Grieving family floored by birthday gift from Peyton Manning


Here’s a story about Peyton Manning that has nothing to do with not being traded or taking a pay cut — and it may be the most important Peyton Manning story of the week.

The Broncos quarterback took a moment to send an autographed photo and a handwritten letter to a fan in Indiana, an act which meant far more to the recipients than just acquiring a souvenir.

Logan Brown of Evansville, Ind. was a huge Manning fan from his days with the Colts. But Brown was killed in March in an accident involving a drunk driver.

According to WFIE 14, his grandmother sent a letter to Manning, telling him that her grandson idolized him.

Tuesday would have been Brown’s 16th birthday, and when the package arrived from Manning, the family was blown away.

“As a grandmother I felt like I should let Peyton know this young man idolized him and what he meant in his life,” Gayle Ricketts said.

So imagine their surprise when they saw the note, telling them he was honored that Logan was a fan of his.

“To take the time to send something back to a situation in Evansville, Indiana that he probably doesn’t know anything about,” Charles Brown, Logan’s father said. “It’s important to see that they’re humans and for these other kids to see you never forget where you come from.”

And that’s the kind of gesture that will last, no matter where Manning plays.

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  1. And this is why the arguments about who is the greatest QB really don’t matter – because Peyton knows what is really important in life. It is important tome as a sports fan that I have a hero who isn’t just a stellar QB (he is) but an even more stellar human being.

  2. This is why he is my only fav QB of all time. Its amazing how when you start taking a liking to someone before you really know who they are as a person. Once you start to learn who they are over the years, its like confirmation to what you could sense about them all along. even though you weren’t consciously aware of it.

  3. Classy as ever. I can’t understand the hate this man gets. He’s a consummate professional who genuinely loves the game. He’s humble, honest, respectful, loves the fans. He has always been gracious in both victory and defeat. People love to make fun of his playoff performances, but his playoff QB rating is 88. Elway’s was 79. Brady’s is 89, just one point higher. Flacco’s is 88. Wait, what?!

  4. I can’t believe there’s people that actually dislike this guy. The world would be a better place if there were more Peyton Mannings in it.

  5. I’ve always thought Peyton to be a class act.. (and I’m not a Broncos/Colts fan) but this just proves it. I’m sure there are many other acts of kindness he’s done which didn’t get publicized.

  6. I don’t care about whether Manning is the best QB ever or not, we could sit here and argue that all day. All I know is, my favorite player (besides Mike Alstott) is Peyton. I have so much respect for him.

  7. Peyton Manning is one hell of a quarterback.

    And a class act to boot.

    It’s nice to read stories like this, to remind us that these players do good things, on and off the field.

  8. As a Patriots fan I’ve ragged on Manning (and his brother) too many times to remember, but I will admit one thing – Peyton Manning is a class act.

    Well done, Peyton.

  9. Great move by Peyton. Still he has made mistakes, so let’s not go overboard that he is all class all the time. Look up Peyton Manning Tennessee trainer assault. The more you know …

  10. Manning has an excellent PR team. This is well known. Sorry, fellas. He’s not such a great guy after all.

  11. I remember when I was a teenager and I got a signed photo from Bubby Brister that was requested by my great uncle, and that arrived after he had passed away. Granted, Bubby isn’t Peyton. But I know how that feels.

    Good on you, Manning. Little things can mean the world to people.

  12. Peyton is a classy guy and he deserves credit for this and all the other charity stuff he does, but how in any way does this reflect poorly on Brady? He does a ton of charity work too and is always willing to give his time and money to a good cause to help people

  13. Pats Fan here:
    I have always liked and respected Manning as a class act and good person as well as a great quarterback. This act proves that.

    However, Brady is also a class act who has done a ton of charity work AND is still G.O.A.T QB

  14. This is just a fraction of the things that Peyton does, most of which never get any attention. The article when he won Sportsman of the Year in 2013 was just the tip of the iceberg:

    To Charlie Johnson, a 63-year-old in Indiana nervous about neck-fusion surgery: “My neck pain went away immediately after my surgery. I believe you will be able to resume your normal activities rather quickly. I took it slow on doctors’ orders, but I felt better right away. I can’t give you a definite time frame. I would encourage you to be patient to avoid any setbacks. But you should be back lifting soon. Good luck and health.”

    To Jack Benson, an eight-year-old in California with cancer: “I just wanted you to know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. Your cousin, Skip Hanke, wrote to me and told me of the tough fight you are having. You have a lot of people pulling for you. I am glad to know you are a Bronco fan! Keep fighting, stay positive, and say your prayers.”

    To Clint Taylor, a high school quarterback in Texas who broke his leg: “I just wanted to encourage you to keep working hard and keep the faith. I have read your blog and I can tell you that your positive attitude and your strong work ethic will take you a long way. Keep it up.”

    To Chris Harris, widow of David Harris, a pastor in Arkansas who was killed in a car accident along with his granddaughter Maci: “I am sorry for your loss. Please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers. ‘Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted’ (Matthew 5:4). I learned that Pastor Harris was an avid Colts fan and had an autographed picture of me in his office. I read an article about Pastor Harris, and I can tell he was very special. Maci sounded very special as well. I am proud that he was a fan of mine. May God’s peace be with you.”

    To Shannon West, who married Bill Sydlowski in New Jersey this summer: “Best wishes to you on your wedding day. I wish you eternal happiness. Your dad says that you are a fan of mine (he said commercials, maybe football too?). I appreciate your support. I can tell that he is very proud of you. All my best to you and Bill.”

    The world could use a lot more Peytons.

  15. This is a great story, and Peyton should be commended for it.

    To those who use this as an excuse to trash Brady or (even worse) bash Peyton, shame on you.

  16. @jack Gorman

    Well said man. I’m a huge Brady and Pat’s fan, but that doesn’t mean I don’t respect the hell out of guys like Peyton, he’s a helluva football player and even better person.

    Why people get obsessed with the Brady/Peyton is beyond me. Raving about one of them does not in anyway diminish the others accomplishments. They are two very good QBs, best of their generation, and really good people off the field to boot.

    Can’t they both be great or is that too hard a concept for some? Oh well, rant over.

    Good on you Peyton

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