously, back you 100%.

  109. I’m going to sue Coke and Budweiser for not selling 5 packs.

    Sad state its possibly illegal for a business to package its product as it sees fit.

  110. Love DirecTV. Always get the newest channels 1st.
    Wish they had MTV Jams.

    That being said, wherever the Sunday Ticket ends up = the service provider I will have.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  111. “I don’t think you understand the issue.

    I’m a Chiefs fan in Minnesota. If I don’t pay for Sunday Ticket I get either the Vikings, Packers, or nothing at all.”


    I don’t think YOU understand the issue. If you don’t like the price and terms, then it’s pretty simple -DON’T BUY IT. It’s like a guy taking you to court because you want to sell a car and he only wants to purchase the seats and hood. Sounds pretty ridiculous, doesn’t it?

    Why is is that people think just because a company offers a product or service that they’re automatically entitled to it, and should be able to dictate the terms of the product through the force of government?

  112. I have 3 team I follow, in 3 different times zones.
    There are some other team I don’t mind watching. I like Sunday Ticket, but I have a problem with the price. Now that AT&T owns Direct TV, I have a real problem. I swore AT&T 10 years ago because of what that did to my mother. AT&T will never get another dime from me. I dropped Direct TV as well. I think the real issues is why only Direct TV has the package? Why not Dish, or Time Warner, or other cable companies?

  113. When ST started, they did offer an option of buying just your teams games as well as every game. But that was back before local channels on the dish and before they signed the agreement with the NFL to black out games on ST channels available on your local affiliate. The can of worms of being required to offer this now would be tremendous. What happens when a Cowboys, Patriots, or some other popular good teams fans order and 3/4 of their games are already on TV without the package and the those fans start crying they were ripped off?

  114. Not only that, the cable companies and Directv also make you buy a package with 100 or so channels when 90 of them are infomericials/advertisement. That really sucks.

  115. streaming a football game online is not a problem these days. u just have to use a vpn. it unblocks the site that streams the game. been using ironsocket as my vpn and it works well. been watching and been updated with what’s happening. it is cool. u should try it.

  116. I’ve been jumping through Directv’s hoops since 2003. I’m a displaced Steelers fan. I’ve been buying Sunday Ticket for the last 12 years. every year, I ask Directv for an ala carte package so I can watch the games that aren’t on National TV. The Steelers always play in the league maximum of 5 night games every year. those games are not on Directv. The steelers will also appear in 2 to 3 sunday games that are televised nationally. That means I’m paying for 5 to 8 weeks where my team is not on Directv. I make this complaint every year and am given a small discount for my efforts. How do I join in this lawsuit?

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