Sal Alosi resurfaces, in a college football conflict with Diddy

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Nearly five years ago, Sal Alosi became notorious throughout the NFL for arranging a wall of bodies along the edge of the field for the purposes of impeding the opposing team’s gunner on punt coverage. Alosi took the fall for the tactic that tripped up Dolphins special-teamer Nolan Carroll during a game, and Alosi eventually left the team.

Alosi now serves as the strength and conditioning coach at UCLA, and he’s in the middle of another controversy.

Per multiple reports, Alosi is the assistant coach allegedly assaulted by the rapper and entertainment mogul Diddy, whose son plays at UCLA. Apparently, Alosi was riding Diddy Jr. a little too aggressively at a workout session on Sunday. Diddy went to see Alosi on Monday, and something happened between the two men.

It’s still not clear what occurred, and the facts eventually may be sorted out in a court of law.

Diddy was arrested for assault, but he claims he was acting in self-defense. Diddy’s defense of himself includes, he claims, lifting a kettlebell in a defensive posture. Via TMZ, however, Diddy is accused of swinging the kettlebell at Alosi, nearly hitting him.

Apart from the question of whether Diddy or Alosi was the aggressor, it probably makes sense for the father of an adult male to stay out any potential issues between that adult male and one of his football coaches.

53 responses to “Sal Alosi resurfaces, in a college football conflict with Diddy

  1. This guy was already known as the one who tripped a Fin player while he was on the sideline. Not too good.

  2. Diddy Jr. will forever be taunted by players teasing him about Daddy Diddy fighting for him. Snoop Dogg would tell his son to “man up” and not punk out. Or else Daddy Doggy would think of his son as a punk

  3. In breaking news, Diddy, Jr. has decided to accept an “athletic” scholarship with a better chance to start with the Lobos of Sul Ross State University in Alpine, TX.

  4. Some guy’s name is Diddy? Never heard of him, but with a name like that, he probably ain’t right.

  5. I saw him once in person waiting for a cab. My natural comment was “Wow, that short guy looked just like PDiddy”

  6. The only way I can understand anything Diddy did is if the coach was also crushing him doing the workout. If he was, then it became between he and Diddy. If not, then Diddy just ripped the manhood from his son for a long time.

  7. Not even remotely surprised. This is the biggest reason kids in this generation are turning out to be weenies. Their parents dive into things that would have been unheard of a generation or 2 ago.

  8. Clearly, this guy knew of P.Did via his son — so, why not come up with a plan to extort money. Who knows — perhaps it’ll just work.

  9. It’s all over the sports talk shows in LA. Apparently Diddy is one of those interfering parents who constantly berates coaches for not playing his son more. The notoriety of having a celebrity’s son just isn’t worth it

  10. So Diddy storms the guys office and swings a kettleball at him? Why didn’t he just bring Caitlyn Jenner with him and have her swing her purse at him when things got scary.

    Diddy’s gonna be looked upon as a coward either way. He could’ve killed that guy with a kettleball.

  11. So not one mention of the Jets in the article or comments. If it was the Patriots instead of the Jets there would be a couple of hundred cheater comments.

  12. Once a punk, always a punk. Give ’em some money, then he’s a rich punk. Money can’t by everything. Except maybe having someone drop charges…

  13. In related news, Diddy is in the process of attempting to bribe his driver into claiming possession of Diddy’s fists at the relevant time. Police are also attempting to ascertain the whereabouts of fellow rapper Shyne.

  14. Diddy?!? The same Diddy who Suge Knight chased all around the country as Diddy ran and hid?! Only way Diddy punked off someone is if 7 of his bouncers were between them.

  15. What’s the matter PD did the big bad coach expect too much from your little baby? Keep your nose out of it… this guy may actually make your son something you’re not… A real man.

  16. Every step you take, I’ll be watching you

    Every song you write, I’ll be stealing it

  17. If Alosi were in a more prominent coaching position I would say it’s time for him to demand that they cut the kid or he walks (and sues Diddy and the college).

    If your kid sucks your kid sucks. That’s not the fault of the coaching staff. If you can’t handle being yelled at on a football field by the coaching staff then you don’t belong on one period.

  18. It’s about time somebody kicked that boy ass, it should’ve happen when he tripped the nfl player and he definitely shouldn’t be coaching kids how to play football he has no morals or ethics! Good job Diddy

  19. After 26 years of coaching, the one thing I’m positive about. No kid is as good as his father thinks he is.

  20. Diddy may have done what he did because of how powerless he felt his kid was.

    That is why we need kids to be paid (at least minimum wage) so they do not have to go into excess overtime and the current treatment as they are going through right now.

  21. oh yeah this kid has a future in Football (not)
    Unless daddy diddy buys himself a arena team for JR to play with

  22. wishulivednsd says:
    Jun 22, 2015 11:19 PM
    Don’t think I would mess with a rapper. Just sayin. Hello Suge this is Diddy…..need a favor bro.


    Yeah, I’m sure that would be how it would happen. Diddy and Suge Knight have a well documented, GREAT relationship…

  23. Yeah, I got to weigh in on this culture of college football, especially among strength and conditioning coaches, that thinks inspiration means the degradation of young men to make them adhere to the program. I had a nephew at a D1 program who was an O linemen. and the first day of lifting the strength coach determined he was “fat and lazy” because he wasn’t in his kind of football shape. And that’s the way he demeaned him the rest of his years there, even encouraging his so called “stars” to inflict as much abuse on him as they could. As much as he loved football, he was done with it, just because of that coach. They say parents should stay out of it- NO! They don’t have the right to abuse young men just because they signed up for a sport. More Men and coaches like Tony Dungy. This strength coach for UCLA, his reputation precedes him. I’m on Diddy’s side for stepping in. (Not swinging a kettle, of course!) We shouldn’t have been such mindless drones and spoke up!

  24. 1. Alosi’s an a h.
    2. Combs is no better.
    3. Parents don’t belong at practice (regardless of perceived stature).
    4. There’s video so truth will eventually surface.

  25. My cousin was a waiter in New York for years and waited on many celebs. He said the most ignorant one he waited on was P Diddy . Real piece of ….

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