Taylor Mays joins the Lions

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Taylor Mays has left the Vikings, but he won’t be leaving the NFC North.

Agent Fadde Mikhail tells ESPN’s Adam Schefter that Mays has agreed to a deal with the Lions.

Mays, who spent one year with the 49ers and four with the Bengals, has started only four games since his rookie season, when he started six times. He joined the Vikings in March as an unrestricted free agent, reuniting with former Bengals defensive coordinator Mike Zimmer.

But the Vikings obviously didn’t like what they saw during the offseason program. Now, Mays will have to make the Lions like what they see in training camp and the preseason. Otherwise, he’ll be available once again.

25 responses to “Taylor Mays joins the Lions

  1. Ya, well don’t cha know sometimes it just doesn’t work out for a particular player in a particular situation. It doesn’t mean they don’t have what it takes nor does it mean they won’t end up being incredibly successful in a new environment. Personally I’m perplexed as to why he fizzled out so quickly for the Vikes considering he had 3 years of experience in Zimmers system but hey, good luck to Taylor Mays!(Especially with AD running right at cha full speed in the open field!) ;-D

  2. I wouldn’t jump to that conclusion so fast ohand16…

    You don’t know what has been asked of him in other situations. Some defenses stress man-to-man coverage skills, while other defenses focus on zone coverage. Some stress the ability to tackle, while some stress straight line speed for coverage. He might be the perfect fit for a special team’s need. Who knows for sure.

    Or he could just be a camp body…

  3. Soft as they come. Last man in on a team tackle. You’re right: Carroll saw it at SC and didn’t draft him.

  4. Watched him for 4 years. Good run support. Poor in coverage. Big hitter that often dings his own teammates trying to crunch the receiver. As bad as the Bengals were covering other teams TE’s the past 2 years, he couldn’t crack the starting lineup. Safeties today are required to have adequate cover skills. With all his athleticism it’s sad the light never turned on.

  5. Are you kidding me? Dude flat out sucks. Who is in charge in Dirtroit?


    A bunch of women owners that have no clue what their doing. Detroit is so terrible. so much wasted talent, at least Suh was able to get of that horrible franchise, Calvin should try as well..

  6. He played well with the Bengals. He’ll probably be back. aka, Michael Johnson, Pat Sims, etc.

  7. A bunch of women owners that have no clue what their doing. Detroit is so terrible. so much wasted talent, at least Suh was able to get of that horrible franchise, Calvin should try as well..

    I hate to have to point out something that’s so obvious but Megatron signed like a seven year extension with us a couple years back because he wants to play his entire career here.
    Hopefully for you your team can start to focus on not getting swept by us every year. That would be a great start anyway.

  8. Complete bust. I prayed Seattle would pass on him when I saw his pre draft interview

  9. I’m actually surprised that Mays has created this much stir on this site………interesting.

  10. Rumor has it that while he was in MN this off-season, he spent more time in the bars than at Winter park working out or learning the defense.

  11. For those of you complaining about this, consider this:

    1) we signed him from a division rival which can give us am insight into what they’re doing.

    2) roster size is at 90! He’s a camp body! Haha chill out their armchair GMs.

  12. Not many positive things to say about the guy. He does kind of suck. Not sure why Lions picked him up. I always like to see guys come out of the gutter and make something of themselves, like Harrison..but i dont know about this guy

  13. @irvin12589 thank you! I was about to mention the same thing about camp. People are freaking out about this signing, he probably won’t even make the team and if he does it will be as a reserve/specialist.

  14. hevikingdefender says:
    Jun 20, 2015 11:57 AM

    And people thought he was gonna take Robert Blantons starting position!


    That doesn’t make Blanton good. He is not.

  15. Niners drafted him in the second round, so Carroll didn’t really have many chances to draft him.

    He’s probably a camp body. Lions are willing to take the risk of bringing him into training camp because of his size. He is going to have to be great on special teams to make the team. And maybe Teryl Austin can unlock his potential?

    It’s not a huge risk.

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