Tom Condon says no one talked to him about a Peyton Manning trade

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The report raised plenty of eyebrows. If it’s true, it’s nevertheless being denied by the major players involved in it.

The Broncos have said, emphatically, that they did not try to trade quarterback Peyton Manning to the Texans.

The Texans separately told PFT that they have no comment on the report. (Which isn’t exactly a denial.)

Agent Tom Condon, who has represented Peyton Manning through multiple complex contract negotiations during his career, told PFT that talk of a possible Peyton trade to the Texans was news to his agent.

“Neither the Texans, the Broncos, or Peyton Manning ever talked to me about a trade anywhere,” Condon said via text.

That doesn’t mean the Broncos didn’t make a phone call to the Texans that went nowhere; it only means that the talks (if they happened) never got to the point where Condon became aware of them.

Again, the Broncos deny it all. Which is expected, under the circumstances. The hay is in the barn for the 2015 season, and nothing good comes from acknowledging that they at one point didn’t want their starting quarterback to be their starting quarterback.

Regardless, Manning will be their starting quarterback, for at least one more season. As of 2016, that no-trade clause goes away.

42 responses to “Tom Condon says no one talked to him about a Peyton Manning trade

  1. i buy it. The arm is dead, only the (fore)head lives on. Last year was the year. Only putting off the future. If you get value why not –

  2. Not a big Peyton fan but smart teams look at all their options. No one is sacred or should be if the value is worth it. Montana got traded. Brady would be on the block if the pats decided that was in the better interest of the team.

  3. I love this time of year. The month between OTAs & training camp when all the unnamed sources come out to play.

  4. The Broncos are quickly reaching the point of expressing their “Full support and confidence in Peyton Manning” – the sure sign he is about to be gone.

    Ask any coach what that phrase means.

  5. Florio: Sometimes provisions in a contract may void based on player performance (or lack thereof). Though it’s unlikely, it may be possible that the no-trade element voided. However, if the no-trade clause is intact, then either the Broncos have a very reckless front office (and with Mike Sullivan at the helm of the contract side, they do not), or someone took advantage of a naive reporter.

  6. The only way that this is even remotely possible is if Peyton was in on it. He has a no trade clause in his contract.

  7. If this story is true, I wonder what the Broncos were asking for in return.

  8. Rumor has it the trade died because the Texans don’t allow its players to sport those “Frankenstein” helmets Manning favors.

  9. I can see why Denver wants to unload Manning, but why would Houston want him???? I don’t think any team would want him at that price tag and only 2 or 3 would want him if his contract was cheap….Manning is done, he will be robbing whoever is unlucky enough to have to pay the rest of his contract…..

  10. You can’t infer anything based on a “no comment” from the Texans. If they said anything else, they would be accused of tampering.

  11. i’m a broncos die-hard but that said, agents are professional liars, anyway mr. elway wouldn’t ask for condon’s permission to do anything ever

  12. What a shocker. A “report” followed up by a “denial”. Never would have predicted that. That never happens. Slow time of the year….

  13. That doesn’t mean the Broncos didn’t make a phone call to the Texans that went nowhere.
    Or more likely, that the Texans didn’t make a call to the Broncos since they’re the one without a QB. Even in his declining state, first ballot HOFer is better than nobody, which is essentially who Houston has and the Broncos don’t exactly have Aaron Rodgers waiting in the wings to take over whenever he does hang it up.

  14. So the facts are Manning has a no trade clause and the Broncos publicly pushed for Manning’s return. If the Broncos wanted to go with Brock why bother with the first 2 points? This story makes no sense. Where are the facts PFT?

  15. Elway has denied the story and John McClain who covers the Texans says 3 trusted sources say the story is not true. The source for the story is a guy who’s radio station is no longer on air.

  16. That’s strange being that Elway has rostered up to win now, unless he thinks Peyton can’t make that happen.

  17. Would be the best thing for Denver but I don’t understand why anyone would trade for him. Its over.

  18. I’m sure Peyton get’s “”””injured”””” by mid-season. Takes a few games off to rest up. And falls apart in time for the playoffs. Playoffs???

  19. The Texans saying no comment speaks volumes that its true as Florio states above isnt a denial.

    Of course the Donkeys are gonna deny it. Elway lies out of his behind all the time. They realize Peyton has zero arm left. O’Brien is like im stuck with Brian Hoyer really? Hes thinking ill Take Peyton will have an arm left instead of this petulent innaccurate scrub Hoyer

  20. If I was Manning, I would rather play for the Houston Texans. He would have Arian Foster in the backfield to take some of the pressure off of himself. DeAndre Hopkins is a receiver with a lot of potential. That defensive line with Wilfork, Watt and Clowney is one of the best in the game. And Joseph is a great corner. Plus it’s a relatively easy division. The Jaguars and Titans would be easy wins for Manning and the Texans.

  21. He has no ARM….Nobody that stupid to want him…He would make a great back up to Brady.

  22. If true then it speaks to how dumb some people in the NFL thinks the Texans are. Why in the world would anyone think that the Texans would even consider that trade? They may be desperate for a qb but not THAT desperate!

  23. Man, I’d have to imagine if I’m Houston I’m doing that trade no matter what… unless it involved Watt, of course.

  24. And… do you know Houston did not initiate it? This is the internet for you. Some 3rd rate guy makes a statement as if he is on the Broncos payroll and it gets picked up as truth.

  25. houston has been deseperate for a QB since Schaub’s arm and mind went south and hey WHY NOT SWING FOR THE FENCES AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS
    here’s my 2 cent
    1. Houston plays in a SEMI-DOME gotta love Reliant Stadium
    2. Warm Weather Division Rivals Titans,Jags and If U Play The Colts In There Semi-Dome Roof Open Or Closed
    3. There Defense Is Slightly Better Then The Broncos (they can get sacks & pressure)
    4. only downside is outside of hopkins who are the WRs and TEs
    5. Good Offensive Line and Foster
    6. Your Close Too Home which is New Orleans
    what thats a 1-2 hour drive southeast?

  26. Houston knows that if it wanted a QB to take a team to the playoffs and lose in the first round, all they would have to do is call the Bengals about Andy Dalton. At least the Red Rifle wouldn’t try to be the head coach, like Mr. October

  27. As of June 1st, 94.1 is now smokin’ 94.1 – Denver’s first marijuana radio station. I think this is an obvious joke. A simple Google search of “94.1 Denver” provides this info. Nice job Florio.

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