Dez Bryant shoots NBC promo for game he says he won’t play in


Dez Bryant’s biggest act of leverage in his quest for a new contract is a threat to withhold services.

But even though he’s threatened to skip the opener if he doesn’t get a new long-term deal by the July 15 deadline, there are also plenty of signs the franchise-tagged wide receiver is not particularly serious about going through with it.

The latest came yesterday, as noted by the Dallas Morning News, when Bryant participated in a promotional photo shoot for NBC.

As in, our network, which happens to carry Sunday Night Football. As in, the network which shows the Cowboys opener against the Giants. You know, the game he’s not going to play in.

Bryant has played peek-a-boo with the Cowboys throughout the offseason, showing up from time to time at conditioning work, or running some individual drills during OTAs, or hanging on the sidelines with Tony Romo during minicamp, when he chatted and shared a man-hug with owner Jerry Jones.

So Bryant may go through with his threat, but he’s not giving any indication it’s a valid one, and the Cowboys seem to know that too.

21 responses to “Dez Bryant shoots NBC promo for game he says he won’t play in

  1. Way to strengthen your position Dez. Now instead of getting 50 million guaranteed you will get 45. And by the way, Cowboys win that game 34-30.

  2. He didn’t say he wasn’t playing in the game. He said he wasn’t playing in the game if he doesn’t get an extension, an important distinction here.

  3. Dez is like a little kid wanting to go out and play and be with his teammates. Ultimately is hurts his leverage but no one can question his commitment or love for his team. He loves the game too much. He’ll be there

  4. To be fair, (I know that can be a stretch for the media) he did say he’s “contemplating” not playing in the game without a new deal. Never said he won’t play, as you indicate in the headline…

  5. Come on we all know that is the game is being played a jerryland aka the house that Eli built

    This will be first win for the Giants on the way to winning SB 50 beating TB once again and TB is not Tampa Bay

  6. Maybe Dez can use the extra scratch he made from shooting the promo to provide security for his financial future…

    *eye roll*

  7. The problem is he has little leverage. The Cowboys know he is financially strapped, they probably know his financial situation better than he does. He can’t afford to leave $800k on the table so he’ll have to play.

    If he really wants the contract he is hoping for it appears he will have to play a year under the tag. Better players have done it.

  8. “Considering boycotting opener”

    “Says he won’t play in…”

    Okay, which is it?

  9. bigbluefan1 says:Jun 24, 2015 10:59 AM

    Come on we all know that is the game is being played a jerryland aka the house that Eli built

    Hahaha, oh yes, please remind us all of the last time Eli won in that stadium? You Giants fans are cute, completely lost, but laughably adorable nonetheless.

  10. @ thealmightybigblue says:

    “The NYG win 34-27 . ODB 12 rec 207 2 tds:

    Since Beckham is having similar hamstring issues as last year (which caused him to miss the first 4 games of the season), you may want to temper your ridiculous ASSumptions.

    Beckham is a very promising young player, but I highly doubt he has the success he had last year, and he could very well end up missing more games due to the hamstring issues. Every injury in the hamstrings equals more scar tissue, and the more scar tissue that develops, the more likelihood of recurrences of the same problem.

    Besides, Eli will likely become the pez dispenser for picks in this game when the Giants questionable O-line gets overpowered with the Cowboys D-line getting in his grill all game. And Sean Lee is back as well this season. It isn’t looking good at all for the Giants in Dallas.

    And lastly, that stat line you mentioned could very well be what Dez’s stas will be with the Giants secondary also being questionable.

  11. @ bigbluefan1 says:

    “Come on we all know that is the game is being played a jerryland aka the house that Eli built. This will be first win for the Giants on the way to winning SB 50 beating TB once again and TB is not Tampa Bay”

    Seriously? I find this pretty funny, since Eli and the Giants were swept by Dallas the past two years in a row, and the Cowboys have won the last 5 of 6. But I guess facts are not what you can expect from a hater.

    What is even funnier is you talking SB as a Giants fan. New England is the defending champs, yet even they won’t be back. As a matter of fact, chances are they will be downright pedestrian this year. Buffalo, Miami, and the Jets have all gotten better. New England is done with their SB bids, and Brady will retire without a 5th ring, but will obviously get into the HOF. The same cannot be said of Eli and his career 59% pass completion and his 82.0 career passer rating. Those are pretty weak #’s. Besides, the Giants won’t have anywhere NEAR the defense this year that they had when they were extremely fortunate to beat a much better NE team twice DUE to their defense.

    Sorry to ruin your little pipe dream scenario, but neither the Patriots or the Giants will make it to the SB. As a Giants fan, you should know getting to the playoffs alone after 7-9 and 6-10 records the past two years is highly unlikely, especially with Dallas and Philly in your division, and both improved quite a bit via the draft.
    It is a reach to even call yourselves a playoff team, let alone a SB win – you don’t get to ride the coattails of your previous two Super Bowls. This is a “what have you done for me lately” league, and only the Patriots get to call themselves the defending champs.

    Try again, buddy, but you will have to try a lot harder than that.

  12. Jerry seems to think Dez is bluffing and I imagine that Dez’s agent would rather he not show up at practices on the sideline. All of that stuff is making Jerry look like he has the upper hand.

  13. jsrdc – that’s a well thought out (and logical) reply to the comment about the giants winning SB 50. unfortunately, if a similar comment was made about the cowboys winning SB 50, most of the replies would read something like “bahahhahahahah”

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