Cam Newton on Charleston trip: “I just wanted to show my respect”


Cam Newton didn’t go to Charleston looking for attention.

But when a star quarterback ends up on the scene of a national tragedy, somebody’s going to tweet about it.

So while he wanted to keep he trip low-key, the Panthers quarterback said Thursday the trip was important to him at a personal level also.

“Out of respect of the families, I didn’t want to say anything too much about it,” he said, via Bill Voth of Black and Blue Review. “What was done, it was done. I didn’t want to be a distraction by no means; I just wanted to show my respect.

One thing we have to realize in this life is we have to use our influence in a positive way, and that’s all I was trying to do. It was a senseless act, but at the same time, it was done in South Carolina. Being the face of a franchise that’s based out of North Carolina, it’s the whole gamut. So why didn’t I go? That’s the thing I would have had to question myself if I didn’t go. I’m happy I did it, and so much respect to those families who lost their loved ones.”

Newton’s actions fall in line with what has been an admirable response by the Panthers organization in general, including owner Jerry Richardson’s quiet donation of $100,000 to put toward funeral expenses and a memorial at Emanuel AME Church, and a team statement calling for the removal of the Confederate flag from the state house grounds in South Carolina.

The NFL offers them a pulpit few have, and lately, the Panthers have used theirs nobly and well.

28 responses to “Cam Newton on Charleston trip: “I just wanted to show my respect”

  1. I had no feelings one way or the other on this guy, but I do now.

    This is a good guy, period.

  2. When Cam Newton was drafted, I was certainly one of his biggest critics when it came to maturity and character. As a Titans fan living in Charlotte, I’ve been pleasantly surprised. Very much so. I can only think of one hiccup that he’s had in the four years since he was drafted. (And it was so tiny, it doesn’t even bear repeating.)

    This latest move though? It takes it to a whole new level. Before this, he simply wasn’t doing anything to make Charlotte folks think poorly of him. But this … is leadership. It takes guts to walk into a room of grieving families you don’t know. Guts to look them in the eyes and offer comfort. And it takes class to leave the cameras behind while you’re doing it.

    My hat’s off …

  3. Way to use your celebrity status to help grieving families. I couldn’t think of a more noble cause given the tragic nature of what occurred. More athletes should take notice of what Cam did here and try to follow suit in their respective communities.

  4. I am not a Panthers fan and I don’t closely follow the NFC South. But I have great respect for what Panthers owner Jerry Richardson and Panthers QB Cam Newton have done in reaction to the Charleston murders. What generous, good-hearted class acts Richardson and Newton are! It’s especially admirable that neither man has been looking for credit or attention for their generosity of time, money, and spirit.

  5. Who seriously thumbs down positive comments about someone doing something noble? Really? Anyway, first class move, Cam. First class all the way.

  6. It’s one thing to offer money, cards, flowers, or even words of comfort through our means of communications. But to do this IN PERSON – and low-key at that – is something else. I live and work in Charlotte, and this was so low-key that not even the newspapers or new channel had the scoop until late.

    This latest move by Cam really underscores the epitome of servant leadership.

  7. This kid has a good heart. Tragedies and funerals are no fun at all. It’s the most unselfish thing a man can do. I never expect athletes to be role models for kids, but it sure is heart warming when a player does something this nice. I think it’s also good for his teammates to see him do this. This is what a good leader does. These guys come out of college when they’re still kids. They grow up right before our eyes. Some of them never seem to grow up. I’m impressed with Cam Newton. He’s won me over.

  8. coloradical420 says:
    Jun 25, 2015 3:22 PM

    Who seriously thumbs down positive comments about someone doing something noble? Really?
    The people who never have anything positive to say. The same people that don’t know what integrity is.

  9. Been following Cam since he was Tebow’s backup and his maturity has been questioned many times. This is a moment where he has clearly shown how much he has grown in the last 6 years. I’d take him on my team and in my community any day over guys like Shady and D-Jacc

  10. Cam Newton seems genuinely focused on being a constantly better person–not just a better football player. Impossible not to respect this man. If I was not a 40+ year Dolphin fan…he would make me a Panther fan.

  11. Sorry, but if it was “low-key” and “quiet” we would never have heard about this.

    As it stands, it’s simply a grab for good publicity.

  12. Remember that Cam was in a pretty bad car wreck last December. That has made him much more aware of the fragility of human life, something normally lost on young, elite athletes who often believe they are invincible. So it was no surprise to me that he wanted to go visit the families of the victims. He understands how being a public figure can have significant influence, and he’s working to make his a positive influence.

    I’m thrilled he’s the QB of my team.

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