Panthers join the chorus calling for removing the Confederate flag

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Add the Carolina Panthers to the long list of those calling for South Carolina to take down the Confederate flag.

The Panthers, who play in North Carolina but have their training camp in South Carolina, released a statement in support of taking the flag down from grounds of the South Carolina Statehouse.

Our organization prides itself on bringing people together,” the statement said, via the Charlotte Observer. “Divisive symbols and actions should not stand in conflict to progress, healing and the unification of all our citizens.”

South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley said today that the Confederate flag should be removed from the capital grounds in Columbia.

37 responses to “Panthers join the chorus calling for removing the Confederate flag

  1. They saw the schedule and noticed Sherman is coming to lay waste to the city once again, week 6.

    Just like the good ol days.

  2. Smart move and the position he should have taken the other day when he donated money to the victims. The Panthers actually represent both North and South Carolina,

    He has leverage, since he contributes heavily to that state each year with his charity and money from the training camp. People forget that there’s been a NCAA boycott of SC, since 2000. Guess he sees which way the wind is blowing.

    Take it down, one state at a time. Next up Mississippi.

  3. Good for them! That flag represents the enemy. It’s also used as a racial statement against African Americans. That flag has no business being up on any Gov’t building. The Panthers rock for this!

  4. It is a part of the state’s history. Right or wrong, it can’t be eliminated. I have no problem with them leaving it up as a reminder of a time we all want to move on from. I can also see removing it because no one wants their mistakes left out for the world to see. Let the people of SC decide and then the rest of us should respect the decision.

  5. Its a flag, not a divisive symbol. A divisive symbol would be a caricature of an American Indian on a football helmet.

  6. I want the flag taken down too; it is ridiculous that it is still up in 2015 regardless of the tragedy that occurred. But, are the Panthers really in a position to be taking a stance on this? I mean they are a member organization of a league that still allows a team to carry a racial slange for Native Americans as it’s namesake; and I don’t believe the Panthers have had a problem with that yet.

  7. The flag represents the ability of a state to fight against an imposition that would be designed to hurt one state for the benefit of others.

    The emancipation proclamation was only penned to stop the French from joining the confederacy

  8. It has to do with football when an NFL team speaks out on it. Good for the Panthers. The flag is a symbol of ignorance and evil. We are all one race.

  9. Since they are against “divisive symbols” I’m guessing they are against the Redskins name and logo. Or is arguing their organizations divisive symbols not “in” right now?

  10. Humbolt is absolutely right: “The flag is a symbol of ignorance and evil. We are all one race.”

  11. Where do the Panthers stand on the NFL team name in Washington? It’s just as offensive to some as the confederate flag is to some…

  12. If you have spent any significant time in the South, it was a way of thinking you had Southern Pride, maybe you put a sticker on your car, maybe had a koozie, a cooler with the stars and bars,but that was also when you were young and dumb. Most people who thought of it as a southern pride symbol didn’t want to associate it with all the evil and hideous acts during a terrible period for this country. Then there are those who fly it proudly with all the hate in their heart, and those folks were the ones everyone made fun of and called rednecks and or hillbillies. As you mature,hopefully, you completely distance yourself from what that flag represents for a mass majority of the people who see it. There is no need to fly that flag on any government property. You don’t hide from the history ,use it as part of teaching progress.

    But it does also bring up the point, it’s time for a change for Dan Snyder’s football team. Just get on board with the change, it’s time. The name in no way is in tribute to anyone, it is a racist term meant to degrade an Indian/Native American.

  13. If I thought for one second that removing a flag would remove the HATE & IGNORANCE of those that


    I’d be all about it!!!!!

    Reality is, until they are forced to change(Economic Sanctions/Reduced Federal Funding) They will stand by “Southern Culture”!!!!

    TBH I have more respect for someone that lets me know where they stand by “Flying their Hate Flag” than those that covertly harbor the same type of feelings minus the guts to let it be known.


  14. wow..people always say its modern this do that time for a change..i may be wrong but i lived in so carolina for 2 years from want know i, they hated northeners more then any one..i should know i lived in the north my whole life.. keep the flag..

  15. humb0lt says:
    Jun 22, 2015 7:02 PM

    It has to do with football when an NFL team speaks out on it. Good for the Panthers. The flag is a symbol of ignorance and evil. We are all one race.
    A symbol of ignorance and evil? Not even close. Crack open a history book, professor.

  16. Good for the Panthers. That certain conservative groups can’t see that this flag is representative of racism them there’s no helping them. They claim the flag is part of their heritage but that heritage stands for slavery and racism. You don’t see RATIONALE Germans today flying the swastika and claiming it’s part of Germany’s heritage.

  17. kudos to the Panthers organization for donating money to the victim’s families and honoring those that were killed, and S. Carolina is finally doing the right thing by taking down the confederate flag it is offensive to every person of color on the planet. we live on a military installation in the northwest and at the front gate they USED to fly the state flags including the ones with the Stars & bars on them.. those offensive flags eventually were taken down.

  18. If the generic states’ rights thing is a big deal for you, fly your state flag. Fly it high. The Confederate flag is little more than an emblem for being anti-US and pro-slavery. If you ask me, it should be as reviled as the swastika.

  19. Those who forget their history are doomed to repeat it….The Civil war was not about slavery. That was simply the social dressing used to sell and remember it. Lincoln himself said his concern was preserving the Union and would have allowed slavery to continue if the Confederacy would surrender. Most Americans have no clue about history though, and just believe whatever is on CNN. The Civil war was about State sovereignty, not racism and slavery. S.C. should tell the Panthers to mind their own business.

  20. Mr. Gorbachev, tear down this wall!
    But seriously, this talk of “states rights” and “southern pride” wrapped up in a symbol that represent domestic terrorism historically and presently should be met with revulsion and fierce opposition.
    South Carolina take down this flag!

  21. raiderapologist says:
    Jun 22, 2015 10:59 PM
    humb0lt says:
    Jun 22, 2015 7:02 PM

    It has to do with football when an NFL team speaks out on it. Good for the Panthers. The flag is a symbol of ignorance and evil. We are all one race.
    A symbol of ignorance and evil? Not even close. Crack open a history book, professor.


    Whatever argument that you’d like to put forward about the socioeconomic and political reasons for the South seceding from the Union are rendered moot by the fact that hate groups have co-opted the symbol for their own. This is not a heritage that is being held on to in order to remind the good people of South Carolina to not suffer tyranny. This is blindly clinging to the past of social inequality because generation after generation teaches their children about “the good old days” when a (white, land owning) man could be “free.” These are the same people that rail against minorities and immigrants on welfare while standing in line at the grocery store and then pay with food stamps.

    Taking away governmental support from a rallying symbol for ignorance is not a bad thing. It isn’t about being “politically correct” or the “thought police.” It is about a society all coming together and saying we will not officially sanction idiocy.

  22. I agree the flag should be taken down, but for different reasons than most. I see that flag as a symbol of people that decided that rather than trying to work with the opposition to find a solution everyone can live with, they pitched a fit and decided to make their own country. It actually is a representation of America today, in that no one wants to work with an opposition, but just wants to scream that anyone that is in opposition to them is evil. Politicians don’t want to defeat the other party, they want to drive the other party out of existence. Divide, divide, divide – and this in a country that elected a President who promised to unite the country.

    Oh, and to those that are using this as a platform for more bloviating on the Redskins name – as long as a school on an Indian reservation continues to carry the Redskins nickname for its sports teams, I refuse to consider the name racist.

    The Confederate flag should be put in a history museum somewhere, and we really need to start coming together instead of dividing and demonizing anyone who has a different view.

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