Dolphins among the teams interested in Evan Mathis, but at what price?


Plenty of teams are supposedly interested in Pro Bowl guard Evan Mathis. But none has made an aggressive effort to sign the free agent yet.

Barry Jack.son of the Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins are interested in Mathis, but that they have no yet made an offer.

On Friday, agent Drew Rosenhaus declined to name any interested teams, but he said that plenty of teams are in the mix for Mathis.”One of the things that I’ve assured the teams that are interested in Evan is that I’m simply not going to identify who they are and talk about them because they have a set roster at this point,” Rosenhaus told WQAM’s The Joe Rose Show on Friday, via Jackson. “But there are 10 teams that have expressed bona fide interest in signing Evan.”

The key question is the price. Mathis had been due to make $5.5 million in 2015, and he was hoping for a $1 million sweetener. Which means that he presumably can be had for $6.5 million in 2015.The interested teams may be waiting for the price tag to fall. The player may be waiting for someone to meet his asking price. Regardless, it looks like nothing is going to happen imminently.

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  1. Sure would be nice to plug him in at LG until we see if Douglas pans out. I’m still worried about Turner at RG. He seems to be having issues transitioning from tackle to guard.

  2. The price of dealing with the likes of Rosenhaus. You screwed up Mathis, nobody is coming close to the money you were signed for. As for Miami they had him once they know what he is and they’re not paying his price.

  3. Dolphins have 9 mil in space this year and are 17 mil over next years projected cap. Miami fans need to accept that they are rolling with Thomas, Turner or Douglas filling the 2 guard spots.

  4. I feel like Suh contract is going to hamper Dokphins’ ability to fill crucial spots like O-line, LB & DB depth. Is Suh worth it? We’ll see.

  5. Keep in mind the cap will likely go up 10 million, which only puts Miami at 7 million over.

    If the roll over the 9 million from this year, they are plus 2 million.

    From there, they could turn Suh or Tannehills entire 2016 salaries into Signing bonuses to make cap room. And that’s before making any cuts.

    The cap situation isn’t as bad as it looks on paper.

  6. The Dolphins have plenty of dough to sign him THIS year, but Rosenhaus already told the Fins he wants a multi-year deal and it can’t happen. The 2016 Cap is going to be tough to fool with, but we got all the guys signed, so we wnt be in Cap Hell like the Trolls say. The $8.5M rolls over and the Cap increases. Easy peasy.

    Mathis played for the Dolphins in 2008 and had limited snaps after being released by the Panthers. Went to the Bengals and then became a Starter in Philly. Is a 33 year old worth the money… According to PFF he is the Number 1 ranked Guard. For days I said he get $5M+ and a multi year deal and I get Thumbs Down. I am sticking to my guns. He gets paid, he might sit for a while, but it never fails, some desperate team will get him and it will be close to what he wants. It ain’t right, but that is reality. Big Contract that never see the end. Heck, the Fins destroyed 4 of them this year alone ( Wallace, Gibson, Ellerbe, Wheeler). Contract mean Nothing… All about the Cap Hit.

  7. Year Team G
    2005 CAR 9
    2006 CAR 15
    2007 CAR 1
    2008 CIN 8
    2009 CIN 13
    2010 CIN 13
    2011 PHI 15
    2012 PHI 16
    2013 PHI 16
    2014 PHI 9
    huh! Miami doesn’t seem to appear

  8. The Fins have a nice slew of receivers now. That won’t mean much if T-Hill can’t stay upright. Work your magic Dawn Aponte & Co..

  9. Not a capologist but if Miami has 9M is cap this year, it makes sense to front load the deal with a minimum hit next season. I also do not think Mathis is in any hurry to participate in training camps. Miami runs a ZBS so it appears to be a good. Plus Miami’s guards are (in my Charles Barkley voice) turrible.

  10. Yes Miami had him on their roster at one point in his career and I think it was back in 06 or around that time. He would be a good plug and play option but at 5.5m a year that is a no go. I see Miami rolling the dice with the young guys and Douglas has been playing well. Turner has been ok too this offseason as he suffered from turf toe last season. We will roll the dice and next year we will draft a guard if needed. I can see us picking up a veteran if needed but not signing Mathis. We would sign Mathis for a one year deal and cut him next year but Mathis already knows this so he is looking for a long term deal.

  11. I am just curious to see how the season pans out for the ‘Fins, they have dominated the off-season news.

  12. Mathis was signed by the Dolphins on September 9, 2008 after Donald Thomas, our rookie starting right guard spot was put on injured reserve. They released him November 8 after playing seven games for them.

    That said, offer him a 2 year $11 mil deal, $8 mil guaranteed.
    Offer workout and performance bonuses so that if he plays well and isn’t nagged with injuries, he gets paid.

    We’ll be fine next year cap wise. Sign him.

    Jake Long was a physical guy like Mathis and declined quickly due to injuries.

  13. How are you going to sign him for 1 year and cut him next year? He’ll be a Free-Agent next year. What, are you going to cut him 3 days before Free Agency starts? SMH

  14. 26predator says:
    Jun 20, 2015 8:27 PM
    I am just curious to see how the season pans out for the ‘Fins, they have dominated the off-season news.
    Ted Wells finds that it is more likely than not that there is some other news that has dominated the off-season.

  15. 2008 he played 7 games with Miami. That was at age 27 the prime of his career and he wasn’t good enough. Chips offense and the luxury of playing between Peters and Kelce, earned him the inflated contract. Potential signers beware

  16. As others have mentioned, the cap issues make it hard for Miami to offer him anything more than 1 year of guaranteed money. Some other team likely will be able to offer a better deal. For all the Incognito haters, he’s still better than any guard Miami has on the roster.

  17. Rosenhaus isn’t saying who the teams are because there aren’t any teams interested. There is NO WAY 10 teams are interested in him.

  18. I have ZERO confidence in Dallas Thomas & Billy Turner. I say sign the guy for 5-6 million a year, deal with the cap next year by restructuring contracts. The longer you wait you risk losing him if some guard gets injured in the preseason causing a bidding war for Mathis.
    They dropped the ball on Collins in the draft, don’t blow this.

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