T.J. Yeldon puts himself last on Jaguars depth chart


Earlier this month, the Jaguars website called T.J. Yeldon the likely starting running back for the team during the 2015 season.

The second-round pick has reportedly been impressive enough during the team’s offseason workouts to give himself the edge over Toby Gerhart, Denard Robinson, Bernard Pierce and Storm Johnson. Yeldon isn’t among those buying into the hype, however.

“I got myself as last, and I’m still trying to work my way up to the top,” Yeldon said, via NFL.com. “I’m just out there to compete and work my way up to the top, see what I can do.”

Yeldon’s gotten praise in both the running and passing game as a result of his work with the Jags this offseason, which, along with the relatively weak competition at the position, opens up the possibility that he can be a three-down back in Jacksonville. The rookie believes he can be one as well, although he adds that he’s “still learning” the NFL game.

Since Jaguars offensive coordinator Greg Olsen has also mentioned Yeldon as a three-down back, we’re guessing he’s not at the bottom of the depth chart although it’s probably a good thing that he acts like he is until someone makes it official.

11 responses to “T.J. Yeldon puts himself last on Jaguars depth chart

  1. Roll Tide Yeldon! Jags fans are gonna love this guy…quickest, nicest and strongest feet in this RB class…will get you 4 yards on a play when you should have lost 2. He’ll get atleast 5yards if the lineman can block for a second or more..When the games at its most critical point, Yeldon wants the ball and he delivers…TJ will be a legendary Jag when all is said and done.

  2. He just might surprise some folks this season. The offensive line though needs to play a lot better for any running back to have success for the Jags.

  3. I hope this guy makes it in the NFL, when you humble yourself to the point that you say your last on the depth chart on Jacksonville, I cant think of a more humiliating statement one could make.

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