Sidelined Branden Albert knows every position–even tight end

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Dolphins left tackle Branden Albert had to sit out all the team’s offseason work thanks to the torn ACL and MCL he suffered in November, and it’s not clear whether he’ll be physically ready for training camp, or even for the start of the regular season. But it is clear that he’s mentally ready.

Dolphins offensive line coach John Benton says Albert is taking all his mental reps, constantly working on everything he can work on while his knee heals, and knows the blocking assignments on every play for all five linemen and even the tight end.

“I tell you what, I just continue to be impressed by Branden,” Benton said. “Essentially, when that type of injury happens to you, it’s easy to feel like you’re off on your own. You do rehab by yourself, you work with the trainers all day yourself. He went through quite a period of time where he couldn’t walk and that type of thing, and yet I’d sit up in my office and I can’t think of a day where I didn’t look out the window and he’s doing something out on the field at least since he’s been upright. And he has come to every meeting, he’s been in every meeting. He can go in there, from a mental standpoint could play center, guard, probably tight end. Truly works at his craft through that type of adversity and how he’s done it is very impressive.”

The Dolphins would prefer to see Albert on the field. But for now, he’s doing everything an injured player can do.

17 responses to “Sidelined Branden Albert knows every position–even tight end

  1. I don’t get the significance of this information. Brandon Albert should know the mechanics of blocking, which are common to all offensive linemen. Linemen generally all know how to pull and double team on blocks. They know the difference between pass blocking and run blocking. All of this sort of goes without saying. I doubt if Brandon ever plays tight end. What I want to know is; will Brandon Albert be back playing left tackle at the same level of performance he was playing at before he was injured.

  2. Do the Dolphins know that he most likely will not be himself or able to compete and start the season. Moreover he may not be the player they need at left tackle for most of the season. What is their backup plan to replace him at left tackle. Certainly that guy is not on the team.

  3. Knowledge and ability are 2 different things. If you can’t move you can’t block the speed ends. I wish him well, but Tannehill could get blindsided

  4. Brandon Albert will be more than ready. Its obvious that several responders arent Dolphin fans or at least real Dolphin fans. It also seems like they only read half the article. Albert is training. He is lifting. His upper body strength which is essential for a left guard is there. He goes through the plays. Was at the OTA’s, and knows the schemes. He knows his opposition, every team. He just wont pad up and do full contact drills. He is a elite veteran, didnt just show up. Left tackles go down all the time. ACL is real. He is on schedule. Get real and follow the other team you support!

  5. I understand that Albert had injury issues in Kansas City, but to compare those injuries to another Miami offensive linemen battling it out against an opposing player followed by them falling on top of Branden’s leg from behind when he wasn’t looking, tearing his ACL and MCL, should not and does not fall in line with his previous injury history.

    It was just a freak accident that didn’t even directly involve him. He was just at the right place at the wrong time.

  6. When he is on the field, your DE will not get past him. He’s a consummate professional and will come back stronger than before due to his attitude at rehab.

  7. He’s getting older, not younger, and that’s 2 tendons he has to heal, not 1. He won’t come back better from it. They will get past him. You can hope all you want. With no real guard to help him(at least at this point) Tanny will go down again and again. The whole AFC east is loaded with defensive talent.

  8. Brandon is a fine player. I wish him well. He used to lay on the field every game in KC but always came back.

  9. He’s a good player, never doubt that. He will do fine other than the occasional in game injury where you think he is dead but he come back from

  10. Great LT…when he is on the field. Which isn’t enough to justify his contract.

  11. He better know HOW to block for left tackle and both guard positions at the same time.Have you seen what we have at guard?

  12. I’m not surprised about the haters negative comments. But shame on you if call yourself a Dolphin fan. We should respect his professionalism and diligence instead of trying to bury the guy.

    I hope he can read some of this comments, printout and stick them on his locker door, bathroom and car visor as a fuel to have the best season he ever had in his career.

    Best comeback player of 2015! Not like Tom Brady best comeback CHEATER of 2015.

  13. Last year RT played with out BA for like 10 games and he still put up numbers and put the Dolphins in position to win most games. So if we can get BA back at 80 percent that still makes our Oline better than it was last year and you add the the new weapons and RT in Lazor system for year 2 and this team is going to surprise some people.

  14. “Great LT when healthy, which isn’t often enough to justify his huge contract. Miami now knows why KC let him go.”

    Actually, he was let go because you guys tagged him, making him pretty expensive compared to Fisher, who you drafted to replace him.

    Hes missed 18 games in 8 seasons, most of them in 2014.He didnt miss a ton of games for the chiefs, so not sure where thats coming from.

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