Report: Nissan reaches naming rights deal for Titans stadium


LP Field is no more.

According to Jim Wyatt of the Tennessean, the Tennessee Titans have reached a naming rights agreement with Nissan North American to take over the sponsorship for the Nashville stadium.

The agreement to re-name the venue “Nissan Stadium” encompasses a 20-year agreement between the two parties.

The deal is expected to be officially announced on Thursday.

The stadium has been named “LP Field” since 2006.

23 responses to “Report: Nissan reaches naming rights deal for Titans stadium

  1. I wonder how long it will take for the idiots to complain about a Japanese company having the name rights for a Nashville stadium. Not knowing it has been a French-owned business for about 15 years.

  2. Based on the Titans’ level of play the past few seasons, “Datsun Stadium” might have been more apropos.

  3. You can name the sections after your car lines. “Sentra” can be the nose bleeds and “Maxima” can be where the luxury boxes are.
    Can’t stand these naming rights deals.

  4. Who cares??? They have had to rename the stadium multiple times over the years….

    Adelphia Coliseum…..
    LP Field….
    Nissan Stadium….

    The Titans haven’t shown anything since their 1999 AFC Championship Game….

    2-14 in 2014….

    Here in Nashville we call them the Raiders east of the Mississippi River……

  5. Convenient tie-in for the Nissan Titan pick-up truck.

    Next up: Lambeau Field naming rights sold to Toyota so they can tie-in the Tundra pick-up truck…

  6. RoyHobbs39 says:
    Jun 24, 2015 4:11 PM
    I wonder how long it will take for the idiots to complain about a Japanese company having the name rights for a Nashville stadium.

    Nissan has had a major plant just outside Nashville since 1983 and even named their full-sized truck the Titan…the company is well-known and respected in the local community.

    So the only idiots who complain will be…?

  7. I think ‘Nissan Titan Stadium’ has a nice ring to it. Definitely the best team Nissan could have picked to sponsor.

  8. I like that a company like Nissan which is based in Middle Tennessee, employs thousands of locals (and has for 3 decades), and features a truck called the Nissan Titan has the sponsorship rights. That said, my vote would’ve been to go for Nissan Coliseum instead. “Coliseum” not only matches up better with the ancient legends of the Titans, it’s the name that resonates with fan sentiment. When the Titans had the four year run (1999-2003) as the NFL’s winningest team, it was called Adelphia Coliseum and then The Coliseum … until 2006.

    – Titans Fan in Charlotte, NC

  9. I stay away from patronizing any company dumb enough to give away millions of dollars per year for basically nothing

  10. Are the Titans still gonna sell free and discounted tickets to maintain their ‘impressive home sellout streak’? Hopefully they will start from scratch on a clean slate, with the new sponsor and all…

  11. blitzinc43 says:
    Jun 24, 2015 4:06 PM
    As a close friend of the organization this is a sad yet happy day

    As a closer friend of the organization, I can say it’ll be named Nissan Stadium.

  12. Seems like the company should call it
    Yates Stadium or ONIN or WWL or Calsonic or Varsity or Areotech or JA King or UNA Press or Provisional stadium. Tempnation Stadium might be another good one

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