Tom Brady appeal hearing is over

We take a break from our ongoing coverage of a developing story about an aging quarterback to return to our coverage of a developing story about an aging quarterback.

Per multiple reports, the Tom Brady appeal hearing is over, after 10 hours of testimony.

Next comes the decision from Commissioner Roger Goodell, who appointed himself as the hearing officer. Article 46 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement requires that a ruling be made “as soon as practicable.” In the case of Cowboys defensive end Greg Hardy, whose hearing last month lasted seven hours, “as soon as practicable” has meant “26 days and counting.”

The amount of time Goodell takes to issue a decision will influence the amount of time Brady and the NFL Players Association have to attack any suspension in court. Ultimately, an effort could be made to delay the implementation of the suspension until the legal challenge ends, allowing Brady to play until the courts have issued a final decision.

Either way, the conclusion of the hearing will hardly be the conclusion of the controversy.

103 responses to “Tom Brady appeal hearing is over

  1. I want it to go to court, I want teddy wells embarrassed and hopefully some of the jets extended family removed from the league office.

  2. We’re going to wait 6 weeks for Goodell to uphold his OWN punishment then Brady will destroy him in an actual court of law. Seriously don’t see Goodell making himself look even dumber by changing his punishment.

  3. Isn’t there also a rule in the CBA that the Commissioner is to be appointed as the hearing officer?

  4. There should not be a controversy.

    Science shows us that the footballs were not deflated, by ANYONE.

    This is like having a hearing to decide if the Earth is flat or not, or if Brady was generally aware that it might not be flat.

  5. Remember the payton precedent. Brady shouldn’t even be allowed anywhere near an NFL activity.

  6. We’ll know by the first leaks out of the NFL how this thing will shake down – no need to wait for Goddell’s ruling.
    I still stand by my thought that there isn’t a chance in heck he overturns the suspension or reduces it at all and probably releases a wishy washy statement focusing on the texts, not the science.
    To be a fly in the wall on that room though – message board geeks have done a fair job ripping the Wells report apart – can’t imagine the demolition Kessler could do. I’d actually like to see that in court.

  7. This is embarrassing. The Pats could win WITHOUT cheating, but they are repeat offenders and should take what they have coming. The evidence is mounted against Brady.

  8. I despise the Patriots, but Brady going down for a BS conspiracy about deflated footballs is not how I want to see the Pats get beaten. This is, and has been for months now, absolutely ridiculous.

  9. Still no evidence that Brady asked or demanded that footballs to be deflated or inflated to a certain PSI.

    Not giving up a personal cell phone is not indicative of guilt. TB will be playing game 1.

  10. Pats fans: Points out obvious flawed science and obvious biases.

    Non Pats fans: Points out “whatever, science doesn’t matter, I KNOW they did it”

    Include Mike Silver’s comical *** in that latter bunch, he literally said on NFLN tonight “he can’t just come in and say, hey, the science is wrong”

    Why not? It is. lol

    BTW, NFLN aired a weight loss commercial in 2009 that used the term “deflate” as it pertains to weight loss.

    But as you were, like I started out, you are either a rational person, or a Pats hater, and nothing will change either’s mind. lol

  11. With the amount of time and energy I have personally invested in this (out of my own choice) anything less than the downfall of Goodell, the new-found hero of the sheeple, would be a disappointment.

  12. Did anybody hear about how the Patriot’s employee was doing on his diet? Do they still call him the Deflator or has he reached his weight goal?

  13. Wouldn’t it be something if Goodell actually admitted the league messed up and he dies the right thing by exonerating Brady and the Patriots and restores the draft picks and fines? It would be an exceptional display of humbleness. And it’s the right thing to do.

    -A Packer fan

  14. Vindication will be issued shortly. Either Goodell comes to the light on his own accord or a court of law will do it for him. The evidence clearly indicates no foul play. It’s science plain and simple. You may not like TB12 or the Patriots but if you have no proof the balls were even under pressure there really is no case, everything else is irrelevant.

  15. I certainly hope it goes to court. The discovery motions could prove to be very enlightening on both sides.

  16. dan7800 says:

    This is embarrassing. The Pats could win WITHOUT cheating, but they are repeat offenders and should take what they have coming. The evidence is mounted against Brady.

    What evidence? Please cite your source where you found the evidence. A bunch of innuendos and vague texts does not make for good evidence. Heck, even the Wells report said that they did not have any evidence to say that Brady knew anything about what may or may not have happened. (Pg. 228, I think)

  17. It would be in Goodells best interest to overturn the suspension and throw some bs fine at him for not cooperating. It’s all a load of bs to begin with but this would keep it out of court and he wouldn’t look like a complete moron. Well he would but it would be less embarrassing for him.

  18. I post test because I keep getting an error message from world press, Who knows. I hope Tom gets to play from day one, I say to be the best in the east you need to beat the best, as of now they are the best. Bill

  19. What I don’t get is if wrong doing is going on in the NFL headquarters and Goidell did not know about it then how can he argue this long but if the NFL is run by crooks then he must do all he can to defend his Vincent’s insane decision. Why do no journalists go after the NFL for creating this scandal on purpose, that certain people within the offices have a personal agenda here. The penalty does not fit the created crime. Brady or any player should never give their personal phone or email to the league and you should not be punished for not handing over personal items when 1 or 2 psi are at stake. This is such a bunch of bull.

  20. In regards to this matter as soon as practical to Goodell means i will get to it when i get to it, which should mean around Sept.6th and his ruling will be im upholding my own punishment.

  21. Wait for the espn poll asking how much a reduction it should be. Thats how you know goodell is a day or two away from announcing 😉

  22. Tom Brady Sargent Shultz defense, I see nothing, I hear nothing, I know nothing, followed by next question!

    Brady ordered the ball deflated…’re clueless if you think he didn’t..

    when asked if he cheated at a press conference, he stated “I don’t believe so”, an innocent person who had nothing to do with deflating balls doesn’t make that statement, “I don’t believe so!”

  23. Adam Schefter @AdamSchefter

    Was told by person in today’s appeal that Tom Brady’s greatest ally was…Tom Brady. Offered explanations in all areas. Now up to Goodell.

  24. If Goodell wants to do the right thing, he will overturn the suspension completely. Let the trolls be in uproar for the whole day their attention span lasts.

  25. Brady’s team beat them up today. He didn’t really have anything to worry about. But this is just the beginning of Goddell’s meltdown.

  26. What the casual patriot hater can’t understand is, there was no crime. Plain and simple, the footballs at halftime were not below the allowable values when temp and time are included. It really is that simple and all scientists, with the exception of Wells’ Exponant monkees, have absolutely concurred.
    That being said, everything else after that is completely irrelevant.
    Once it can be recognized that no one did “the dirty deed” then it is pointless to assume guilt with everthing leading up to the non event.

    If you refuse to believe the balls were at a “normal” halftime level, then you are either a rabid patriots hater, uninterested in learning the facts or an employee of nfl offices or, quite possibly all three.

    This whole scam has brought to light the complete and irrevocable ineptness of the nfl offices and its cronies and has baited the non patriot fans into a frenzy of willful blindness that confirms my darkest fears of America’s intellectual capacity.

  27. The jokes on the fans of the other 31 teams, who fell for Goodell’s fabricated scandal to take attention away from his debacle handling of Rice and Peterson

    Don’t believe me? Goodell was the most unpopular man in sports when he handed down a 2 game suspension for a man who beat a woman unconscious.

    One day after asserting that Tom Brady can suspend the Laws of Physics and play Jedi mind tricks to alter the “best recollection” of a 25 year veteran official, Goodell’s popularity is at an all time high

    And the vast majority of you are STILL being used as pawns in Goodells game, ignoring all the facts, including the fact that the NFL spent 4 months leaking false information that a great many of you still state as fact

  28. I know ESPN reported that Brady wants to go to court, but I can’t help but think that neither side wants this to go to court. Nothing good can come out of this for either side to continue to drag this out for a few more months. My gut tells me that if the Commish reduced the suspension to 1 game, this could be over tomorrow. But, I don’t think that will happen….

  29. “We put on a very compelling case — that’s all I’ll say,” NFLPA attorney Jeffrey Kessler told reporters on the way out of the building.

    Ted Wells, who authored the report that ultimately led to Brady’s suspension, was also present. However, he did not have any comment for reporters on the way out of the building. – WEEI

  30. Goodell has paint himself into this position.

    Patriot haters want him suspended.
    Pats fans want him to start week 1.

    If Goodell caves he opens himself up to suits from Dallas, Washington, New Orleans, Miami and even his buddy Robert Kraft.

    If he stands firm, he will be taken to a true, official court, where in the end he may lose his job. The owners need to have a plan B/successor in mind. Despite his mishandling of the commish’ power, the NFL is beating every other sport in revenue and profit. That leadership path needs to continue.

    That said, If Tommy wants to take it to court, those precious phone records – texts, calls, emails – not only to the 2 guys who were wrongfully fired if Brady was innocent – but to his wife & other players and coaches will be made available to the NFL.

    He may not want that.

  31. Goodell has to go. This is beyond a farce. Hope Brady & team get their day in a real court of law.

  32. Take them to court Tom. Show the country just what kind of idiots are running the NFL. This is not going to go well for the league.

  33. Boston radio is saying it may be the start of training camp before we hear anything…

  34. This whole conundrum is pretty simple. Back in January, if Brady just cops out and says, “hey, I like a little softer ball and just did not realize that I was breaking some law”. He gets a fine and it is all over. Instead, he decides to allow the entire football world to still see him as some “Mr. Perfect” and just won’t come clean. Now this is what we get. Sometimes, people of high renown, Nixon, Clinton, Pete Rose, just cannot come clean. They do not want to appear to be liars. If they had all told the truth, history would be entirely different.

  35. dan7800 says:
    Jun 23, 2015 8:59 PM

    This is embarrassing. The Pats could win WITHOUT cheating, but they are repeat offenders and should take what they have coming. The evidence is mounted against Brady.
    Don’t know what evidence you refer to as mounting against Brady. Since Wells fictional report all evidence – scientific evidence mind you – is mounting on Brady’s side.

    Best part of AEI report is the footnote about how evidence also could conclude that the Colt’s footballs were illegally inflated but the ideal gas law and warming footballs is a more prescient reason.

  36. I wonder if Goodell actually realizes how absurd and foolish this makes the NFL look? I’m a Patriots fan, but even objectively you have to wonder why Goodell would allow this to turn into a complete fiasco. He had the time and the opportunity right after the AFCCG to apply a slap on the wrist fine, and say “don’t do it again” and it would be history now. Instead, he’s embroiled in a scandal that has no successful outcome for the NFL, even if the NFL wins in court. Goodell simply doesn’t know how to successfully run the NFL, with the sole exception of negotiating lucrative TV contracts. And for that reason, he’s still commissioner.

  37. And there are reports that state Brady didn’t testify to defend himself, that he relied on his lawyers to do all the talking. LOL!! If true…he is done!!! GUILTY!

  38. I can tell you what the reactions here will be. Haters will cover their eyes and cover their ears and ignore everything. It does not fit their agenda. Just like the same Patriot haters did not care about teams heating up footballs on the sidelines or Aaron Rodgers saying he over inflates footballs. Haters want to think a text from October where a guy calls himself a deflator is all you need to find Brady guilty. If you bring up him not turning in his cellphone, will you Patriot haters tell me if you got upset when Brett Favre did not cooperate and turn in his cell phone during an NFL investigation? Brady has been pre-judged by haters. They refuse to listen to any evidence that might show he is not guilty. Then again, I wonder why I spent time to pst this since nobody will ever read this because I must have said something offensive to have it deleted. If you read this tonight, I am sure you will not be able to read this tomorrow and I will never no why. Why listen to facts when hate controls you emotions!

  39. Funniest part is, now that there will be a brief lull with this topic until the ruling comes down, now they want us talking about the other marquee guy Peyton Manning. Interesting how today is the day that this report of him being allegedly mentioned in trade talks comes out. I’d wager it’s no accident. NFL is turning into a soap opera.

  40. Fantasy football at its finest. Regardless of what happens, there will be guilt for those who want Brady to be guilty and innocence for those who want innocence. None of us are close enough to the facts to avoid the reality (whatever that may be) and I suspect the same can be said for the principals in this matter. (Perhaps only Brady himself knows for sure). And then on top of that you have the human capacity to ignore or distort the truth to serve one’s own wishes and purposes, which is what we’re all doing here on PFT.

  41. Roger’s gonna milk this situation another two months, then uphold the suspension on a late Friday afternoon and hope Tommy’s too tired to fight on… Then off to court we go. Getcha popcorn ready!

  42. Sports fans really act like they have blinders on when it comes to they teams, in the Tom Brady case Guys just image if your wife or girlfriend one day was to ask you ”honey are you cheating on me and you respond with ” baby I don’t think so” please tell me how your wife or girlfriend would take that. ” hint hint Patriots fans. TOMMY IS A LAIR AND A CHEATER.

  43. Trying to say you can’t prove it with science, while texts exist that clearly show he knew and instigated the deflation of the balls, is like saying the earth is flat from an altitude that allows one to see it’s curvature.

    Guilty as hell, hang em’ high. Should have been 1 year.

  44. Reporters on Twitter were claiming that Goodell didn’t want to hear that the process was flawed, but instead how Brady could “prove his innocence.” What country is this, anyway?

  45. Honestly, I can’t figure out which one of these jerks I can stand less, Goodell or Brady. I wish they could both be suspended indefinitely.

  46. dan7800 says:
    Jun 23, 2015 8:59 PM

    This is embarrassing. The Pats could win WITHOUT cheating, but they are repeat offenders and should take what they have coming. The evidence is mounted against Brady.
    Mounted? Like on a wall? I have no idea what you’re trying to say here, but would suggest you stop before you further embarrass yourself.

  47. The only thing that has been proven by this fiasco is that the NFL is, once gain, is incompetent. Their idiot officials can’t even operate an air pressure gauge properly.

  48. One of the funnier aspects of this whole thing is reading comments about what a Bad A Jeffrey Kessler is from people who had NO IDEA who he was a month ago.

  49. Agenda against Pats. Paranoid much?? No it’s more
    likely that given the Pats previous shifty maneuvers, the league has to take extra time and focus when dealing with them.

    Quit trying to play the victim here. Kraft already conceded. Follow your leader.

  50. Did we really need to have so many people waste so much of their time on this hearing just to get a decision that was already made awhile ago when Kraft made a wink-nod agreement with Goodell and didn’t challenge the team’s punishment?

  51. This has to be way more important to Tom Brady than the 4 games. He is fighting for his name and the name of the Patriots. He should have just owned up to it and not listened to his advisors. Brushed it off because everybody does it to some degree. But once the investigation started i just dont get why Brady just didnt play ball with Wells and give him full coperation. Is it because he had something to hide ? To me it does look like that and he probably will get some form of ban maybe reduced not because of deflation but because of lack of openness with the process. And of course to everybody else not a New England fan thats a enough to lable Brady and the Patriots cheats.

  52. I hate Brady!!! But he’s innocent. People don’t understand when you let your hatred of a team or player cloud your judgement, it detracts from the overall quality of the game.

    For instance, the “violation of the spirit of the rule”/was complete BS. Only Mara liked that result.

  53. When it goes to court, The ball boys will have to testify under oath, should be interesting

  54. we’ve heard your ‘compelling’ arguments. “deflator” refers to a weight term, wanting to go to ESPN was just about ratting Tom out for giving them free stuff. Even tho Tom never spoke to JJ or JM he contacted them SIX times after the colts game to console them b/c he is just such a good friend to them. Science has proved or disproved cold air letting out that much PSI but it just so happened to occur in the first half and not the second. The patriots wouldnt let Wells interview JM a second time b/c it was interfering with their day to day lives, and the Patriots and Kraft care so much about JM’s well being that thats why they stopped the interview…………and then fired them a week later so they had zero obligation to ever answer questions from the NFL again. Oh and its completely normal for a man to take all the official balls into the one area without cameras after inspection, i mean no way he coulda taken a leak BEFORE the inspection occurred. All these random coincidences……or just one very basic answer, there was cheating involved.

  55. This dope Goodell cant even frame a guy correctly. Brady will slide on this eventually. Word out of New York is Goodell knocked it down from 4 games to being benched for the first 4 downs of the opener and Brady’s side said see you in court

  56. Brady was right when he said, “Now I’ve heard everything.” This is so much ado about nothing! What a waste of time and money. All this does is put more cash in the lawyers’ pockets. So silly. Brady and his legal team will crush Goodell in court. Just another witch hunt on the part of Patriot haters.

    Go REDskins!!!

  57. From what I’ve been reading, it sounds like the “evidence” presented amounts to the real science of effects of temperature on the balls. Something known as “Ideal Gas Law.” Based on the measurements recorded and the times at which they were taken, the balls definitely were not deflated. Why? Because the lower PSI was the EXPECTED measurement based on the temperatures. The only reason the Colts balls were a higher PSI at half-time was because they were tested after having been inside for 15 minutes, rather than like the Pats’ balls right when they were taken out of the cold. Quite frankly, that makes sense!

  58. Sounds like the little weiner didn’t testify or if he did, he did so in pure lawyerspeak. I know the Pats fans want to argue science but, just like they’ve ignored all the other cheating evidence, crying that “everybody does it,” they’ve totally missed the point. The issue is whether Brady is a dishonest person, whether he can be expected to uphold the integrity of the game. No one cares that he’s another lawyered up weasel trying to beat the rap because his gasbag expert can beat up their gasbag expert.

  59. Ok enough about ‘science’. AEI did NOT prove that there was zero chance a person deflated balls. All it said was that it couldnt re-create the science that Well’s report used and that its their OPINION that weather “could have” deflated balls. At no point ever did they say 100% that the weather deflated balls. EVEN if they said that weather can absolutely deflate a ball like that, then thats great, now the patriots have to explain all the other stuff. #1 if they investigated the Packers do you think they’d have ball boys referring to themselves as Deflators? Would they be talking about ‘going to ESPN’ about Rodgers? Would Aaron contact the ball boys six times after the accusation? No absolutely not. Also if weather does this, then im willing to bet this happens ALL THE TIME at Lambeau since its much colder than NE right? So when Rodgers balls drop from the max PSI (which he loves that exact PSI) and it goes down a full 2 PSI due to ‘weather’, wouldnt he have noticed at some point and said something? Like in the third quarter be like “these balls are deflating can we re-fill them?”. Thats never happened. Every QB on earth has said they can feel a 2 PSI difference, yet somehow Tom says he never felt a difference during that whole game. Thats a lie, flat out. And only one reason to lie, b/c ur hiding something.

  60. profootball13 says:
    Jun 24, 2015 2:33 AM

    Now when Shady loses the appeal, what will be the Patri*ts’ fans’ newest excuse?

    Best Regards

    Well it will be exoneration from the Wells report and multiple picks from Indy and Baltimore…

    Oh wait.

    Well it will be Kraft’s lawsuit bringing down the NFL!

    Oh wait.

    Well it will be Kraft refusing to admit guilt and getting Goodell fired.

    Oh wait.

    Well it will be something because, gosh, us Pats fans don’t really like Tommy – just look at the 10 man march!

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