Jim Harbaugh once practiced in full pads with 49ers


Jim Harbaugh took his khaki pants, pen necklace and often eccentric personality to the University of Michigan, which means the Wolverines should stay on guard for any unexpected arrivals at practice this season.

We know from recent pictures of a shirtless Harbaugh at a football camp that he likes to jump into drills on occasion. Titans tight end Delanie Walker shared a story from his time with the 49ers that suggests he sometimes takes things a little bit further if his team needs an extra quarterback at practice.

“He dressed up in full gear and practiced the whole practice – pads, helmets, everything on. He had the whole uniform on,” Walker said, via the Tennessean. “We came out and said, ‘Who is that dude out there?’ And it was Jim Harbaugh. He had some old high top cleats on. He did pretty good. He just couldn’t throw the deep, deep pass.”

Walker predicted success for Harbaugh in Ann Arbor because young players “love to have a coach who is crazy.” Walker’s not the first to suggest Harbaugh is crazy, but it’s clear he meant it in a more positive way than former teammate Alex Boone.

36 responses to “Jim Harbaugh once practiced in full pads with 49ers

  1. Harbaugh is much more suited for college. His grinder personality could wear on someone, after 10 yrs in the same locker room. A rotating cast of players who haven’t seen his song and dance before will bode well for Michigan

  2. Why would he not have all his oars in the water? Cuz he put pads on and threw passes? He’s an ex player, think maybe he misses playing? Sit back down and play on the computer, couch potato

  3. Partially true. He’ll wear out his players, who may or may not make it in the pros as result (but they’ll be gone from college, so he won’t care); but he’ll also get on the nerves of the athletic director and the rest of the administration.

  4. Jim Harbaugh will be fine at Michigan. Rodriquez and Hoke forgot to realize that Michigan is about winning games period. Harbaugh has turned every program around where he has coached. He will do the same in Ann Arbor.

  5. When an ownernpicks a GM over a successful HC it usually doesn’t work put. Just ask the Chargers and the 1990s Chicago bulls

  6. Can you imagine Andy Reid running/playing with his players lol… half the coaches need to get out there and run gassers and stuff. How are you going to tell players to maintain weight while you look like, well never mind.

  7. “As a seahack fan” precludes some mindless babble 100% of the time.

    Been a fan long? Let me guess: 2011… no, it was 2012, right?

    1-2’s forever!

  8. as a golden gopher fan, i was very mad when michigan got this guy. just when jerry kill was ready to take the gophers to a top 3 team in the big ten, michigan all of a sudden is competitive again.

  9. I’d say most of you clowns don’t know who Jim Harbaugh is any more than you know who Bill Belichick is.

  10. Dear Seagag fan…….. we didn’t know you had an NFL team until three years ago. You actually played at the Kingdome? Where was the lame 12 th man then? So lame! Are you going to prevent Niner fan from buying tickets again in Seattle this year!

    Kaps Corner

  11. Hey Religion – that is cheating. It is against the rules for a coach to practice in the NFL. Also, he’s already been hit for cheating at Michigan and used to cheat all the time at Stanford. Just sayin

  12. HAHA what an oddball. Players were probably watching like “Is Uncle Rico serious here?”. The man is undoubtedly a genius but he’s an irrationally intense person. He’s in the perfect situation now.

  13. The guy just wants to win and he knows how to do it. He gets the most out of players and coaches every second of a game. You think people like playing for Belichick? They don’t… They just like to win. Same goes for Harbaugh. He’ll do great in The Big House.

  14. It’s safe to say that Jim lives, eats, and breathes football. I bet he’s that guy that yells about how, “[x] isn’t FOOTBALL,” “come on refs it’s FOOTBALL,” and so on.

  15. Love Harbaugh and that is a hilarious story. I cant wait til he starts tweaking Urban Liar. Urb is such an disingenuous liar that he may be inclined to throw on Harbaugh. Would love to see a Harbaugh v Urb throwdown on the 50 yard line in the post game handshake after Harbaugh gives Urb a reality check for the 1st time. Heck Urb could barely beat Michigan when they had no talent, wait til Harbaugh starts getting players at Michigan.

  16. Now that he’s not coaching that bammer a** team in the ever so lame bay area, I have no problem saying that guy is awesome. I’ll miss his theatrics.

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