Jim Tressel says Terrelle Pryor can make it work as an NFL receiver

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Terrelle Pryor’s college coach says he has what it takes to switch positions and make it work in the NFL.

Former Ohio State coach Jim Tressel says that Pryor, who has bounced around the league as a quarterback and will now try to make the Browns’ roster as a wide receiver, has all the tools to play his new position.

“If anyone can, he can,” Tressel said on WHBC in Canton, Ohio. “He certainly has tremendous athletic ability and a passion to help wherever he can be helpful. So if anyone can do it, he can. And, he could be the bonus of, he can be the team’s third quarterback, and that way they only have to carry two, which gives you a chance to have one more good player on special teams or whatever else. So I think he could be a bonus.”

Tressel said he hopes Pryor understands, however, that it’s going to require a lot of hard work in the classroom.

“He’s got to pay close attention and understand that he’s in a new world and he’s got to assume that he knows nothing,” Tressel said. “He’s also got to take the advantage of having been the guy under center, with the knowledge there, but he’s also got to learn the intricacies of playing another position, and just understand that he’s starting from the beginning and work hard every day and believe in himself. He’s really grown, I’ve talked to him off and on. I got a call from him the day he went to the Browns, but I was in one of those many meetings so I didn’t get a chance to talk to him. I’m sure he’ll do well.”

The 6-foot-4, 233-pound Pryor is a great athlete who averaged 6.7 yards a carry during his time as a quarterback for the Raiders. He has the ability to make plays with the ball in his hands, and even though he failed in the NFL at making plays with his arm, he may still make a difference in Cleveland.

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  1. Actually, Tressel has a point: if Pryor could make the team as a wide receiver, he could also be an asset as a third quarterback. That would, in turn, free up a roster spot for the team. Pryor is a fine athlete who just might be able to pull this off, especially on a talent-starved team like the Browns. I don’t think anyone expects Pryor to come in and set the world on fire as a receiver, but he’s certainly got athletic skills that might be enough to make this experiment work out for him. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out.

  2. The Browns are crazy if they put him at WR. Why? … because he is a perfect fit as a QB in this run-first offense. Think about it, he is already a better choice as a backup to McCown than Manziel. He is taller, more experienced, much faster (4.38 vs. 4.67 in the forty) and still gives them the dual threat QB who can run. With the O-line he has, he would have time to go through his progressions also, so why not keep him as a backup and dump Manziel?

  3. As an OHIO STATE quarterback… Terrelle Pryor’s lack of pass accuracy was always maddening.

    As an OHIO STATE alum… OSU fans overlooking/ignoring Terrelle Pryor’s lack of pass accuracy due to being blinded by his legs was always maddening.

    So… I never expected much success from Terrelle Pryor at the NFL level.

    THAT SAID… Terrelle Pryor was more successful as an NFL quarterback than notre dame’s akili “brady” quinn.

    Terrelle Pryor NFL CAREER Record:

    3 wins – 7 losses

    brady quinn NFL CAREER Record:

    4 wins – 16 losses

    Terrelle Pryor NFL CAREER Completion Percentage = 56%

    brady quinn NFL CAREER Completion Percentage = 53%

  4. Antwaan Randl-El made it work and I don’t think he was as athletic as Pryor. Randl-El was actually It comes down to Pryor’s humility and work ethic. For example, would he be willing to return punts and kicks, for example? Athletic ability won’t stop him from succeeding, that’s for sure.

  5. I have to disagree.

    I can see these running QB’s transitioning to HB’s that can throw but, WR? Wow, that’s stretch!

    But, I’m sure Tressel knows a little more about football than me.

  6. Kinda funny the Raiders wanted to do this with him when he first came into the league and he wasn’t having it. Full circle. Always liked the kids heart but he just didn’t have enough to be an NFL QB. Hopefully he takes this opportunity and succeeds.

  7. With his size, speed and athleticism it seems it would only really make sense to make him one of those hybrid TE’s that can be a mismatch on LB’s. Muscle him up 10 or 15 lbs. Like other former basketball players that have successfully made that transition. He won’t be a true WR anytime soon.

  8. I said it before. I’ll say it again. This kid has amazing atheletic ability. Big, fast, strong, and tough. He can make it in this league. He has to accept the role thrown his way. He is not nfl qb material.

  9. Hard to believe that with 900000 college football programs that there isn’t at least one natural WR who is better than this guy, and by better I mean a LOT better. But that’s Cleveland for you. Likely the homeless guy told them to sign him.

  10. Of course the guy is gonna say he can. He’s on s radio interview. What he is going to start bashing the guy? The guy is not a receiver. He can try, but expecting him to be better than NFL receivers is rough sledding. I wouldn’t expect him to be more than a bench player that can backup both positions.

  11. please make him our 2nd or 3rd QB dump manziel u have great opp too get rid the circus that is johnny football and focus on getting pryor ready as a WR and Backup QB

  12. I actually like this pick up for the Browns. I know its a first for me.

    I have no clue if he can catch. But he is the best or 2nd best QB on the roster right now.

    His run up the middle untouched vs the Steelers when he was on the Raiders was impressive.

    He at the very least, if he can catch, which is a big if for a Browns WR, is a good red zone lob threat.

    If he can catch and has enough speed the WR could work also.

    He is no worse than McCown and better than Johnny at QB

  13. I think the biggest reason they got him, besides his freak athletic ability, is because he worked with DeFellipo in Oakland. Flip is now the OC for the Browns, so TP knows his O. If he can catch on the run, I doubt running the routs will be a problem.

  14. And we all know that Tressels’s word is good and that he’s a man of real integrity.

  15. If he contributes on special teams as well, the’s going to make a great gadget guy. The Browns had success using Josh Cribbs in a similar role.

  16. Could work, but his past and advanced age will work against him. Coaches don’t have the time, nor
    patience now to wait for developing players who are
    changing positions. Pryor has to be able to
    contribute in some way right away to warrant
    a roster spot. Intriguing athlete though.

  17. doctorrustbelt says:
    Jun 25, 2015 10:39 AM

    THAT SAID… Terrelle Pryor was more successful as an NFL quarterback than notre dame’s akili “brady” quinn.

    That’s similar to saying Charles Manson is a better human being than Jack the Ripper.

  18. I sincerely wish Terrell, all the best is attempt transitioned wide receiver in the NFL! However, I sincerely believe he’s making a serious mistake by not considering an attempt to play quarterback in the CFL for a few years to see if he can develop his skills. To the degree where he could be the next generation WARREN Moon! With his mobility and above-average arm. I truly believe he could still develop as a QB and return the NFL a few years down the road! For some reason some of the American quarterbacks such as Vince Young and Terrel Pryor must think Canada is still backwater without running water, electricity, and automobiles. But in the past a goodly number of American quarterbacks. We never got a chance. In the beginning of their career to show their stuff in the NFL have benefited greatly from a short stint in the CFL! It is my hope that his agent has the moxie to advise him to consider the CFL should the experiment and wide receiver in Cleveland fail!

  19. YES! Does Anybody remember the Fiesta Bowl Catch Prior made as a Freshman on a Fade Route while lined up at WR…? I cant remember who the QB Was who threw it to him, but it was Calvin Johnson esque. Dude could be Next CJ at WR… It will take serious work and some luck, but It could happen

  20. Thanks the 2nd commenter hit it on the head, their is a myth among casual fans that these qb’s are super accurate..nope if they were so accurate you would see 5’5 speedy wr’s truth is most qb’s throw to spots where they have 6 foot guys with great verticals and hand eye coordination to catch. THats why the spread offense works in college, get a guy with feet give him and the rec 8 route tree combos and go run and pass vs. watching Matty Ice stand around get sacked hand off..boo

  21. Take heed young QBsbefore you sign on the line at that university with the coach running the spread option. Just another example of a player with rare tools that had they been coached by someone interested in more than getting his next multimillion dollar extension, he could be playing the position he set out to play. There will be more examples to come of the large amount of failures with a few successes sprinkled in.

  22. celticsforever says:Jun 25, 2015 11:17 AM

    Hard to believe that with 900000 college football programs that there isn’t at least one natural WR who is better than this guy, and by better I mean a LOT better. But that’s Cleveland for you. Likely the homeless guy told them to sign him.

    Soooo, has Brady met bail, yet ?

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