Dan Quinn says Falcons “have room” for Herschel Walker

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Former NFL running back Herschel Walker says he can still play football. Current Falcons coach Dan Quinn says, “Bring it on.”

Appearing Tuesday at a Buckhead Business Association meeting, Quinn said the Falcons could use Walker.

“He’s one of my favorite all-time players,” Quinn said, via D. Orlando Ledbetter of the Atlanta Journal Constitution. “Yeah, we have room for him. . . . He’d definitely fit in great from a competitive standpoint.”

It’s unclear whether Quinn was serious about the invitation to Walker. It’s also unclear whether Walker is serious when he says he can still play.

If both sides are serious, why not arrange a workout? If Walker makes the team, the 53-year-old tailback would become the oldest player in NFL history, by a full half decade.

If Walker’s claim sounds familiar, it should. In 2014, while still a mere 52, Walker said he could still play in the NFL.

So when is he actually going to give it a try?

46 responses to “Dan Quinn says Falcons “have room” for Herschel Walker

  1. Well that would certainly be interesting.

    I hear Randy Moss can still run a 4.3, too.

  2. Better than what they have now. Maybe their next step should be trying to recruit real fans so they won’t have to keep pumping artificial cheers into their stadium?

  3. I’ve seen the guy in interviews. Here’s still built like a the Hulk and he’s completed in MMA contests while in his late 40’s. If anyone could defy Father Time, it would be a genetic specimen like Walker.

  4. Totally agree traevin…. the only downside is the public relations nightmare if he were to get seriously hurt. If you saw that guys training regiment you wouldn’t doubt his ability to do this.

  5. dynastyfootballforme says:
    Jun 24, 2015 5:09 PM

    Let him flourish behind the Cowboys line, then trade him for a boatload of picks…….

    I seriously doubt Minnesota would still be this stupid, but then again……….

  6. This would officially bring a Tecmo Bowl player back into the league. For that reason alone, it must happen.

  7. I have no idea if Herschel can pull it off but he is in ridiculous shape and has always been a workout warrior. My concern would be for his health. A 53 year old body just can’t take the beating the NFL delivers on a weekly basis no matter how good of shape someone is. Strength and speed are only part of the equation, the bruises and muscle strains take a lot longer to heal at that age. I could see him having a good game but then needing 2-3 weeks to recuperate afterwards.

    The entire notion however makes me wonder if maybe he got hit in the head a little too much during his MMA training.

  8. If there is one 50+ year old in this world who could play in the NFL it would be him.

  9. Yes, and Michael Jordan said last week that he could still be competitive against NBA players despite the fact that he was a below average NBA player himself when he played in Washington at the end of his career.

    Walker gained less than 230 yards his last three seasons in the league COMBINED. He was done then, and that was 18 years ago.

    These guys are super competitive ego maniacs. You HAVE to be to accomplish what they did. But someone needs to tell them it’s over. Quinn is doing Walker no favors here.

  10. He should have a beer with Jeff George and talk about how good they still are.

  11. This guys does 1,000 sit ups every day, before breakfast. I’d love to see him try and succeed in getting back in football. What a story that would be.

  12. You had to show him in purple, didn’t you… that trade still hurts today.

    Note to Falcons: Just make sure you let him run only out of the I-formation… he doesn’t like it any other way and will basically plow into the first tackler he sees and fall down.

  13. If someone could do this , Herschel can. All you naysayers couldn’t play little league, let alone NFL.

  14. 2nd best 34 ever. Only Sweetness was better, Walker to HOF ASAP! This man changed football in the early to mid 80’s! Herschel set the tone for backs and if Dickerson is in so is Walker. Same rushing overall and walker has 6500 receiving yards and 28 receiving tds.
    Go Hawks

  15. He could be a decent 3rd and short yardage back. Not sure why some posters are thinking he “Couldn’t take a beating” It’s not like they would bring him in to be a 3 down back.

  16. I think he should wait until he is 60 so the playing field is level and he doesn’t hurt anyone.

  17. Yeah yeah, and MJ could still beat LeBron and Uncle Rico can throw it over those mountains. Still, the Vikings might be dumb enough to give him another go.

  18. I would love this! Who doesn’t like the thought of us ‘older’ guys giving it another go. I still remember my grandfather waterskiing at age 70 with a bad back after taking 20 years off.

  19. dbarnett9filthymcnasty08 says:
    Jun 24, 2015 7:30 PM
    I think the Vikes are still shipping draft picks to Dallas for that trade.

    Jerrah is going to sign Herchel and trade him to the Vikes for Peterson!

  20. Aside from Bo Jackson-pre injury, and maybe Deion, Walker is at such a physical level that he could do it. Al Davis even approached Howie Long long after he retired to play 10 snaps a game. Walker could definitely handle 10-12 carries a game.

  21. If he doesn’t give it a shot then he sounds like Michael Jordan who keeps shooting off his mouth about how great he still is yet won’t back it up.

  22. Why not falcons had Stephen Jackson, Dimitroff as proved by his hair loves things big…at that next Buckhead meeting (I use the term meeting lightly more like a gathering of drunk, middle aged UGA fans, all panting at the heat and making angry gestures to the bartender to bring more Natural Lights) why don’t they discuss bringing back barry sanders

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