Gronk saves all his NFL money, lives off endorsements


Rob Gronkowski may be a knucklehead, but he’s a knucklehead who’s wise about his money.

In fact, Gronkowski writes in his new autobiography that he’s downright thrifty. Although Gronkowski has already made more than $10 million from the Patriots in his five NFL seasons, he says he hasn’t spent any of that. He lives on his endorsement and appearance money and saves his NFL money for retirement.

“To this day, I still haven’t touched one dime of my signing bonus or NFL contract money. I live off my marketing money and haven’t blown it on any big-money expensive cars, expensive jewelry or tattoos and still wear my favorite pair of jeans from high school, Gronkowski writes, via

Gronkowski goes on to point out that any off-field antics he’s been involved with have been victimless, and he’s just a guy who likes to have a fun time. By saving his money, Gronkowski is ensuring that the good times will last long after his playing career ends.

128 responses to “Gronk saves all his NFL money, lives off endorsements

  1. Opening at the University of Arizona in the 2018 school year: The Robert Gronkowski School of Financial Management

  2. I can’t knock this kid. I WANT to, but I can’t!

    If you’re that smart and act so dumb, you’re a freaking good time genius!

    Now, if you could just pass that logic to some of the other fellas in the league…

  3. More people should save all the money they make at their job and instead live off of the money people pay them to wear their products and/or the money people pay them to speak in public.


  4. Smart man. He gets paid to go out onto the field and have fun and gets paid to show up at clubs and have fun… he really is living the dream

  5. He still wears his favorite pair of jeans from high school? I can’t get jeans to last even a fraction that long without a tear in a key place, and it’s a sure think that Gronk roughhouses far more and to a greater extent then I do. Probably the most unbelievable part of the story, haha.

  6. I think this is the best sports article I have read in a long time.

    And I’m a Ravens fan

  7. the biggest question is, how can you fit into your high achool jeans at age 25?

  8. Props to Gronk, but in fairness, how many NFL players have the types of endorsement deals to even make this kind of choice? If you’re a 3rd-year, 2nd-string O-Lineman and the sum total of your endorsement deals are with Bubba’s Rib Shack and a ma-and-pa auto dealership, Gronk’s approach is just not an option.

  9. I remember an interview with London Fletcher when he first joined the Redskins. He said that he puts all of his money away, and take a bi-weekly stipend equivalent to earning $200k per year. And that you can live well on $200k, but not extravagantly. Dude made $54M in his career.

  10. the biggest question is, how can you fit into your high achool jeans at age 25?
    As long as he stays out of “high schoolers” jeans at 25 it’s all good.

  11. thegronk87 says:

    the biggest question is, how can you fit into your high school jeans at age 25?


    He forgot to mention he wears them on his head.

  12. simplegodfather says:
    Jun 22, 2015 3:26 PM
    Dang right on Gronk, keep proving the polish people are smart with money 😉

    OH ONLY IF he didn’t play with patcheaters!!!!


    2 8

    Really are we still not over this? Call them cheaters all you want, don’t be sour grapes. I’m a Bears fan and the Patriots Organization has been the best over the last 15 years. Get over it. It’s not because they cheat. It’s because they have established a great culture, have a hof qb, hof coach, and draft/develop fairly well.

    Falcons and Browns get caught cheating (crowd noise and equally as stupid as a little deflated ball) yet you hear nothing…why? Because those teams stunk and the patriots won. smh. Hope your team gets better – stop the hatin

  13. Summer of Gronk continues.

    He has a future as a financial adviser for half of the NFL..

    And, despite his partying, he’s never been late to practice. Not once.

  14. In all seriousness, what does it matter which money he spends and which money he saves. A dollar is a dollar no matter how you earn it. The guy is saving some of his money. Lots of people do.

  15. bmacwillconn says:
    Jun 22, 2015 3:24 PM

    $10 million for 5 seasons? Get the checkbook out Krafty Bob and pay the man what he deserves!
    Post this same comment in a Dez Bryant thread and see the response it gets.

    Funny how that works.

  16. Falcons and Browns get caught cheating (crowd noise and equally as stupid as a little deflated ball) yet you hear nothing…why?

    One off things aren’t a trend. Once the Browns get caught texting, once the Falcons get busted for crowd noise.
    If this were the judicial system referring to the Patriots, terms like Habitual Offender and Career Criminal would be used.

  17. He probably doesn’t spend the NFL money because it feels tainted to him. It’d be like taking money from a bank robber. Or more accurately, from someone who shadily retrieved the vault combo and snuck in and out unnoticed.

  18. If Hernandez taught him anything, it was to save his money. You never know when you have to pay millions of dollars for killing people.

  19. Think I’ll buy a “Yo soy fiesta” shirt to throw Gronk a little beer money.

  20. I too save all my job income for retirement. I live off of spare change I find under bus set cushions.

  21. More interested in having fun than flaunting his money. I don’t care for some of his antics but I can respect his RL game plan.

  22. Genius move with the money.
    Scary sight to see him in skinny jeans, from high school

  23. That’s smart of him, but unfortunately only the biggest NFL stars get endorsement deals they can live off. This method will not work for all players.

  24. Gronk save!

    The NFL needs to bring him into the rookie symposium about his financial advice.

  25. The guy is saving some of his money. Lots of people do.

    Have you not seen what these NFL guys do with all of their money? The blow it at the club trying to be a baller until they lose it all. Watch the documentary Broke and then see if you make the same comment.

    One off things aren’t a trend.

    Oh so literally 1 other time in 60 years is a trend referable to a “career criminal”?

    Browns and Falcons have both been penalized for other infractions.

    Where do these people come from?

  26. Bravo Mr. Gronkowski, Buffalo roots are showing . That’s why the Bills keep fixing up their stadium (which is still a great place to watch a game) and don’t drop
    $ 2 Billion on something extravagant (using taxpayer money) that will only be used for
    10 games a year.

  27. bigbenh8tr says:Jun 22, 2015 3:29 PM

    Great story


    Compelling and rich.

    Report comment

  28. I’ve often thought that Gronk and “Gronk” the Character were perhaps two very different things/people.

    Good for him. Anyone playing the NFL for any period of time this day-in-age has no excuses for not being able to “make it” after their playing days are done.

  29. Not being dumb does not equal smart. It’s trivial, you don’t spend millions on expensive items.

  30. This is by far the best story in the NFL. Very wise young man. I wonder if any other players can match this ? Is there only one guy this thrifty/cheap? He will never have to answer to anyone cept the IRS.

  31. He’s also signed thru 2019 and has over 40 mil still coming, if he plays out that contract.

  32. Be Like Gronk, Not Brady. Or Hernandez. Or Belichick. Or Blount. Or Spikes. Or Deflator.

  33. redsoxu571 says: Jun 22, 2015 3:25 PM

    He still wears his favorite pair of jeans from high school? I can’t get jeans to last even a fraction that long without a tear in a key place, and it’s a sure think that Gronk roughhouses far more and to a greater extent then I do. Probably the most unbelievable part of the story, haha

    Have you tried wearing a pair that fit?

  34. tigerlilac says:

    Not so dumb, is he haters?

    This comment says more about you than him.

    You spemd all day trying to label anyone who you think doesnt love your team. Must be tiring for you.

  35. He seems to have fairly good money management skills or someone he trusts does. The only part where I question his judgement is his hanging around adult film stars all the time. Nothing good happens around that crowd.

  36. He comes from good stock. His father is s successful businessman in the Buffalo area. Looks like he taught his son a few things about money management.

  37. I’m gonna guess that Gronk has a financial manger and actually listens to him.

    He might be a meathead, but he also made a point that he just goes out and acts kinda dumb and has fun.

    I know as an owner ill take the meatheadish guy who goes out and has harmless fun over the guy who goes out and gets in actual trouble.

  38. His rookie year and beyond he and about 4 other players shared a house. The Pats want the young players close to the stadium in the quiet suburbs away from the downtown trouble. Plus the Gronkmobile is a cheap ride.

  39. Not saying he lying but we really don’t know if that true. If it is good for him. Yes I’m a Jets fan but I love Gronk on and off the field.

  40. I wish more players thought this way. Save your money when you can make your money so that you have money when you can’t.

    There is nothing “baller” about having made millions of dollars during your lifetime and having to rent a 1 bedroom apartment in your 40’s.

  41. His touchdown dance should be doing the Manziel $ sign then act like he’s stuffing it in his pocket…..And imagine how much more he could save if he got a Bud Light endorsement!

  42. .
    Gronk made an interesting business decision when he signed an extension before his rookie contract expired. He got a nice signing bonus and a nice salary, but it appears he could have cleaned up in free agency.

  43. You know as a member of the Pats, he’s likely deflating his spending.

  44. Honest question.

    Has he given any money to charity, or is he all about himself?

  45. Bmacwillcon says $10 million for 5 seasons? I guess you don’t know that Gronk signed a 6 year extension in 2012 for $54 Million and is signed through the 2019 season.

  46. All we’ve really learned is Gronk hasn’t yet discovered anything in life that interests him more then Bud Light.

  47. Once again proving,


    Unfortunately his fiscal responsibility will NEVER make for a good “30 for 30”!!!!!


    As much as I hate the Pats, I LOVE the example Gronk is setting!!!!

  48. “$10 million for 5 years”??? More like only 3 years with all the injuries. I guess if he can live with himself knowing he took all that money without playing for his full contract, then I guess he is a financial genius. I know you sycophants will give thumbs down, but the dude needs to spend some money are getting his bones stronger…#china doll

  49. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jun 22, 2015 9:43 PM
    complete meathead


    I don’t think someone with meat in their head can figure out how to save money, so I would say he’s no more then a partial meathead and likely not a meathead at all.

  50. Let’s take a moment to give an attaboy to the young man and his loyal following. They’ve taken some pretty good shots of late. If that’s not how you roll, carry on then, just expect what you dish to come back on you more than you can well imagine.

  51. That’s now how trickle down economics works.

    Seriously, it’s good that he is thinking about the future, but as many have already stated, not every player has the endorsements deals do this. I also, think the majority of NFL players are responsible with there money, but that doesn’t make good headlines.

  52. I made 10 million from the Pats but have saved all that, and spent the 15 million I made in endorsements.
    I am thrifty.

  53. I got a bad feeling his dad and brothers have been drinking all his football money.

  54. I’m pretty sure he is just saying that he hasn’t spent his NFL money for PR reasons.

    If he has great, but I highly doubt it.

  55. He’s been dealing with injuries his entire career. From the back coming in the draft to the knee and elbow. I think he doesnt take anything for granted and he’s fully aware a football career can end at any time.

  56. ReligionIsForIdiots says:
    Jun 22, 2015 9:43 PM
    complete meathead


    You’re right–he should spend it all–thanks for your wisdom.

  57. Also helps he has never lived his life without money. His family was well off before his NFL life started. Not to say he was a spoiled rich boy but he didn’t have the same money issues as many other players growing up in poverty, who with their first check by a Bugatti.

  58. thebifforacle says:
    Jun 22, 2015 3:28 PM

    Tattoos are not as expensive as cars, Gronk.


    Try getting an arm sleeve or a back piece from some of the artists these NFL players go to… then tell me it’s not almost the same price as a car.

  59. That’s what your supposed to do whats the big deal… He’s a genius for doing so, he is just fortunate to have a solid financial foundation most players do not have that and feel I might as well since I never had or don’t know how… Indeed…

  60. He and Hernandez couldnt possibly be any more different. Its incredible to think they both were drafted at the same time, same salaries, same position, same team, same opportunities in front of them…. i think we know the rest.

  61. .
    he has only made $10mill in 5 years???
    guess he isnt a Diva…

    Yet he has more money saved than the ones who made 2x that

  62. I’ve often wondered why more pro athletes don’t live this way then my memory of Patrick Ewing’s quote of 1998 during the NBA lockout comes to mind.

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