RG3 plans to take another step with another year in Gruden’s offense

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Washington coach Jay Gruden and quarterback Robert Griffin III looked like a bad match during their first season together last year. But Griffin says the second season will be different.

At the end of last week’s minicamp, Griffin said that having a second offseason in Gruden’s offense under his belt made him feel more comfortable.

“No ifs, ands or buts about it, I feel great, the second year in the offense,” Griffin said. “I feel great about the guys around me working hard to get better, and that’s all that you can ask for.”

Gruden sounded a similar note after watching Griffin work this offseason.

“I think the transition for him into a new system last season was a little bit rocky for all of us,” Gruden said. “But when you have the same system going in for year two, I think he’s going to get better. You can see the progress every day that he makes, and it’s exciting to watch. It really is, with all three quarterbacks, actually. Robert, especially, is doing an excellent job every day. He’s not perfect, nobody is. I’m not perfect. But he’s really striving to be perfect, and he’s doing a great job of working.”

If you believe what Griffin and Gruden are saying, Griffin is going to look great in Gruden’s offense this season. But given how Griffin looked in Gruden’s offense last season, it’s hard to believe what they’re saying.

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  1. Another step and Bob will become what, a “slightly” below average QB?

  2. …So it’s the same stuff he said every offseason- big steps forward, excited for camp and training and all that, so on and so forth.

    When does it finally stop being empty words and become actual progress?

  3. “When does it finally stop being empty words and become actual progress?”

    He won’t stop till the money stops.

  4. He’s not a bust, but he certainly cost the organization too much. I see liquor sales increasing during football season in the Virginia area

  5. Gruden the king of patronising, pissing on one’s leg and telling them its raining. Word on the street is that RG is still struggling in the RZ…

  6. So, Bob Griffin has “plans”, eh?

    Well, I “plan” on an Academy Award, hot starlets all-around, and I “plan” on million dollar income.

    Go ahead, Bob. Don’t tell me, show me.

    OGY. “One good year”.

  7. It used to be fun to needle Redskin fans about RG3 but nowadays they do it themselves and that’s kind of sad.

    This really is the last stand for Griffin. When your own fan base no longer believes in you you’ve truly hit bottom.

    RG3’s always been great on the off season talking circuit. It’s the actual regular season crucible that’s exposed him as a fraud and given him fits since 2012.

    He will not be wearing burgundy and gold a year from now unless, that is, his new team’s uniform contains a golden arch.

  8. You can’t teach football IQ, you can either apply the knowledge taught to you or you can’t comprehend it. Mechanics and technics, the same thing. You can’t blame the coach.

  9. Andy Dalton had no problem learning Gruden’s system. Playoffs first year. Hmmm.

  10. >> OGY. “One good year”.

    Actually, the acronym for “one REALLY good year” is better on multiple levels…

    2015 is Year 2 with Gruden and Griffin makes another step. I guess that means in 2016 he will finally master the 3-step drop.

    No 7-step dropbacks until 2020?

  11. RG3 is a bust. Period. Not his fault, the Redskins under Shanny traded the future to get him, because Shanny needed to save his own job and Snyder is too stupid to know any better.

  12. Dolphins 42 Skins 9……Wanna bet? Truth is The Redskins have more talent than you or the rest of the Redskins haters think……

    I know how bad they were the last 2 years but that was yesterday,Are you telling me that there is no way this team can go from worst to first????…..Its been done before!!!

    Griffin was horrible I know but most of it was because of an Oline that had more holes than a flour sifter,especially the right side!!!….

    Going out on a limb to say the new look Skins totally fry the Dolphins week 1!

  13. Is it me or can Jay Gruden not talk about RG3 without mentioning the other two qbs in some way

  14. Is it a bad sign that his major sponsors this year are Ace Bandages and CVS Pressure Cuff Supply, Inc.?

  15. What will be interesting is if RG3 can revive his career after this season when he’s leaves the Skins as a FA. The only question is if Gruden goes with him

    Even though Snyder basically tried to adopt him, he clearly took the “do not dustrub” sign of off him when he let Gruden bench him (and it’s washington, you KNOW Snyder signed off on that). So from their prosepective, unless he plays great this year, I think they cut ties instead of having no choice but to keep him for another 4 years (the minimum amount of time before they could afford to cut/release/trade a QB getting a market contract)……and I don’t think it’s likely he has a great season

    From his perspective, RG3 is too much of a diva to not be personally hurt by the fact that he was benched last year. I think he is going to feel “wronged” by the team, and unless the blow him away with an offer (aka over valued) or fire Gruden in favor of coach he likes, he is going to look to get a fresh start (aka another team that is willng to baby him) somewhere else. I don’t think he’ll find work on any contending teams (but they usualy don’t need QB’s, or they would be contenders), but there will be teams that will want him because he is still reasonably young, and has had some success in the league. There are enough teams without a good QB that someone will take a chance on him

  16. LOL, the only step RGme!me!me! is gonna take is BACKWARDS. Maybe Chip Kelly could teach this loser something about running an offense, but I doubt he’d even give him a look. Chip’s wayyyy to smart for that, which is why he’s dominating the off-season. Go Eagles!

  17. As a Skins fan, I don’t trust Griffin to be a good QB, nor do I trust Gruden to be a good coach. I will pray to whatever deity that I am proven wrong. Until then, all I can do is question my sanity.

  18. Oh good the RG3 bashers are still around I was so worried that they had crawled back under their rocks.I can’t wait for him to shut the trolls up it is getting old seeing the trolls say the same thing every time a Skins article is posted.

  19. I love when Skins fans criticize the coaches for “forcing” Bo to change into a drop back qb. Shanny loved him running the option. Remember, it was RG and his father that insisted on a drop back style.

  20. It amazes how a Heisman Trophy winner/Rookie of the year/playoff achiever in his first season QB, can be downplayed when it comes to his potential to achieve great things again. Some of you are more than haters, you lack insight into life itself. High achievers always find a way to resolve to their true nature. This guy will ultimately make all of you eat your hyperbolic degrading words!

  21. Can RG3 be a very good QB? Yes, I absolutely think he can. But he needs to learn how gage certain situations.

    – When to run : He can outrun almost everybody but needs to protect himself

    – When to slide : Don’t risk a serious injury for a yard of two. Unless you play a playoff game and you HAVE to.

    – When to sling it : If he runs less, then he will have to throw more so he better be aware when it’s time for the big throw.

    He’s got a good arm, he’s an excellent runner and his football IQ is above average. If he can get into a groove, I think he can redeem himself.

    A lot of if’s but you can deny his talents.

  22. The Redskins should make some positive steps forward this year. They may be small ones as the new blood figures working out together but it shouldn’t be the dumpster fire last year was.

  23. Anybody watch top 10 mobile quarterbacks last night? Randall Cunningham, Michael Vick, Steve Young all struggled early until they learned to stay in the pocket. But they all got better. Mastering the pocket is probably harder than Xbox makes it seem.

  24. I have never seen so many haters in one place, give it a rest already, he has one more year to prove himself, then you can talk all the crap you want.

  25. Of course he’ll be better the second year in a system. Also, he’ll have another year under his belt of reading defenses and figuring out what they’re doing. That’s even more important than knowing the system. QBs generally need a few years to get into their prime years, and everyone agrees with that. There is only one exception to that rule that I always wondered about. When it comes to Tim Tebow, it doesn’t seem like people are willing to admit that a QB hasn’t reached his prime after 9 or ten games. I could understand if he just came in and lost every game, but the opposite is true. He turned a losing team around and led them to a playoff win. His leadership skills are off the charts. Why doesn’t he get 3 or 4 years to get better like everyone else? I’ve never met a person that hates someone just because they’re a Christian, but there seem to be a lot hiding in the closet.

  26. He will point the finger at the skins when they cut him next year and say he is better than his record shows.bOTTOM LINE YOUR KNEES ARE SHOT AND YOU CANT READ DE S OR CHECK DOWN TO YOUR THIRD WR.OR CALL OUT BLIZTING MIKES.BUT THAT WAS A GREAT 70 YARD RUN AT BAYLOR THAT YEAR.

  27. What’s interesting to me is the hate directed toward RG3, and the reason behind it. The kid as a rookie won the ROY and took the Skins to the playoffs after missing the playoffs for at least a DECADE! Shanahan implements a whole new offense and puts the kid out there when he is still hurt and gets fired, the kid returns with a new coach and a new system and EVERYONE expects him to pick up this new offense right away. No QB will ever do well when the the offensive scheme around him continues to change, period! There needs to be consistency, do you think Alex Rodgers or Tom Brady are great because their offensive scheme changes every year?! No, they do well because they know the offense like the back of their hand because they have been in the SAME system for years. Get a CLUE folks.

  28. Gruden Can make Andy Dalton look like an NFL QB. griffin has more physical talent, yet can’t put it together.

    RG III – 13 is at the crossroads of his NFL Career.

    I think this is it for him. We will see though.

  29. vottorific says:
    Jun 21, 2015 6:20 PM

    Andy Dalton had no problem learning Gruden’s system. Playoffs first year. Hmmm.

    RGIII made the playoffs his first year too. Difference was he put the team on his back; whereas, Dalton was (and is still) just a cog/anchor in a much better oiled machine.

    Rag on RGIII all you want, he has sucked since his knee blew up and he deserves it, but let’s not act like Dalton is anything but an average Qb. Cincinnati has immense talent on both sides of the ball. and Washington – doesn’t.

    Dalton has choked every playoff game on a good team. Put Dalton on Washington and he’s out of the league after 16 games.

  30. therealistcat says:
    Jun 22, 2015 8:18 AM
    It amazes how a Heisman Trophy winner/Rookie of the year/playoff achiever in his first season QB, can be downplayed when it comes to his potential to achieve great things again. Some of you are more than haters, you lack insight into life itself. High achievers always find a way to resolve to their true nature. This guy will ultimately make all of you eat your hyperbolic degrading words!


    So does that mean that you don’t understand why no one wants to pick up Ronnie Brown?

    Having one year of success, in an offense that no on had tape on, and then suffering a major knee injury that bumps you down from your Olympic speed isn’t something you bounce back from unless you are able to adapt your game. Griffin has not shown that he can do that. Granted he has spent time injured every season, but at what point do injuries stop being an excuse?

  31. RG3 will play better this year if one he stays healthy and not try to win the game on every play… Trust your team mates and he should be alright…

  32. Chris Cooley explains in exquisite detail how poorly RG3 played last year. The “team from Washington” had to essentially bring the playbook back to day one training camp level, and even that led to missed reads, red zone sacks and interceptions. He’s scrambling and lost in the most basic and elementary of plays.

    I hope he gets better, because frankly, it’s hard to see how he gets any worse.

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