Broncos deny report of attempt to trade Peyton Manning to Houston

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Before Benjamin Allbright of 94.1 FM in Denver reported that the Broncos had tried to trade quarterback Peyton Manning to the Texans, Allbright hadn’t heard from the Broncos. He now has.

“The speculation is false, and your report is inaccurate,” Broncos spokesman Patrick Smyth said on Twitter, in response to a tweet from Allbright regarding the report.

Contacted by PFT, the Texans weren’t aware of the report. They have yet to comment on it.

Regardless, Manning added a no-trade clause to his contract for 2015. Unless he was simply being paranoid, there was a reason to request that commitment.

30 responses to “Broncos deny report of attempt to trade Peyton Manning to Houston

  1. That’s no surprise. No team in their right mind would admit to trying to trade their starting quarterback with the season a little more than 2 months away.

  2. Sure he did, he knows how the NFL works, cover your butt, don’t believe any thing not written in blood. Bill

  3. Maybe Denver should have offered him to Seattle he might have had a better chance at completing one yard pass then Ewok midget Wilson

  4. Come on…..Elway’s not this stupid.

    It’s common knowledge that this is Peyton’s last year. If traded, he very well might choose to simply retire….thus negating the trade and leaving the Broncos in the capable hands of Brock Osweiler and Zac Dysert.

    I won’t pretend to know the Broncos’ revenue situation or even their cap situation. But I think most would agree that trading away Manning would be tantamount to throwing in the towel for the 2015 season….and I think the fans would turn on Elway very quickly as the losses piled up. I suspect that the lost fan revenue over sixteen games would exceed the money saved by dumping Peyton’s salary.

  5. Manning has morphed into a pure narcissist and RIGHT THERE that explains his post-season record.

    I don’t who would QB the Broncos, but trade this guy. To Chicago.

  6. Manning has morphed into a pure narcissist and RIGHT THERE that explains his post-season record.

    I don’t who would QB the Broncos, but trade this guy. To Chicago. Manning and Fox are the new Steve Deberg: just good enough to get you beat.

  7. Love Eli’s older brother. Wish there was an elective surgery that could rehabilitate his arm strength and add another 15 years to his career. Fun to watch all these years.

  8. Broncos execs doing a little preemptive CYA for the train wreck season to come.

  9. Manning isn’t going to take the Broncos, and wouldn’t have taken the Texans to the Super Bowl this year.

  10. I wish it were true because then Denver would havea chance of actually winning a superbowl instead of having mr choke at the helm so we can sink like the titanic

  11. Teams always deny that they were trying to trade a player when that trade attempt is unsuccessful. Generally speaking the media doesn’t just make up stuff like this out of thin air. Usually in these situations the old adage of “where there’s smoke, there’s fire” holds true.

  12. Again you have to pay attention to every little word from these NFL people. Saying his report is inaccurate about trying to trade Manning to Houston is far different from denying you didnt call Houston about a potential trade to Houston.

    These clowns craft their statements very carefully word for word that if you read between the lines, Denver called Houston about a potential Manning trade.

  13. He’s going to want traded after a few games behind what’s left of that OL. Even Kubiak can’t work with that. Especially with that schedule he has to face.

  14. If true, it tells you the Broncos know Manning may be all but done. He faded quickly last year. Will he be renewed by the offseason and be the same old Peyton? If the Broncos did try to trade him, which is probably unlikely, it tells you what they think.

  15. Enough with the “Tebow would have been better” crap. He couldn’t get the ball within 10 yards of a wide open receiver. It was brutal to watch even though we were winning.

  16. With that picture immediately I’m thinking.

    “Tetanka. Tetanka!”

    (Dances with Wolves reference)

  17. houston has been deseperate for a QB since Schaub’s arm and mind went south and hey WHY NOT SWING FOR THE FENCES AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS
    here’s my 2 cent
    1. Houston plays in a SEMI-DOME gotta love Reliant Stadium
    2. Warm Weather Division Rivals Titans,Jags and If U Play The Colts In There Semi-Dome Roof Open Or Closed
    3. There Defense Is Slightly Better Then The Broncos (they can get sacks & pressure)
    4. only downside is outside of hopkins who are the WRs and TEs
    5. Good Offensive Line and Foster
    6. Your Close Too Home which is New Orleans
    what thats a 1-2 hour drive southeast?

  18. richardernsberger says:
    Jun 24, 2015 10:50 AM
    If Manning has a no-trade clause in his contract, then why would they attempt to trade him?


    because the media is in “grasping at straws” mode of the season

  19. Makes too much sense for that conversation to have NOT taken place…..

    1. Denver realizes he’s only playing one more year to get his 2,300 passing yards to beat Favre’s all-time yardage record.

    2. Manning was clearly in decline last season.

    3. New coach with no allegiance to him.

    4. Houston is a QB upgrade away from competing for postseason with that defense and Foster at RB.

    5. Denver knows they aren’t winning it this year. Might as well start the process of developing the next guy right now.

    Somebody talked to somebody.

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